Boys Soccer, Game Article | January 22, 2017

Hawks Lose Battle to Bandera but Bigger Battles are in Store



                      James Alexander is ready to take his fight to a Bulldog.              (photo by Lynne Carpenter)

The Canyon Lake Classic Boy’s Soccer Tournament ended with the Hawks taking a nail-biter loss, 2-1 on Saturday at the Hawk Nest.

Grayson Rohrbacher  after three wins in CL Tourney

“There was a lot of good stuff that came out of this tournament,” Head Coach Warren Graham started. “We got a lot of experience as a result of this game. This will prepare us for district and we are looking forward to it.”

Bandera only took one minute to take their first lead of this game as CL looked dazed in starting this Championship match.

The Bulldogs are also in the same District as the Hawks and have just one loss this season finishing as top bullDog in the tournament with a 7-1 record.

CL did well after winning their first 3 games as Brayden Damico did not allow a goal those first 3 contests.

The Hawks beat Beeville (3-0), Lampasas (2-0), and Pleasanton (1-0) in order to reach their 2nd consecutive tournament championship game in the past two weeks.

Patriot Propane- Go Hawk Soccer

Canyon Lake responded to that first goal early in the second period as Matthew Bell scored from 30 yards out after an assist from Grayson Rohrbacher.

Rohrbacher has put together a good beginning of the year as this Hawk Captain keeps the ball alive on many Hawk rallies while waiting for reinforcements to come and helping to get a CL goal.

“Yeah, I try to check over my shoulder to see my options,” Rohrbacher said while looking straight ahead. “After that, it is my option and I have a pretty good idea…..but I just keep working and passing.”

On how well this team has been doing with their passing, “Yes, our outside gives us options to work with and we are fixed on where we need to be,” Rohrbacher continued.

Bandera scored what would be the game winner with right at 5 minutes remaining in the contest as the Bulldogs were able to ricochet that winning goal through a busy net of players.

The Hawks have their sights on district as they will have 5 more non-conference games before the real action starts up on February 10th at home against Boerne.

Scorers for the Hawks has their whole roster in action for these four tournament games and you can see below on how those 7 goals scored with Canyon Lake’s 3-1 record.


                                 Canyon Lake Classic Tournament

              name                       goals         assists        points
              Grayson Rohrbacher           2             3              7
              Nash Young                   1             1              3
              Jordan Sczech                1             1              3
              Mason Blackburn              1             0              2
              James Alexander              1             0              2
              Matthew Bell                 1             0              2

This was a team effort for Canyon Lake as having speed and all hands on deck mentality will play well as this season matures to district time.

Hancock Mini-Mart Says Go Hawks

The Hawks have now scored 28 goals, which leaves them one short of the 2015 Hawks and with 7 more this group of players will surpass last year’s team who finished with 34 during that season.

Just a quick, back in history segment, Canyon Lake scored just 3 goals back during the 2013 campaign and that should help and instill some accolades as this loss to Bandera is a far cry from those year’s gone by.

Boy’s Soccer made their first entry to the playoffs last year and seem to have more on their agenda as they continue to improve going into those games that count.

“We can do it because we are talented,” Rohrbacher commented on how this team can compete when district games come calling. “We have Brotherhood and we are all close and there is no individual that is better than the others.”

Good words as Canyon Lake will go to work when La Vernia comes to town this Tuesday as the Hawks will try to kick a Bear.

Go Hawks!!