Game Article, Swimming | January 29, 2017

Hawk Swim Team Qualifies 12 for Regionals

Cassidy Felps ready for personal bests at District.

Canyon Lake’s Swimming Team had their best showing since their inception as they will be sending 12 athletes to the Region Meet next week in Rosenberg on Thursday.

“Saying that we had an Extremely Successful District Meet on Friday would be a huge understatement,” Head Swimming Coach Kim Moses divided the Red Sea. “We are so proud of every swim team member and look forward to our next steps.”

The Boy’s team had a 4th place finish while the ladies finished in the 9th spot as the team standing was an impressive 6th place at the meet.

A Swimming team will have to compete with larger schools on many occasions since not every school will have a swim team.

This is much like the Hawk Soccer teams have dealt with since that sport started during the opening of the School. However, with the soccer, as year’s have passed there are more schools starting teams which has brought the districts down to a more reasonable group in size to compete.

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Schools like Boerne Champion and Alamo Heights will give you a taste of those larger schools and then a kicker in not having the ability to have a diving portion for the Hawks will put them behind the 8-Ball when garnering points against competition that can sweep those events with CL not having a dog in that fight.

Now having a team effort that like the one this past week-end puts a whole different flavor of the accomplishments for Canyon Lake’s Swim Team and finishing in those places mentioned above.

Last year, the Hawks Boys placed 10th overall and the Ladies finished in 12th place which was the all-time best at that time. This year’s group now have some team bests for future CL teams to swim for.

“We will be returning 20 swimmers for the 2017-18 season,” Coach Moses said with an exclamation point! Another sport that is on the rise at the Hawk Nest.

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There were several swimmers that had personal bests as Alex Borremans broke two school records while qualifying for Regionals in the 50 Free and 100 Free events.

The Boy’s 200 Free Relay broke the school record on their swimming into the Regional Meet next week too. (Taylor Isley, Dante Ortega, Josh White, and Alex Borremans)

Borremans will be busy this next week as he qualified for Regionals on the one’s mentioned above plus the Boys 200 Medley Relay too.

Canyon Lake swam a total of 55 times and came away with personal bests on 43 of those races.


                     Swimmers and Events Continuing to Regionals:

           Girls 200 Medley Relay          Reilly Cooper         Hannah Schneider
                                           Hannah White          Fiona Sanders

           Boys  200 Medley Relay          Taylor Isley          Dante Ortega
                                           Alex Borremans        Josh White

           Boys  200 Free Relay            Taylor Isley          Josh White
                                           Dante Ortega          Alex Borremans

           Boys  400 Free Relay            Addison Johnson       Nash Young
                                           Drew Pipkin           Jener Beauman

                  50 Free                  Alex Borremans

                 100 Free                  Alex Borremans

                 Alternates:               Kaitlyn Yuill         Mekayla Mason
                                           Colton McDonald       Brandon Courtney


                      Highlights and Personal Bests:  Most significant improvements

                      Alisha Alexander    dropped           14.44 seconds       100 Fly
                                                            49.41 seconds       500 Free

                      Chloe Blakeship     dropped            4.37 seconds       100 Free

                      Fara Bonner         dropped           17.88 seconds       200 Free
                                                             1.41 seconds        50 Free

                      Reilly Cooper       dropped            0.57 seconds        50 Back
                                                             2.43 seconds       100 Free
                                                             0.27 seconds        50 Free

                      Kimbley Dyer        dropped            5.31 seconds       200 IM
                                                            16.19 seconds       100 Breaststroke

                      Cassidy Felps       dropped           15.08 seconds       100 Breaststroke

                      Jessica Gore        dropped            1.81 seconds       200 Free
                                                             3.17 seconds        50 Free

                      Mekayla Mason       dropped            5.15 seconds       200 Free
                                                             5.95 seconds       100 Fly

                      Fiona Sanders       dropped            5.62 seconds       200 IM

                      Hannah Schneider    dropped           11.64 seconds       500 Free
                                                             4.64 seconds       100 Breaststroke
                                                             1.54 seconds       100 Free

                      Ashlenn Trejo       dropped            0.22 seconds       100 Back

                      Hanna White         dropped            2.78 seconds       200 IM
                                                             0.88 seconds       100 Free

                      Evan Wilkins        dropped            0.58 seconds       100 Breaststroke

                      Sydney Young        dropped            1.54 seconds       200 Free
                                                            11.46 seconds       500 Free

                      Kaitlyn Yuill       dropped            1.08 seconds        50 Free

                      Jener Beauman       dropped           35.22 seconds       500 Free
                                                            20.66 seconds       100 Back

                      Alex Borremans      dropped            0.55 seconds        50 Free
                                                             1.67 seconds       100 Free

                      Brandon Courtney    dropped            0.54 seconds        50 Free

                      Taylor Isley        dropped            0.63 seconds        50 Free
                                                             4.26 seconds       100 Back

                      Addison Johnson     dropped            9.23 seconds       100 Back

                      Jacob McCutchen     dropped            5.31 seconds       100 Free

                      Dante Ortega        dropped            3.07 seconds       100 Breaststroke

                      Andrew Pipkin       dropped            5.14 seconds       100 Breaststroke

                      Garrett Scott       dropped            7.06 seconds       100 Breaststroke
                                                            25.48 seconds       200 IM

                      Josh White          dropped            7.79 seconds       500 Free
                                                             9.85 seconds       200 Free

                      Nash Young          dropped            5.71 seconds       100 Back