This Week @ Canyon Lake

Tyler Williams is fighting for a Great Hawk Year.   (photo by Karen Holmes)

                 This week        @      Canyon Lake

 Mon Jan 30      Johnson City     @      CL Hawks Scrimmage     5:00p       Softball

 Tue Jan 31      Harlandale JV    @      CL Hawks JV            5:00p Girls Soccer
                 CL Hawks JV      @      La Vernia JV           5:00p Boys  Soccer
                 Hondo Freshman   @      CL Hawks JV 2          5:30p Girls Basketball
                 CL Hawks Fresh   @      Hondo Fresh            5:30p Boys  Basketball
                 Hondo JV         @      CL Hawks JV 1          5:30p Girls Basketball
                 CL Hawks JV      @      Hondo JV               5:30p Boys  Basketball
                 CL Hawks         @      La Vernia              7:00p Boys  Soccer
                 Harlandale       @      CL Hawks               7:00p Girls Soccer
                 CL Hawks         @      Hondo                  7:00p Boys  Basketball
                *Hondo            @      CL Hawks               7:00p Girls Basketball

 Thu Feb  2     CL Hawks          @      Rosenberg              All-Day     Swimming
                                         Regional Swim Meet

 Fri Feb  3     Liberty Hill JV   @      CL Hawks JV            5:00p Boys  Soccer
                Fredericksburg Fr @      CL Hawks Freshman      5:30p Boys  Basketball
                CL Hawks JV 2     @      Fredericksburg Fresh   5:30p Girls Basketball
                Fredericksburg JV @      CL Hawks JV            5:30p Boys  Basketball
                CL Hawks JV 1     @      Fredericksburg JV      5:30p Girls Basketball
                CL Hawks          @      Floresville            6:00p Girls Soccer
                San Marcos Aca    @      CL Hawks               7:00p Boys  Soccer
               *Fredericksburg    @      CL Hawks               7:00p Boys  Basketball
                CL Hawks          @      Fredericksburg         7:00p Girls Basketball

 Sat Feb  4     CL Hawks          @      Canyon High School     All-Day     Softball
 * Indicates games to be Broadcast on CLB


              Way to Go Hawks

Golf, Baseball, and Tennis will be added to next week’s schedule of events as Spring Sports start budding like wild flowers.

This past week, Canyon Lake, had a very successful week with a signature win for boys basketball when the Hawks disposed of Boerne last Friday.

CL finds themselves alone in 2nd place after the first round of games and will has a chance of controlling their own destiny. If the Hawks win out, then a first place tie with Fredericksburg is a guarantee.

This week the Billies will enter the Hawk Nest on Friday and if the home team can take care of business in Hondo this Tuesday, then that will make that a marquee game night.

The CLJV Basketball team is undefeated in District 28-4A and now has a 11 game winning streak to go along with those accolades. The crowd was in force for Boerne and that same intensity will have a good atmosphere for that Friday night battle.

On the Girls Basketball ledger, youth has had some rough growing pains as they are still searching for their first District 28-4A  win and will entertain Hondo this Tuesday.

This season is similar to how Canyon Lake started when there were no Seniors playing. This Hawk team has one Senior on the court to end this season and with a loaded Freshman class, a renaissance can be evident when the next jump ball starts the season next year.

CL is sending 12 Swimmers to Regionals this Thursday which is a first for this sport. There are some good athletes the Hawk Nation hopes this week goes well for qualifying for State.

Canyon Lake had their best finish in a district meet last Saturday after finishing in 6th place. The Boy’s went up the ladder two more steps for a 4th place finish.

The Boys Soccer team is going where they have never been before as this group is sporting an 8-3 record tying the all time win total of last year’s team. The Junior Varsity had a successful tournament in Jarrell over the week-end as they try to keep up with the Varsity.

Congrats on a good week Hawks!!

This week with a game in La Vernia and then at home against San Marcos Academy as this Hawk team has some good passing and dribbling skills that might have playoff written on their future T-Shirts.

The Lady Hawk Soccer team had a split week with a win over La Vernia which evened the score (literally) in an earlier contest and a hard fought loss to a perennial TAPPS School, Antonian.

Softball will have their first pitch in a scrimmage against Johnson City this Monday and this should be an interesting year as this Freshman Girls were on top of their game as Middle Schoolers.

Bringing those players into the fray should be a fun time this year as this sport has not had a playoff team since the 2012 season.

You can see the latest Coaches Hot Box article just posted and there are some earlier Softball articles that you can go back a couple of weeks to get some more information for this team as they debut with scrimmages this week.

Way to Go Hawks!!