Boys Soccer, Game Article | March 19, 2017

CL Hawks Soccer Come out Flat in Loss to the Billies in Loss, 6-1

Grayson Rohrbacher closes in on a Billie.                       (mjrphotog.com)

Canyon Lake Boys Soccer ended their regular season much like they started after a blowout loss to Fredericksburg, 6-1 last Friday.

The Hawks had a total of two games that was lost by more than 2 goals and it was the opening and closing nights for their regular season production.

Canyon Lake was not shut-out for this season as the Billies were on a 3 game shut-out streak that was stopped at the 31:38 mark when Grayson Rohrbacher scored the first goal in the contest.

Unfortunately for CL the offense would be a no-show for the rest of this battle and now the Hawks will try to repeat what they did last time they had a loss by more than 1 goal.

     Mima’s says step it up Hawks!

Canyon Lake responded by winning 11 of their next 13 games and finished with their best season record in their history (14-6-2).

“We didn’t come out prepared,” Head Coach Warren Graham said. “We will have to use this game as motivation for practice because we got embarrassed.”

CL has come a long way by just hearing those words from Coach Graham as their have been many years of games like this one and now expectations are higher and this loss will have to go a long way in getting this group ready for their next opponent.

“We will have a two week lay-off and we will have a tune-up game with Lampasas,” Coach Graham continued. “There were certain aspects of this game we did not do and we will have a lot of work and I am hopeful going into a regular schedule will help.”

Canyon Lake will have a bye for their first round in the playoffs but having a game with the Badgers will help as CL will need to use that match-up like a playoff game so they can fine-tune their overall game.

The Billies had 6 unanswered goals after the Hawks drew first blood and keeping their foot on their

  Go Hawks!!

opponents throat will need to be perfected.

Fredericksburg had speed in overdrive and CL was unable to catch up with the Billies to give themselves for a win or even keeping this game close.

Canyon Lake has played 22 games this season and have yet to be held scoreless and going back to last year that streak is a healthy, 29 games of scoring at least one goal.

The Hawks will have a tune up game next as they will now wait for the contest between District 25 (1st seed) and District 26-4th seed.

Whoever that team turns out to be Canyon Lake will need to be ready to do battle.

Go Hawks!!