Game Article, Track & Field | April 2, 2017

CL Boys Varsity Finish 2nd as they Prepare for District 28-4A Meet

Jaren Marmolejo is ready to go the distance.

The Boy’s Track Team both hit triple digits against larger schools last Thursday in Lockhart Lion Relays.

The Junior Varsity scored 129 points, finishing behind Killeen and Canyon High School. CL’s Varsity beat Canyon High School  while Killeen ran away on this night with 180 points.

“I thought that the Lockhart Meet went just as we would hope.   We are starting to see improvement on almost every effort,” Head Coach Troy Moses stated. “This is what we want as we approach the district track meet.  Everything we do all year is to make sure we are competing at our best come the district meet. I am very confident right now as the district meet is only 5 days away.”

Cody Kline and Heath McDonough were high point makers with 22 and 23 respectfully. Caimen McDonough just missed out on passing his brother and Greyson Lee was second for the JV squad.

The Lion Relay’s schedule had a different format with the girls and boys competing at the same time with the boys starting in the Field Events while the Girls were competing in those Running Events.

Ranger Cleaners says Go Hawks!!

This format had events stacked and going much faster as most meets will have the boys and girls JV and Varsity doing all the 100 meter dash prelims and finals right after each other. Giving the athletes more breathing room if they have more than one event to perform in.

Cody Kline has been improving with each meet and this time finished with a first place in the 110 meter hurdles. Nik Rivera was moved up to the Varsity and finished 6th in the 300 meter hurdles.

Brayden Duke finished in first pole vaulting and if this young man can keep improving, then his points will be very valuable during district time.

The JV’s Pole Vault had 2 other Hawks finish with points which is a first for the Hawk Track Team. Robert Beam and Ty Martinez were right in their with Duke in scoring 20 points in this one event.

Caimen McDonough had a first place in the triple jump while Heath McDonough finished top of the heap for the high jump.

There were many Hawks with a 2nd place finish as many times those larger schools will have a chance with their depth of capturing those 1st place trophies.


                           2nd Place Finishers
          Junior Varsity                        Varsity
          200 meter dash                        200 meter dash
          Greyson Lee           23.95           Lester Boehm         22.90
          400 meter dash                        300 meter hurdles
          Seth Titzman          54.82           Caimen McDonough     41.25
          300 meter hurdles                     long jump
          Cody Kline            44.03           Gerrit Wilkins       20-04
          Bradley Hight        114-08

Boehm continues to whittle down his best 200 meter runs as he accomplished this mission again in Lockhart.

         Hit Man says Go Hawks!

Seth Titzman is another trackster that has been improving each week along with dual athlete Greyson Lee who is playing baseball when he is not on the cinders.

Caimen McDonough had his best 300 meter time this year and seems primed to make some waves when the district meet starts.

Geritt Wilkins broke the 20 foot marker for the second time in one week and has his eyes on getting 21 feet.

Bradley Hight has finished first in several meets so his 2nd place might not be a headliner, excepting this meet had 6 larger schools and finishing second is a huge achievement.

CL’s JV had two relays, 100 & 400 finish second and competing against those larger schools will have this group of students ready for the big time this coming Thursday.

Canyon Lake has a hill to climb in order to pass Fredericksburg this week but as this meet showed, this team is ready as they continue to improve during the right time of the year for having good results.

          Go Hawk Track & Field

Jaren Marmolejo did place in the 3200 and will have a much better showing competing with just 4 schools this week.

“I’m excited,” Marmolejo started. “I will be faster and I will be taking it very seriously.”

On what his goals are going into district, “I would like to break   the 5 minute mile barrier and 11 minute 3200.”

Marmlejo is close in both events and with the right conditions might have enough to make that happen this week.

“I would like to be in the 68-70 seconds when I finish my first lap in the mile,” Marmolejo said with a smile. “I like to start kicking at the 200 yard mark and I have a great kick.”

The 1600 run is a killer on that 3rd lap and having anything left for a kick is a bonus as the adrenalin will need to kick in as you finish your last go around.

