Game Article, Track & Field | March 5, 2017

Hawks Return with Wet Ribbons after the Carlin Wicker Relays


Skylar Hurst finished high point (21) at Billies Meet

The Canyon Lake Hawks had their first run-in with the Carlin Wicker Relays. This meet has 51 years of history and on this rainy day, Kerrville Tivy won both the Boys and Girls Varsity titles.

Fredericksburg was a close 2nd place with their Boys and Girls teams as the Billies continue to churn out athletes each year and supply a multitude of depth in every event. That one aspect will garner a stampede of points.

Canyon Lake could not match that onslaught of runners and throwers and the result was a decent 4th (Boys) and 5th (Girls) place finish.
Skylar Hurst was high point for the ladies once again as she finished first in the triple jump and scored well in the 400 meter dash and helped in the mile relay.

Canyon Lake also saw their first of what will be many meets for Freshman Madison Churbe. This speedster scored 10 points and was the only other Lady Hawk in double figures.

For the Boys, Lester Boehm (15) finished one point more than Caimen McDonough (14) as these two athletes were the only two to reach that pinnacle.

   Jellystone Park says Go Hawks

Heath McDonough and Colton McDonald just missed, scoring 9 points each for Canyon Lake.

Boehm had the best individual finish in the 200 meter dash with a 2nd place medal.

Another newbie was Joseph Crisp who debuted with a 3rd place finish in the Discus after a throw of 130 feet.

Conditions were not the best but this would prove to be a good meet in helping the Hawks learn how to fly in this type of weather if these conditions are presented again.

Go Hawks!!!


         Team Standings 51st Carlin Wicker Fredericksburg Relays

         Boys                              Girls
         Kerrville Tivy        161         Kerrville Tivy         151
         Fredericksburg        150         Fredericksburg         150
         San Angelo Central    140         San Angelo Central     124
         Canyon Lake Hawks      86         Marble Falls            87
         Lyle                   29         Canyon Lake Hawks       54
         Bandera                18         Bandera                 34
         Hondo                  16         Hondo                   13
         Marble Falls           15         Lytle                    7


                            Individual Scorers
         Boys Varsity                      Girls Varsity
         Lester Boehm           15         Skylar Hurst            21
         Caimen McDonough       14         Madison Churbe          10
         Colton McDonald         9         Alysha Perez             5
         Heath McDonough         9         Bethany Thibodeaux       5
         Joseph Ruiz             6         Aubrey Schulze           5
         Gerrit Wilkins          6         Lainee Moses             4
         Landry Moore            6         Dana Buhr                3
         Conner Rose             6         Jade Lawless             1
         Tanner Faris            6
         Joseph Crisp            6
         Chance Martelli         3


               Hawk Athletes that Scored @ Carlin Wicker Relays
         Varsity Boys                         Varsity Girls
         100 meter dash                 pts   100 meter dash                  pts
         Joseph Ruiz         11.98  4th  4    Alysha Perez       13.73   5th   2

         200 meter dash                       200 meter dash
         Lester Boehm        23.44  2nd  8    Madison Churbe     27.64   3rd   6

         400 meter dash                       400 meter dash
         Colton McDonald     53.10  3rd  6    Skylar Hurst       60.86   2nd   8
                                              Aubrey Schulze     64.95   6th   1
         110 meter hurdles
         Gerrit Wilkins      16.85  3rd  6    300 meter hurdles
         Caimen McDonough    17.07  4th  4    Lainee Moses       51.07   6th   1

         300 meter hurdles                    Discus
         Caimen McDonough    43.53  4th  4    Jade Lawless       86-07   6th   1

         Discus                               Long Jump
         Joseph Crisp       130-01  3rd  6    Madison Churbe  14-10.75   6th   1

         Triple Jump                          Triple Jump
         Caimen McDonough 38-05.50  5th  2    Skylar Hurst    33-06.75   1st  10

         High Jump                            4x100 meter relay  53.39   5th   4
         Heath McDonough   5-10.00  3rd  6    Dana Buhr           Audrey Schulze
         Caimen McDonough  5-08.00  4th  4    Alysha Perez        Madison Churbe

         4x100 meter relay   45.47  4th  8    4x200 meter relay 1:56.65  4th   8
         Joseph Ruiz         Landry Moore     Dana Buhr           Bethany Thibodeaux
         Tanner Faris        Conner Rose      Alysha Perez        Madison Churbe

         4x200 meter relay 1:34.56  2nd 16    4x400 meter relay 4:20.60  3rd  12
         Tanner Faris        Landry Moore     Audrey Schulze      Skylar Hurst
         Conner Rose         Lester Boehm     Lainee Moses        Bethany Thibodeaux

         4x400 meter relay 3:35.56  3rd 12
         Colton McDonald     Chance Martelli
         Heath McDonough     Lester Boehm