Boys Soccer, Game Article | February 12, 2017

CL Hawks Boy’s Soccer Just Miss Upset Bid to Boerne, 3-2

                James Alexander battles it out with a Greyhound.         (photo by Lynne Carpenter)

Canyon Lake Boy’s Soccer almost pulled off the surprise of the year in Hawk sports as Boerne came away with a 3-2 win after a controversial penalty kick for the Greyhounds with less than 3 minutes left in the contest.

“We will just have to shake it off,” Head Coach Warren Graham said. “It is frustrating and next time we will be playing them at there place and that will be difficult as they play better at their home, but it will be a battle.”

      Alayna-Gayle says Go Hawks!

Regardless, CL played well in the see/saw affair as they rebounded after a Boerne goal, when Matt Bell got all of the ball with his kick that cleared the outstretched hands of the Greyhound goalie.

Canyon Lake would take the lead when Grayson Rohrbacher had a point blank goal after catching the rebound off the top of the goal for a 2-1 Hawk lead.

The Hawks could not hold that lead as the Greyhounds responded much like the Hawks did on Boerne’s first goal of the game to tie the score at 2-2 in the second half.

Both of those goals were under the 10 minute mark as this game had the fans on the edge of their seat with action.

Canyon Lake’s speed has been paramount in how the Hawks have been in each game save the first contest to start the season.

    Jellystone Park says Go Hawks

James Alexander is one of many of the Hawk players that can get up and down the field in fast motion, “We got good touches and with the outside that is our strength and hopefully we can cross it in.”

Alexander also commented about this team and how this team has competed, “Our varsity has a lot more guys that has vision and not looking down at the ball as much….that allows us to make better passes.”

“With Grayson (Rohrbacher) playing a physical game, it has given us the ability to make more talking and that helps us kick in space.”

The 2 Hawk goals was the most scored against a Boerne team in the six games played in their short history.

Now the Hawks will go on the road this week and settle a score with Bandera, which was one of the teams to beat CL earlier this year by one goal.

Fredericksburg will be in town on Friday for the next Hawk home game.

Another chance to get some good wins with a tough district.

Go Hawks!!

         Player             Hawk Goals      Hawk Assists         Points
         Matthew Bell           1                  1               3
         Grayson Rohrbacher     1                  0               2
         Floris Georgi          0                  1               1

                              Saves          Shots on Goal
         Brayden Damico         5                  8