Game Article, Track & Field | March 26, 2017

Lady Hawks Track goes Dancing at the Texan Relays

Alysha Perez sets new mark in 100 meter dash at Texan Relays

Canyon Lake went dancing at the Texan Relays in Wimberley last Thursday as all the teams performed well with some key athletes missing due to Dancing Competition that was scheduled that same day.

“I was proud of our efforts again on Thursday,” Head Girls Track Coach John Barthels stated. “We had a decent effort in basically two day practice, post spring break week and I was impressed with several of the results going into the wind.”

That wind was consistent throughout the meet and it showed no relief for those events that would have those runners heading south.

Skylar Hurst was high point once again with 26 points followed by Alysha Perez’s 19 points after shattering the 100 meter dash record by two tenths of a second. These same two students had first place finishes along with the 4×100 relay team.

“Obviously our 100 and 100 hurdle times improved with the wind at our backs,” Coach Barthels continued. “The form looked good from Alysha (Perez) in the 100 and she won so that was great.”

Perez was impressive as she lowered her all-time mark to 12:59 after being stuck at 12:75 for the past two seasons.

“The hurdle form from Alyssa Strickland and Lainee Moses is improving and we will see what we can do this week in Lockhart with a tough district and Area ahead of us.”

Canyon Lake’s scoring leaders is loaded with a lot of young athletes that have already set new standards and prepare for the time of season where they can make a mark.


                                  2017 Season Points Totals
          Junior Varsity        Grade      pts            Varsity             Grade       pts
          Alicia Niestemski     Fresh      89             Skylar Hurst        Junior      114
          Elena Vargas          Junior     88             Alysha Perez        Junior       76
          Alyssa Strickland     Fresh      77             Madison Churbe      Fresh        45
          Madison Churbe        Fresh      69             Aubrey Schulze      Soph         37
          Ashlie Shipman        Junior     63             Lainee Moses        Fresh        36
          Caroline Kullberg     Fresh      46             Hannah Young        Senior       19
          Lainee Moses          Fresh      34             Kaitlyn Yuill       Fresh        18
          Mia Cruz              Soph       32             Carley Dubois       Senior       13
          Jaydian Loftis        Junior     31             Adia Garcia         Soph         12
          Georgia Bean          Soph       29             Bethany Thibodeaux  Senior        8
          Madison Blackburn     Soph       22             Amber Leach         Fresh         6
          Caitlin MacDonald     Soph       21             Emily McDonald      Junior        4
          Amber Leach           Fresh      18             Dana Buhr           Senior        3
          Jasmine Coble         Soph       17             Rachel Bennett      Junior        2
          Angelina Covarrubias  Fresh       8             Jade Lawless        Fresh         1
          Daisy Manriquez       Junior      8
          Bailey Bartow         Junior      6
          Jade Lawless          Fresh       4
          Randi Green           Fresh       2

CL’s Freshman class has been evident throughout this year’s sporting events and this crew has stored up 106 points for the varsity and each week you are seeing more ladies taking their next step up and making their mark.

Freshman Madison Churbe is tickled Hawk Green on the Varsity

Churbe is one of those freshman that has her sights on helping this Hawk Track Team, “I am really stoked and I have been thinking about running on the varsity ever since my middle school years.”

“It finally hit me when I moved up and started running against a higher level of schools,” Churbe kept focused. “But, I really expect this after putting in all of that hard work and I will just keep running for God and I will give all the Glory to my Lord and I will push myself to do everything for Him.”

The ReSporter thinks that Our Lord is very pleased with this young lady no matter where she finishes.

Alyssa Strickland led the Junior Varsity contingent with 18 points as there were 8 other ladies scoring in double digits.

Georgia Bean, Jasmine Coble, Alyssa Strickland, and the 4×100 relay team all had a first place finish.

The 4×100 relay varsity group has been lowering their mark in each of the last two performances and the Texan Relays had this foursome (Carley Dubios, Alysha Perez, Madison Churbe, and Aubrey Schulze) taking more time off their record.

Canyon Lake’s, 51.10 time was over a second faster than the 2nd place school.

Hawks takes no Bull from Opponents!! Go Hawks

On a windy day two of the relays had personal bests and the 4×400 relay having the toughest time going against that blustery force which had a bigger impact on those four ladies.

“I was very impressed with our record setting 4×100 relay as we have broken our record each time Carley Dubois has run the race,” Coach Barthels smiled. “Our 4×200 relay improved almost a second this week and I am happy about that as I definitely saw areas of improvement that we can work on to improve that.”

Canyon Lake can start to make moves during the district meet when some of those events that have been a graveyard point wise starts to register some rewards.

The Hawks had their first points since Jessica Cunningham was scoring in the pole vault.

Amber Leach made a jump from Junior Varsity to Varsity in Wimberley and finished in 3rd place scoring 6 points. Those points are a bonus if CL wants to make a dent in District favorite, Fredericksburg, totals.

