Game Article, Track & Field | March 10, 2017

CL Lady Hawks Take 1st (JV) & 3rd (Varsity) at Bandera Meet

Kaitlyn Yuill one of many underclassmen scoring points for Hawk Lady Track

Canyon Lake Lady Track & Field enjoyed their best day at the cinders with a 1st Place for the Junior Varsity and a 4th Place finish for the Varsity.

Skylar Hurst scored 30 points as she rewrote the 400 yard dash event braking the 60 second barrier with a time of 56.30 becoming the first Hawk to knock down that barrier.

Sophomore Aubrey Schulze had a personal best on that same race finishing with a 63.27 mark as she finished the Bandera Meet in double figures with 11 points.

Freshman Kaitlyn Yuill enjoyed her day when she lowered her mile time to 5:51.57 as she continues to improve with each week in those distance runs.

Another freshman, Madison Churbe has been making her marks as this young lady came in scoring 20 points.

Lainee Moses had a good meet scoring 18 points while Junior Alysha Perez was next with 16 smackeroos.

Hannah Young, Carley Dubois and Adia Garcia finished out the scoring as CL had their most point total this season in Bandera.

Patriot Propane is All In for Lady Hawk Track

All three of the Relays had their best marks this season and the 4×100 team had the best ever time in a Canyon Lake year. Dubois, Churbe, Perez, and Schulze were the four speedsters who raced around the track in 51.77 seconds.

That previous Hawk best was scored last year when Kaylie Duke was running instead of Churbe.

Those other two Relays lowered their marks significantly as the 4×400 relay was only .34 of a second in breaking the 4:10 mark. Their time was the 3rd best in Hawk History books. While the 4×200 relay had a time, 1:49.94, that put them with the 2nd best all-time.

Canyon Lake’s Junior Varsity would have lapped the field if those freshman and sophomores that are running and jumping for the Varsity would have stayed another year on this team.


               First place was scored by several athletes.

               200 meter dash         Elena Vargas
               100 meter hurdles      Alyssa Strickland
               long jump              Alisia Niestemski
               triple jump            Madison Blackburn
               high jump              Caroline Kullberg
               pole vault             Amber Leach
               4x100 meter relay      Ashlie Shipman
                                      Elena Vargas
                                      Mia Cruz
                                      Caitlin MacDonald
               4x400 meter relay      Caroline Kullberg
                                      Jaydian Loftis
                                      Alisia Niestemski
                                      Alyssa Strickland 

Elena Vargas went crazy in Bandera with 32 points followed by Alisia Niestemski’s 27 points.

Alyssa Strickland (23) and Madison Blackburn (22) also scored over 20 points in this dominating win.

Caroline Kullberg (15), Ashlie Shipman (12), and Amber Leach (10) rounded out the double digit scoring athletes.

Leach scoring a first in the Pole Vault was a first for the Hawks in this event since those first years of the program when Jessica Cunningham was worth 10 points each week vaulting.

Twelve JV athletes contributed to the run-a-way win.


                                    Team Standings
            Junior Varsity                           Varsity
            CL Hawks           175                   Medina Valley          131
            Bandera            110                   Cole                   129
            Hondo              100                   CL Hawks               116
            Medina Valley       83                   Bandera                 99
            SA Christian        82                   Hondo                   59
            Cole                39                   SA Christian            35
            Lytle               11                   Lytle                   30
            SA Lutheran          0                   SA Lutheran              0
            San Marcos Academy   0                   San Marcos Academy       0
            The Winston          0                   The Winston              0

                                   Individual Points
            Junior Varsity                           Varsity
            Elena Vargas           32                Skylar Hurst           30
            Alisia Niestemski      27                Madison Churbe         20
            Alyssa Strickland      23                Lainee Moses           18
            Madison Blackburn      22                Alysha Perez           16
            Caroline Kullberg      15                Aubrey Schulze         11
            Ashlie Shipman         12                Hannah Young            9
            Amber Leach            10                Carley Dubois           6
            Caitlin MacDonald       9                Adia Garcia             4
            Mia Cruz                8                Kaitlyn Yuill           4
            Jaydian Loftis          7
            Georgia Bean            6
            Jasmine Coble           3
            Bailey Bartow           2

            Junior Varsity                           Varsity
            100 meter dash                           100 meter dash
            Caitlin MacDonald       13.90     4th    Alysha Perez          12.93    2nd
            Mia Cruz                14.15            Carley Dubois         13.78
                                                     Emily McDonald        13.87
            200 meter dash
            Elena Vargas            29.62     1st    200 meter dash
            Ashlie Shipman          29.91     4th    Skylar Hurst          27.63    2nd
            Jasmine Coble           31.92            Madison Churbe        27.75    3rd
                                                     Hannah Young          28.09    5th
            400 meter dash
            Jaydian Loftis          71.30     5th    400 meter dash
            Jasmine Coble           75.00            Skylar Hurst          59.30    1st
                                                     Aubrey Schulze        63.27    4th
            100 meter hurdles                        Bethany Thibodeaux    67.70
            Alyssa Strickland       17.72     1st
            Madison Blackburn       18.24     4th    1600 meter run
            Alisia Miestemski       18.47     5th    Kaitlyn Yuill       5:51.57    4th

            300 meter hurdles                        3200 meter run
            Alyssa Strickland       52.92     2nd    Kaitlyn Yuill      12:55.82
            Alisia Niestemski       54.00     3rd
            Madison Blackburn       54.66     4th    100 meter hurdles
                                                     Lainee Moses          18.11    3rd
           long jump
           Alisia Niestemski     15-00.75     1st    300 meter hurdles
           Elena Vargas          14-00.00     2nd    Lainee Moses          50.34    2nd
           Madison Blackburn     13-10.75     4th
                                                     long jump
           triple jump                               Madison Churbe     15-01.50    4th
           Madison Blackburn     31-01.25     1st
           Alisia Niestemski     29-00.50     4th    triple jump
                                                     Skylar Hurst        32-10.25   2nd
           shot put
           Georgia Bean          28-05.00     3rd    shot put
           Bailey Bartow         26-05.00            Alysha Perez        30-05.00   5th
                                                     Cassidy Martin      27-11.00
           Bailey Bartow         71-07.00     5th    discus
                                                     Adia Garcia         93-06.75   4th
           high jump                                 Jade Lawless 88-04.50
           Caroline Kullberg      4-06.00     1st
           Elena Vargas           4-02.00     3rd    high jump
                                                     Madison Churbe       4-10.00   4th
           pole vault
           Amber Leach            8-00.00     1st    4x100 meter relay      51.77   3rd
                                                     Madison Churbe      Carley Dubois
           4x100 meter relay        54.43     1st    Alysha Perez        Audrey Schulze
           Mia Cruz           Caitlin MacDonald
           Ashlie Shipman     Elena Vargas           4x200 meter relay    1:49.94   3rd
                                                     Madison Churbe      Carley Dubois
           4x200 meter relay      1:59.66     3rd    Alysha Perez        Hannah Young
           Jasmine Coble      Mia Cruz
           Ashlie Shipman     Elena Vargas           4x400 meter relay    4:10.34   2nd
                                                     Skylar Hurst        Lainee Moses
           4x400 meter relay 4:37.57 1st             Audrey Schulze      Hannah Young
           Caroline Kullberg  Jaydian Loftis
           Alisia Niestemski  Alyssa Strickland