Player Profile, Softball | April 24, 2017

Carley Dubois Signs Letter of Intent to Play Softball at UofH-Victoria

                              Carley Dubois at her signing for UofH Victoria earlier this year

Canyon Lake had another Athlete sign for a chance of furthering their sports career, when Carley Dubois signed her letter of intent earlier this year with the University of Houston-Victoria.

The Jaguars have a good team and adding a player like Dubois will certainly be a benefit as you can’t teach speed and that is an asset UH-V will be getting with this signing.

“I was looking at a lot of schools that were out of state,” Dubois stated in how her recruitment panned out. “I chose Victoria because it was close to home but also far enough away from home.”

Congratulation Carley

That was certainly a statement that was well thought out, that had a hint of some wisdom.

“I liked the girls and I got to know them after I was invited to their camp out of the blue,” Dubois recalled. “It was by invitation and then I was invited back up to tour the campus….and that was when I got to play with the girls.”

This had a unique situation for Dubois as she found out that her time there was really a try-out.

“I was warming up with one of the girls and when I was mentioning on how I liked to warm up, the girl I was warming up with said, ‘We will warm up however you like….after all this your try-out!”

“I said oh my goodness….I did not expect this and I was nervous and then I got more nervous….”

What made this more intense, “After I had warmed up, then they offered me a chance to practice with them and so after I toured the campus the girls were ready to get me in (the practice),” Dubois remembered.

“I had a good time when I ran to first base and then I really bonded with the girls,” Dubois recalled.

Dubois had more reasons for her decision:

 √ I liked the town.
 √ It was very convenient. (this is based on how things at CL are not close)
 √ It is a smaller school.
 √ I will have more one on one with classes and coaching

“I was very excited and have a team and family and I get the entire experience,” Dubois said with a gleam in her eye.

On how the parent’s felt about their daughter’s decision, The ReSporter caught up with Shannan Dubois.

         Way to Go Carley

“I was nervous for her,” Dad Dubois started. “She did good and it was her against the whole team.”

That was the comments when responding on what was happening when Carley was practicing with the team after the tour of the campus.

“She (Carley) had over 40 schools that had shown interest but after practice they (UH-V) wanted us to sign right there, but Carley said I want to think about it,” Mr. Dubois said.

When the signing did take place, Dad responded, “I was proud as I could be and I want her to reach her full potential and now she will get to play at a school on the next level and to do that and get an education is a Dad’s favorite moment.”

Dad Dubois closed on one of his funny moments for Carley, “She was playing in Vegas and she is always in some type of competition… and Bailey Bryan was there and they would always race when they take the field for defense and while they were on their way to beat each other….Carley just fell to the ground and there was nothing that cause it….In fact, people said that it might have been the chalk.”

That would be one time that Carley would be on the losing side as this young lady will leave a humongous hole in the outfield when her playing days cease at the Hawk Nest.

Congratulations Carley and take your smile and fly high for the Hawk Nation!!