Lady CL Basketball: District Awards-Top 10 Stats-Coaches Corner

Junior Alexa Ramos garnered 2nd Team All-District

The ReSporter wanted to spend some time going back to Round-Ball for the Girls and Boys teams.

Share some All-Time and Season Records and Post-Season District Awards along with a Coaches Corner as next season has started the clock.

The ReSporter would like to thank the Parents for their involvement and explain how and why the Hawk Green is highlighting the names below for the Best Season Stats below.

If the name is in first place then that player will be highlighted. The ReSporter has also highlighted the players that played this season.

Go CL Hawks!!

One more note: The ReSporter has capitalized Megan Browning on the list below in her honor as the Hawk community said good-bye to this young lady this past January after she lost her life in a car accident.

That 2010 team that she was part of has littered every category as this was a special team which attests to Megan and we wish Stan and Sandra Browning the best as they wait for a much better time when they have an opportunity to see their daughter again.

Where there will be no pain or sadness as death has been defeated through Christ.

                            District 28-4A Accolades:

                        First Team
                        Reagan Heun

                        Second Team
                        Alexa Ramos

                        Honorable Mention
                        Mia Riali


                     All-Time Top 10 and Top 3 Season Stats
     Total Season Points         Year           3pointers                Year
     Ashley Pfaff         494    2010           Reagan Heun        53    2017
     Reagan Heun          455    2017           Ashley Pfaff       39    2010
     Tiffany Tschoepe     342    2011           Olivia Flores      36    2012
     Katie Williams       326    2013           Reagan Heun        35    2015
     Reagan Heun          326    2015           Sarah Russell      33    2016
     Megan Browning       275    2011           Sarah Russell      20    2017
     Jessica McMurray     266    2010           Megan Browning     15    2011
     Katie Williams       241    2012           Jessica McMurray   11    2010
     Tiffany Arredondo    240    2010           Chelsea Tschoepe    9    2017
     Alexa Ramos          229    2017           Alexa Ramos         9    2016
                                                Mia Riali           9    2014

     Rebounds                                   Free Throws
     Tiffany Tschoepe     297    2011           Ashley Pfaff      153    2010
     Tiffany Tschoepe     282    2010           Reagan Heun       149    2017
     Amber Ramsey         254    2012           Megan Browning     85    2011
     Katie Williams       225    2012           Tiffany Arredondo  79    2010
     Katie Williams       216    2013           Tiffany Tschoepe   72    2011
     Ashley Pfaff         199    2010           Tiffany Tschoepe   67    2010
     Kyndall Drum         173    2014           Reagan Heun        65    2015
     Emma Gray            172    2016           Alexa Ramos        55    2017
     Reagan Heun          163    2017           Katie Williams     50    2012
                                                Megan Browning     48    2010

     Assists                                    Steals
     Tiffany Arredondo     92    2010           Ashley Pfaff       96    2010
     Ashley Pfaff          89    2010           Amber Ramsey       94    2012
     Jessica McMurray      59    2010           Alexa Ramos        80    2017
     Megan Browning        49    2010           Alexa Ramos        76    2016
     Reagan Heun           42    2017           Amber Ramsey       72    2013
     Emma Gray             41    2016           Tiffany Arredondo  64    2010
     Reagan Heun           39    2015           Alexa Ramos        60    2015
     Alexa Ramos           38    2015           Reagan Heun        60    2017
     Alexa Ramos           38    2016           Mia Riali          59    2015
     Amber West            36    2011           Amber Ramsey       56    2014
     Megan Browning        34    2011

                           Amber Ramsey         48     2013
                           Amber Ramsey         46     2012
                           Alexis Fullen        39     2015
                           Tiffany Tschoepe     38     2011
                           Sarah Schneider      34     2016
                           Katie Williams       33     2012
                           Emma Gray            32     2016
                           Sarah Schneider      30     2015
                           Amber Ramsey         30     2012
                           Ashley Pfaff         29     2010



Brookshire is All-In for Lady Hawks

The ReSporter: What happened this year that if you would have known it might have changed how you approached this season?

Coach Burleson: “Not much.  I don’t think anything that we encountered this year caught us off guard at all.”

The ReSporter: What are the building blocks needed to get this program to a competitive team every year type of program?

Coach Burleson: “We have to spend consistent time in the gym getting better at shooting, passing, and dribbling.  Lots of individual work.   If we commit to that, we can do great things.”

The ReSporter: You did not have a Senior dominated team, but what would you like to say bout Mia Riali?

Coach Burleson: “I am very proud of Mia and we will really miss her.  The team and the coaches love her.  She will do great things in the future and I’m excited for her.”

The ReSporter: With so many freshman and not many people leaving, how do you mesh the Varsity with those up and comers from the Sub-Varsity teams?

Head Basketball Coach Zach Burleson

Coach Burleson: “We practice against each other every day. There is virtually no difference in our approach with those groups.”

The ReSporter: How would you assess the overall way this team did progressed from start to finish?

Coach Burleson: “We got better throughout the year.  We just did not have enough firepower this year to beat the teams in our district.  We took the first week off after the season and the gym has been open ever since, so we can improve on our skills.  Either we will put in the necessary time or we will not have much better results.  Our girls are busy with other activities but we do have some up here putting in extra work.  There is no shortcut to success.”

The ReSporter: Which game would you like to have back for getting a better result and why?

Coach Burleson: “All of them really.  We played hard but did not get the result we wanted.  There were a couple games that I could not have been more proud of these girls.  It’s just now time to get better.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and the Hawk Nation will wait with anticipation as your team comes back almost all intact as we wait to see how high they can jump. Go Hawks!!