Game Article, Track & Field | February 20, 2017

Track & Field Starts with Good Showing at Hawk Relays

 Young Life says Go Hawks

The Hawks Track & Field Teams had impressive starts for this year’s season, as Canyon Lake jumped off into the year with an improving motif takes shape as each passing week will culminate with the District 28-4A Meet in April.

There were 14 schools in attendance for the all-day festivities as each running event had athletes running not knowing if their time would be good enough for placing.

Kenneth Jowers moved up to 3rd place in the Hawk 100 meter event as he started his year with a 11.31 dash.

Chance Martelli shaved a second off his previous 400 meter best while moving up to 5th place on the all-time Hawk list. Matthew Bell moved up on the Mile Run by improving his time by 8 seconds and now resides in 7th place in that category for Canyon Lake.

In those throwing events, Jacob Foster and Bradley Hight both entered the top 10 for Hawk Discus participants, now holding in the 7th and 8th spots respectfully.

Nic Rivera also entered the top 10 category in both of his hurdle runs with his 110 meter hurdle race having him standing in 8th place while breaking the 17 second barrier. This event is one of CL’s stronger events but with Basketball playing this Tuesday, there are 3 hurdle athletes and Brandon Courtney was being held out for precautionary reasons.

           Way to Go Hawks!!

This will be a fun event to keep tabs on with so many quality athletes in competition not only at each meet but in their every-day practices.

On the Ladies side, Canyon Lake was not at full strength but there were many good things seen for this year as Skylar Hurst headlined that point by beating her previous best 400 meter run while getting close to breaking that 60 second time and just missing after a 1:00.37 run. Hurst did take over a record that had been held by Caitlyn Collins since her 2010 year for the 200 meter dash.

Hurst scored half of the varsity points as many other mainstays were missing. Sophia Thorpe comes to mind as a great runner from past years that was not in attendance.

Adia Garcia had a good day with her throws as she moved up to 2nd place in the discus for all-time accolades.

Hillside Chiropractic says Congrats Hawks

The Hawk Junior Varsity was well attended as Madison Churbe helped the team to a 2nd place finish with an individual score of 33 points. Churbe’s 100 meter dash is now in 2nd place, trailing current Junior Hawk Alysha Perez.

There were 7 Hawk Ladies that finished in double digit scoring as can be seen on the list below.

A lot of teams participating on a beautiful February day as it was a long day that needed many volunteers.

Most track meets will have 6-8 teams which will allow the events being able to pair down the best 6-8 students running against each other in that one race. That was not in the cards on this crowded day as many races had athletes competing against a clock as well as their group in that particular event.

There are still a lot of ironing out as this year starts to get long in the tooth for that eventual district meet.


                                Junior Varsity Team Standings
         Boys                                                Girls
  1st    Hays High School        108                  1st    Dripping Springs        156
  2nd    CL Hawks                 96                  2nd    CL Hawks                140
  3rd    San Marcos               90                  3rd    Gonzales                124
  4th    Lockhart                 79                  4th    Wimberley                77
  5th    Wimberley                66                  5th    Hays                     54
  6th    Dripping Springs         64                  6th    Lockhart                 17
  7th    FEAST                    47                  7th    Bandera                  15
  8th    Comfort                  23                  8th    San Marcos               14
  9th    Somerset                 15                  9th    Austin Akins              9
 10th    Gonzales                 13                 10th    Navarro                   7
 11th    Navarro                  10                 11th    Somerset                  6
 12th    Austin Akins              4                 12th    Comfort                   0
 12th    Bandera                   4                 12th    FEAST                     0

                                   Varsity Team Standings
         Boys                                                Girls
  1st    San Marcos              131                  1st    Hays                    151
  2nd    Hays High School        125                  2nd    Dripping Springs        116
  3rd    Dripping Springs         86                  3rd    Wimberley                85
  4th    Navarro                  74                  4th    FEAST                    55
  5th    Lockhart                 50                  5th    CL Hawks                 46
  6th    CL Hawks                 41                  6th    Lockhart                 45
  7th    Wimberley                30                  7th    Bandera                  29
  8th    Austin Akins             28                  8th    Navarro                  28
  9th    FEAST                    14                  9th    San Marcos               22
  9th    Somerset                 14                 10th    Austin Akins             10
 11th    Gonzales                 11                 11th    Gonzales                  6
 12th    Comfort                   7                 12th    Somerset                  5
 13th    Bandera                   0                 13th    Comfort                   0

