Track & Field | March 16, 2017

Boys Track & Field Look to finish Season Strong

Sr. Heath McDonough is ready for a strong track season.

The ReSporter has done some homework during this Spring Break time period to help those of you that are missing some sporting events during this ‘Break’ period.

There has been 4 track meets so far and The ReSporter has added the points that each athlete has totaled thus far during their season.

Some of the meets had less points scored simply based on the number of schools that were at those venues and another point silencer are those schools that are larger than Canyon Lake and with the number of students of those schools have participating can shut-out scoring too.

Depth for schools like a Fredericksburg is the best way for schools in track & field to dominate meets.

Track & Field is a sport that is a team sports based on the individual participants. There is not a bench and your team can have up to 3 athletes in events to score points by placing in the top six.

During the Bandera Relays, Canyon Lake had a good win and many of those Hawks were able to have personal bests.

              Way to Go Hawks!!

For the Hawks there have been several points that have not been realized as of yet. With Brandon Courtney not yet being unleashed during the meets up to this point and other athletes still settling in on what their best events might be.

Head Coach Troy Moses has mentioned that Courtney would be ready to go for the last two Meets before the District 28-4A Meet in April.

Lester Boehm has moved up to 3rd place on the top Hawk ladder, on his 200 meter dash he had a time of 23.21 during the Hays Meet.


                  Top 5 for 200 Meter Dash for CL
           Jordan Anderson         22.47         2012
           Blake Walker            22.70         2014
           Lester Boehm            23.21         2017    Hays Meet
           Haden Lee               23.34         2016
           Heath McDonough         23.37         2016

Chance Martelli has moved up to 5th place on the 400 meter dash and below you can see what he will need to do to get a higher Hawk finish.


                400 Meter Dash Top 5 All-Time Hawk Stats
           Jordan Anderson         48.92         2012
           Mikk Griffin            51.57         2011
           Javier Mendez           52.13         2014
           Lester Boehm            52.26         2015
           Chance Martelli         52.77         2017    Hawk Meet

For those long distance jaunts, Matt Bell moved up to 4th place on the 800 and 1600 meter runs.

Canyon Lake said good-bye to Austin Camacho after a great year running the 800 event last year. Now Bell has a chance to shine.


    800 meter run                            1600 meter run
    Austin Camacho    2:02.25   2016         Mike Russell    4:55.73   2013
    David Pfaff       2:09.55   2014         Adam Wiewel     4:57.00   2016
    Winsten Whaley    2:12.31   2010         Chris Neiland   4:57.01   2013
    Matt Bell         2:12.46   2017  Hays   Matt Bell       5:03.52   2017   Hays
    Isaac Mendez      2:12.64   2011         Nolan Davila    5:04.30   2016

Sticking with those long distance runs, Jaren Marmolejo ran his time to a 4th place, in the Hawk history runs in his last meet and is primed be maybe help CL as this season continues.


                               3200 meter run
            Chris Nieland        10:51.63         2012
            Adam Wiewel          11:00.90         2016
            John Mauricio        11:04.04         2010
            Jaren Marmolejo      11:06.78         2017     Bandera Meet
            Nash Opperman        11:14.49         2015

The Hurdle races will still be an event that Canyon Lake can make their most noise as the times below will indicate realizing that Courtney has not been entered for either race this year.


    110 meter hurdles                top 5        300 meter hurdles
    Brandon Courtney    15.10    2016             Brandon Courtney    38.79   2016
    Bobby Flint         15.64    2010             Caimen McDonough    41.06   2016
    Gerrit Wilkins      15.87    2017   Hays      Joe Marple          41.62   2016
    Caimen McDonough    16.11    2017   Hays      Karl Tucker         42.23   2010
    Nic Rivera          16.29    2017   Hays      Repa Dakota         42.32   2011


Below are the Hawks and the number of points they have accumulated in the last 4 meets and some of these athletes might have missed one or two meets.

Freedom Mail Center says Go CL

You will see some of the names on both teams, but that will indicate an athlete has been on both for different meets. You will also look at the names above for those events that are mentioned on the Junior Varsity names below.

Canyon Lake is a relatively young group of athletes and those are the reasons you have students working on either team.

Finding how these athletes performed will help Coach Moses in placing those students in a way they can max out their chance for scoring.

Go Hawks!


        Junior Varsity         pts             Varsity               pts
        Trenton Lorett         63              Caimen McDonough      64
        Nik Rivera             62              Lester Boehm          57
        Cody Kline             42              Heath McDonough       46
        Jacob Ruff             35              Tanner Faris          31
        Landry Moore           33              Gerrit Wilkins        25
        Tristan Chacon         30              Chance Martelli       24
        Seth Titzman           29              Colton McDonald       24
        Jaren Marmolejo        28              Joseph Ruiz           23
        Greyson Lee            27              Jacob Foster          21
        Brad Hight             26              Conner Rose           18
        Zach Covington         20              Joseph Crisp          14
        Robert Beam            20              Landry Moore          12
        Matt Bell              20              Brandon Courtney       9
        Paul Martinez          18              Kenneth Jowers         8
        Conner Rose            16              Charlie McIntosh       6
        Josh Almond             9              Brayden Hight          2
        Floris Georgi           7              Austin Brennan         1
        Jacob Christiansen      5
        Brayden Duke            2
        Bryce Vincent           1