Track & Field | February 13, 2017

Track Season Pre-View with Hawk Relays Starting Saturday

Senior Brandon Courtney looks to get back to Austin this Year!

Track & Field will begin when the Hawks will welcome Schools to the Canyon Lake’s Hawk Relays this coming Saturday, February 20th.

The ReSporter has gone back in history to compile the Top Ten Track Athletes in scoring.

What you will see all the Hawk athletes below has some salty numbers as, The ReSporter, can remember three Meets where Jordan Anderson scored a maximum of 50 points.

Brandon Courtney will go into his Senior year in second place with 225 points and a chance to solidify his marks higher into CL’s hierarchy.

Courtney has some unfinished business as he finished out of the running for a chance to compete in Austin last year. Those hurdle events have done this athlete well and a chance of piling points in the 4 x 400 Relay is icing on his cake.

Mima’s likes the ‘flavors’ the Hawks are serving up.

Heath McDonough will certainly pass Doug Hubnik this season needing only 14 points to keep climbing for a solid 3rd place when this season comes to an end.

McDonough will welcome his brother, Caimen to Varsity this year as this athlete was scoring points with reckless abandon on the Junior Varsity until Head Coach Troy Moses moved him up to help the Varsity during the district meet.

This gives Hawk Fans a chance to see 2 students that will finish 2nd and 3rd in Canyon Lake All-Time Track points.

Track will give you a capsule of those athletes that have success in other sports as perusing the list below you can see all of the top 10 but one playing football and Heath McDonough and Doug Hubnik showing off their talents in basketball.

The Athlete that did not play football? Anderson just a student for track season.

Bailey Drum broke the 300 point plateau last year with a stellar season for the Hawk ladies. Drum is playing Volleyball for Angelo State to give you an idea of her conquests.

Young Life says        Go Hawks

For the ladies you will see Marisa Ellis who excelled while here on the Hawk Cinders when she finished her Senior Year as the State Champion in the High Jump. That event was not the notable one while at Canyon Lake as she set the standard in the Triple Jump and had been at the State Meet in those two categories.

Jessica Cunningham was the first Hawk Lady to compete in Austin and has been the only student to score points in the Pole Vault. Cunningham still holds the best times for CL in the Hurdle runs.

Marisa Ellis and Kaelin Simmons both went to Corpus Chrisiti A&M to compete as Simmons went crazy in her last two meets as a Hawk Senior and still holds discus and shot distances that no other Hawk has been in the same zip code in that discus event.


                         Look at these College accomplishments for Simmons:
                 Shot Put           Discus              Hammer Throw          Javelin
                  42.03             149.03                 157.03             100.05

Simmons had the best Discus throw for the Islanders at the Southland Conference Championship back during the 2015 season.

Go Hawks and pounce on the competition this year.

Canyon Lake Lady Tracksters will see how well Skylar Hurst does for her Junior campaign as she started posting some good times last season and stands in 5th place in total points going into this year of meets.

Losing Drum and Emma Gray to graduation took some consistent points off the charts but if you have not noticed yet, this Freshman crew has put their fingerprints all over the Hawk Lady sports with Freshman winning in every facet this school year.

Try this on for size: Last year the Mountain Valley 8th Grade had a best of 53.06 in the 4 x 100 meter relay and that time was the 3rd best in CL High School history. After you clean your ears then get ready for another mind-blower, last year’s 7th Grade beat the 8th grade with a 53.00 time.

That group of ladies will be walking CL’s Halls next year.

Taking the Relays, the Hawks, set team bests last year in all three relays and it wasn’t even close.


              4x100      Year        4x200         Year        4x400          Year
 Hawks Best   51.92      2016        1:46.66       2016        4:07.39        2016
 2nd Best     51.99      2013        1:50.53       2014        4:09.66        2015
 Difference   00.07                  0:03.87                   0:02.27

Now take in more good news in knowing that all three of the relays has the majority of those girls returning.

In the 4 x 100 relay, Canyon Lake lost Kaylie Duke to injury in Volleyball this year.
In the 4 x 200 relay, Canyon Lake lost Emma Gray to Baylor.
In the 4x 400 relay, Canyon Lake lost Bailey Drum and Gray to college.

So having a solid group still here and filling 1 to 2 spots will be a doable thing for this year’s team.

Ranger Cleaners says Go Hawks!!

Alysha Perez and Carley Dubois will both be back for the first two relays with Audrey Schulze joining those two in the 4 x 100 relay team.

Skylar Hurst can step on board with Dubois and Perez with Sophia Thorpe and Hurst bringing back their experience for one of the favorite events in track, 4 x 400 mile relay.

The ReSporter is thinking speedster, Madison Churbe might make one or two of those relays as this freshman ran a sparkling, 13.00 second 100 meter dash as a 8th grader.That time is the 2nd best on the High School list with Perez having the best time in that event when she ran 12.75 in the Bandera Relays last year.

Kaitlyn Yuill will be another freshman that will have a chance of scoring points that Canyon Lake, in distance events that have never had a plethora of Hawks getting on the medal podium. Yuill made her presence known during the Cross Country season.

Track Season will be here this Saturday as this will be the last Spring Sport to make it’s presence known and an exciting times on the cinders.

Go Fast Hawks!!


                             All-Time Individual Scorers for Track & Field:

          1. Jordan Anderson        462                1. Bailey Drum          320
          2. Brandon Courtney       225                2. Marisa Ellis         204
          3. Doug Hubnik            160                3. Jessica Cunningham   168
          4. Heath McDonough        146                4. Mariah Ellis         160
          5. Eduardo Covarrubias    143                5. Skylar Hurst         126
          6. Christian Dittman      128                6. Kaelin Simmons       124
          7. Daniel Camarillo       121                7. Emma Gray            115
          8. Zach Henshaw           116                8. Brookelynn Helmke     91
          9. Austin Camacho         114                9. Caitlyn Collins       87
         10. Bobby Flint            102               10. Hannah Graves         84