“I believe, overall we had 18 races that had personal bests and both the Junior Varsity and Varsity events,” Coach Barthels said. “Not bad out of 34 events.”

Hill Country Furnishings says        Go Hawks

That is putting it mildly as a windy day will play havoc on both the track and field participants and now you have a chance of continuing that progress into a Lockhart Meet this Thursday.

Canyon Lake will need to get more points from those throwing events and hopefully more ladies will have a chance of scoring with their jumping.

“We will have to improve with our throwers to make a move at district,” Barthels closed. “But, like I said, all in all we are looking about where I expect to be minus that mile relay…..I really thought we would break the 4:10 mark, but we let the wind get into our heads a little bit and once we were sitting in second, I think, they (the girls) decided that’s where we were going to stay and Skylar (Hurst) just
made sure of that.”

Perez is one of those Hawk throwers that did not perform to her standard, “When I don’t have a good day throwing it just makes me angry,” Perez said with a smile. “Either way I will run as fast as I can.”

On how she will attack the wind, Perez continued, “I will visualize the ‘unicorn’, and keep my chin down and run through the wind.”

A good day of taking care of the wind with her being a ‘Unicorn’ for this one day but CL will be glad to welcome this Hawk back to the Lake for some more records.

Canyon Lake will have to get that wind out of their head this week as they start their STAAR testing and having a clear head will be a high priority.

Go Hawks!!


                                          Texan’s Relays

          Junior Varsity           points                 Varsity                  points
          Lampasas                  151                   Wimberley                 185
          Wimberley                 145                   Blanco                    142
          CL Hawks                  132                   CL Hawks                  113
          San Marcos                 56                   Navarro                    67
          Smithville                 42                   Lampasas                   62
          Blanco                     38                   San Marcos                  9
          Llano                      29                   Smithville                  1
          Navarro                    18                   CC Miller                   0


                                           Hawk Scorers

          Junior Varsity           points                 Varsity                  points
          Alyssa Strickland          18                   Skylar Hurst               26
          Jaydian Loftis             16                   Alysha Perez               19
          Ashlie Shipman             15                   Madison Churbe             15
          Elena Vargas               15                   Lainee Moses               14
          Alisia Niestemski          14                   Audrey Schulze             11
          Jasmine Coble              14                   Hannah Young                9
          Caroline Kullberg          10                   Amber Leach                 6
          Mia Cruz                   10                   Emily McDonald              2
          Georgia Bean               10                   Kaitlyn Yuill               2
          Caitlin MacDonald           5
          Angelina Covarrubias        4
          Bailey Bartow               1


         100 m dash            place       time           100 m dash            place      time
         Jasmine Coble          1st       13.49           Alysha Perez           1st      12.59
         Angelina Covarrubias   4th       13.81
         Mia Cruz               6th       13.95           200 m dash
                                                          Skylar Hurst           3rd      27.32
         200 m dash                                       Madison Churbe         4th      27.33
         Ashlie Shipman         3rd       28.92
                                                          400 m dash
         400 m dash                                       Skylar Hurst           1st      61.47
         Jaydian Loftis         2nd       69.22           Audrey Schulze         5th      64.28
         Jasmine Coble          4th       71.39
                                                          1600 m run
         100 m hurdles                                    Kaitlyn Yuill          5th    5:58.29
         Alyssa Strickland      1st       16.56
         Alisha Niestemski      4th       18.63           100 m hurdles
                                                          Lainee Moses           4th      16.98
         300 m hurdles
         Alisia Niestemski      3rd       54.84           300 m hurdles
         Alyssa Stickland       4th       55.50           Lainee Moses           3rd      50.26
                                                          Hannah Young           6th      53.48
         long jump
         Elena Vargas           3rd    14-07.75           triple jump
                                                          Skylar Hurst           3rd   32-11.00
         shot put                                         Emily McDonald         5th   31-04.75
         Georgia Bean           1st    30-04.50
                                                          high jump
         discus                                           Madison Churbe         5th       4-10
         Bailey Bartow          6th    75-00.50
                                                          pole vault
         high jump                                        Amber Leach            3rd       8-06
         Caroline Kullberg      3rd        4-06

         4x100 m relay          1st       54.32           4x100 m relay          1st      51.10
         Caitlin MacDonald      Elena Vargas              Carley Dubois          Alysha Perez
         Mia Cruz               Ashlie Shipman            Audrey Schulze         Madison Churbe

         4x200 m relay          2nd     1:56.84           4x200 m relay          2nd    1:49.03
         Jaydian Loftis         Elena Vargas              Carley Dubois          Alysha Perez
         Mia Cruz               Ashlie Shipman            Hannah Young           Madison Churbe

         4x400 m relay          2nd     4:48.86           4x400 m relay          2nd    4:18.44
         Caroline Kullberg      Alyssa Strickland         Audrey Schulze         Lainee Moses
         Jaydian Loftis         Alisia Niestemski         Hannah Young           Skylar Hurst