Boys Soccer, Game Article | February 28, 2017

CL Hawks Get Win in Tie with Boerne, 1-1

Matthew Bell in a battle as Hawks tie 1st Place Boerne on the Road.      (photo by Lynne Carpenter)

In Canyon Lake Soccer, a tie is a win as the the Hawks went on the road and finished with a tied score with Boerne, 1-1 on an early week game.

This tie was the first blemish in district play for the Greyhounds as Canyon Lake continues to blaze a trail not seen in the annals of Hawkdom.

Another good trait was having the Greyhounds needing to comeback for this blemish as Boerne scored with 1:30 on the 2nd Half Clock.

Jordan Sczech has been a key offensive ingredient as he scored the Hawk goal off a free kick in the 7th minute of the second half.

Some good defense helped in how CL has started this season and how they are shooting for a good finish.

Brayden Damico made 6 saves on 7 shots on goal, which was a key in this contest.

“Brayden made some crucial saves last night,” Head Coach Warren Graham. “We always count on him to have a strong performance but that was even more crucial last night.”

The Hawk defense is not all accomplished at the goal, as there are more good players that have game.

“Michael Carpenter, Ty Daily, Lester Boehm, and James Alexander did a great job of cutting off angles,” Coach Graham continued. “That takes some pressure off of Brayden.”


               Previous Contests with Boerne   &      District Record
               2017          2-3       1-1                 1-2-2
               2016          0-2       1-5                 1-5-2
               2015          1-3       1-4                1-10-1
               2011          0-3                           1-9-0

Canyon Lake has had Boerne in their same district for 3 years now and the climb has been brutal but now the rewarding part of all that hard work is starting to show.

Patriot Propane is All In for      Hawk Soccer

The speed and passing for the Hawks has had CL in all but one of their games this season. That contest happened to be the first game out of the gate.

One other loss by 2 goals to Pharr-San Juan-Alamo North, 2-4 and the rest of the season no more than 1 goal has separated those battles.

Canyon Lake will finish their last district games with two home games and a chance of realizing some other rewards as this season continues.

The ReSporter had a conversation with Coach Graham and will finish this article with those thoughts.

The ReSporter: Where is the team now going into their second round of district games?

Coach Graham: “We are currently tied with Bandera in 3rd place.  That’s lower than we would like to be but we still have a shot at finishing 2nd, depending on how we play and how Fred plays in the 2nd round.”

The ReSporter: Some close losses, what will you attempt to do with the team to turn those losses to wins?

  Hawks Flying High

Coach Graham: “The two district losses came on fouls committed within the last 5 minutes of play.  That comes from either a lack of discipline or a feeling of panic as we approach the end.”

The ReSporter: What do you expect from your opponents on how they might defense you in this second round?

Coach Graham: “I expect that they’ll mark Grayson Rohrbacher and Jordan Sczech a lot tighter.  Thankfully we have plenty of other scoring options and this will give them a chance to step up.”

The ReSporter: How do you keep the team focused throughout such a long season?

Coach Graham: “It can be difficult.  We set some pretty lofty goals at the beginning of the year and I continually remind them of those goals.  It also helps that we still have a chance to place in the top half of the district.”

The ReSporter: Has the team reached many of your goals this season and how far off are they in cashing in on those most important goals as you get ready for this week and beyond?

Hawks takes no Bull from Opponents!! Go Hawks

Coach Graham: “We wanted to have a double digit win season and a winning season.  Both of those goals were accomplished.  Our next set of goals is to finish higher than 4th and advance at least 1 round in the playoffs.  Those goals are what drive us to keep going.”

The ReSporter: Great season so far and Go Hawks as they continue this great run to the playoffs!!