                                 Individual Hawk Scorers

 JV                       Varsity                    JV                     Varsity
 Nic  Rivera        28    Lester Boehm     10        Madison Churbe    33   Skylar Hurst     23
 Landry Moore       16    Chance Martelli   8        Lainee Moses      19   Alysha Perez      9
 Conner Rose        16    Tanner Faris      7        Elena Vargas      18   Adia Garcia       6
 Jacob Ruff          8    Kenneth Jowers    5        Ashlie Shipman    17   Audrey Schulze    1
 Bradley Hight       8    Joseph Ruiz       5        Alisia Niestemski 14   Hannah Young      1
 Robert Beam         6    Colton McDonald   2        Alyssa Strickland 12
 Tristan Chacon      5    Brandon Courtney  2        Caroline Kullberg 10
 Floris Goergi       3    Jacob Foster      2        Jaydian Loftis     3
 Paul Martinez       2                               Bailey Bartow      1
 Matt Bell           2                               Randi Green        1
 Seth Titzman        1
 Cody Kline          1

                                      Junior Varsity
                 100 meter                                             100 meter
 Landry Moore    11.70    2nd                        Madison Churbe    13.08      1st
 Paul Martinez   12.08    5th                        Mia Cruz          13.90      3rd
                                                     Covarrubias       14.17      6th

                 200 meter                                             200 meter
 Conner Rose     24.02    2nd                        Ashlie Shipman    29.25      1st
                                                     Elena Vargas      29.62      2nd
                                                     Mia Cruz          29.89      5th
                   400 meter                                        100 meter hurdles
 Seth Titzman      57.12    6th                      Alyssa Strickland 17.42      2nd
                    1600 meter                       Lainee Moses      18.36      5th
 Matt Bell       5:07.83    5th                      Alisia Niestemski 18.69      6th
                  110 meter hurdles                                 300 meter hurdles
 Nic  Rivera       16.97    1st                      Lainee Moses      51.87      2nd
                  300 meter hurdles                  Alisia Niestemski 53.79      4th
 Nic  Rivera       44.34    1st                      4x100 meter relay 53.50      2nd
 Cody Kline        46.55    6th                      Madison Churbe    Alysia Strickland
 4x100 meter relay 44.90    1st                      Ashlie Shipman    Caroline Kullberg
 Jacob Ruff        Landry Moore                      4x200 meter relay 1:58.12 3rd
 Conner Rose       Tristan Chacon                    Covarrubias       Caroline Kullberg
 4x200 meter relay 1:37.27  3rd                      Jaydian Loftis    Ashlie Shipman
 Jacob Ruff        Landry Moore                      4x400 meter relay 4:31.47 3rd
 Conner Rose       Floris Goergi                     Caroline Kullberg Alisia Niestemski
                   long jump                         Madison Churbe    Lainee Moses
 Nic  Rivera       18-05.00 2nd                                        long jump
                   discus                            Madison Churbe    15-01.25    1st
 Bradley Hight     117-8.00 2nd                      Elena Vargas      14-07.50    2nd
                   pole vault                        Alisia Niestemski 14-04.25    4th
 Robert Beam         9-0    3rd                      discus
                                                     Bailey Bartow        78-10    6th
                                                     triple jump
                                                     Lainee Moses         29-10    3rd
                                                     Alisia Niestemski    29-06    5th
                                                     high jump
                                                     Madison Churbe        4-08    3rd
                                                     Elena Vargas          4-06    5th
                                                     Randi Green           4-04    6th
                   100 meter            varsity                       200 meter dash
 Kenny Jowers        11.31   4th                     Skylar Hurst         26.89    3rd
                   200 meter                                          400 meter dash
 Lester Boehm        23.38   4th                     Skylar Hurst        60.27     1st
                                                     4x400 meter relay 4:21.44     5th
                   400 meter                         Alysha Perez      Hannah Young
 Chance Martelli     52.77   5th                     Audrey Schulze    Skylar Hurst
 Colton McDonald     53.38   6th                     shot put
                   800 meter                         Alysha Perez        29-09     2nd
 4x100 meter relay   45.33   5th                     discus
 Joseph Ruiz         Tanner Faris                    Adia Garcia      90-05.50     3rd
 Colton McDonald     Kenny Jowers                    triple jump
 4x200 meter relay 1:33.36   2nd                     Skylar Hurst     32-08.50     3rd
 Chance Martelli     Tanner Faris
 Lester Boehm        Joseph Ruiz
 4x400 meter relay 3:33.93   4th
 Chance Martelli     Lester Boehm
 Tanner Faris        Brandon Courtney 
 Jacob Foster     122-01.5   5th