Coaches Corner, Softball | January 29, 2017

Coaches Hot Box with Softball’s John Gallagher

Softball’s Coach John Gallagher

The ReSporter: What can you tell us about the team as the time nears?

Coach Gallagher: “Since starting last week everyone has worked very hard and continues to get better and learn. We have some girls working to get noticed and their efforts have been admirable. Our returners are looking good and are getting into a groove both on offense and defense.

The ReSporter: Will you have enough for two teams this year?

Coach Gallagher: “Our numbers right now are good but not everyone is out because of basketball and swimming. We are hoping to get even more out this week.”

The ReSporter: The defense was your achilles heal last season, what can you tell us about that part of your team?

Coach Gallagher: “Defensively I see a stronger and deeper team. We have some options to work with at several positions which is always nice. The outfielders have some strong and accurate arms and I am very happy with their play so far. The infielders are very competitive and showing some very athletic skills.”

Repeat-Boutique wants to see a repeat of 2012 Season. Go Hawks!!

The ReSporter: Another achilles heal on the offensive side is finding enough bats up and down the batting order that does not give an opponent a time for rest….how do you see that part of your game this year?

Coach Gallagher: “On offense we have more power with returners Kat Weber, Lauren Mentzer, Maggie Banks, Bailey Bryan and two freshman, Maddie Puente and Adriana Peaslee that have a lot of pop. Our quickness will come from Carley Dubois, Bailey Bryan, Char Hutson, Emma Wetz, and transfer Adriana Zunker. We also have two seniors Haley Lucero and Cassidy Martin that possess a little of both. We also have several in basketball that will hopefully make an impact.”

The ReSporter: As usual, you will have a small class of Seniors this year, how will this group do in being the leaders of the younger bunch of players?

Coach Gallagher: “Our four seniors are strong role-models and each bring a different type of energy to the team. They have all stepped-up and become leaders for us.”

Go Hawks and pounce on the competition this year.

The ReSporter: During the Missy Romero Junior year the team made their first and only stand with a playoff date: how does this team give you an idea of how team might have potential in making noise for extra games and how does this squad stack up against that team?

Coach Gallagher: “This years team is my most talented yet. They are hungry and know you have to earn it. We are working hard on the mental aspect of winning and our approach will be only one game at a time. I know we will compete in a tough district again with new teams but our schedule is built to push us and there are no easy games. Our non-district games feature Wimberley twice Navarro twice and very good teams in Burnet and Luling. All three tournaments will be very competitive facing Cuero, Yoakum, John Paul II, and many other good teams. Hopefully that gives us an edge will playoffs roll around. The 2012 team was a unique team led by a great pitcher in Missy Romero and some great athletes. They were all hungry and had a ton of fun that year. That team had never tasted the success they accomplished that season and it pushed them to “go for it” every day.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach, the Hawk Nation hopes to see a long season this year!!