Conner Rose has been helping mostly in the relays and will have a chance of passing the Billies when those events get going.

“I was a little more fatigued today but a schedule like todays is mostly mental,” Rose said when talking

Go CL & Bring Home the Bacon!!!

about how much closer the races started. “We will need to be focused and not think about anyone else…..just focus on your next step.”

The Hawks were also on the outer lanes at this meet which had the CL on a different part of the track during their run, “It is easier to see how close they (other schools) are when you have those center lanes.”

Trenton Lorett was moved from his usual events and was participating in more relays after Nic Rivera moved up to varsity.

“I will go wherever the Coaches want me,” Lorett commented. “I just give it my all in all I can do.”

On what his goals are for the end of track season, “PR’s and make it to Varsity,” Lorett didn’t hold back. “I just want to finish strong and this year we have had new people and faces and we need to just rely on our teammates to do well and that is a great feeling.”

Could not have said it any better as Canyon Lake will now prepare for the biggest Meet of the year and a chance of showing that they can finish on top.

Go Hawks!!


             Junior Varsity               Varsity
             Killeen        160           Killeen         180
             Canyon         150           CL Hawks        115
             CL Hawks       129           Canyon          107
             Lehman          72           Lockhart        106
             Lockhart        65           Lehman           45
             Bastrop         34           Bastrop          43
             Gonzales        10           Gonzales         22


                                Hawk Scorers

            junior varsity                 varsity
            Cody Kline       22            Heath McDonough       23
            Greyson Lee      15            Caimen McDonough      21
            Seth Titzman     12            Lester Boehm          13
            Tristan Chacon   11            Gerrit Wilkins        12
            Brayden Duke     10            Tanner Faris          11
            Vincent Bryce     8            Joseph Ruiz            7
            Bradley Hight     8            Colton McDonald        5
            Jacob Ruff        7            Conner Rose            5
            Trenton Lorett    7            Joseph Crisp           4
            Georgi Floris     6            Charlie McIntosh       4
            Robert Beam       6            Chance Martelli        4
            Michael Harwell   4            Landry Moore           3
            Ty Martinez       4            Jacob Foster           2
            Jaren Marmolejo   2            Nic Rivera             1
            Paul Martinez     2
            Colton Ellers     2
            Josh Almond       2
            Caleb Almond      1


            junior varsity                     varsity
            100 meter dash        time         100 meter dash       time   place
            Georgi Floris        11.74  3rd    Joseph Ruiz         11.58   4th

            200 meter dash                     200 meter dash
            Greyson Lee          23.95  2nd    Lester Boehm        22.90   2nd
            Paul Martinez        24.18  5th    Tanner Faris        23.41   5th

            400 meter dash                     400 meter dash
            Seth Titzman          54.82 2nd    Colton McDonald     53.09   5th
                                               Chance Martelli     53.14   6th
            3200 meter run
            Jaren Marmolejo    11:20.68 5th    110 meter hurdles
                                               Gerrit Wilkins      16.09   4th
            110 meter hurdles                  Caimen McDonough    16.10   5th
            Cody Kline            18.52 1st
            Vincent Bryce         19.88 4th    300 meter hurdles
                                               Caimen McDonough    41.25   2nd
            300 meter hurdles                  Nic Rivera          42.59   6th
            Cody Kline            44.03 2nd
            Vincent Bryce         46.31 4th    long jump
            Colton Eilers         49.00 5th    Gerrit Wilkins   20-04.00   2nd
                                               Tanner Faris     19-11.75   4th
            shot put                           Heath McDonough  19-10.50   5th
            Josh Almond        38-01.50 5th
            discus                             Joseph Crisp       129-00   4th
            Bradley Hight     114-08.00 2nd    Jacob Foster       128-06   5th

            triple jump                        triple jump
            Caleb Almond          37-00 6th    Caimen McDonough    41-02   1st
                                               Heath McDonough     39-08   3rd
            pole vault
            Brayden Duke          10-00 1st    high jump
            Robert Beam            9-06 3rd    Heath McDonough      6-02   1st
            Ty Martinez            9-06 4th    Charlie McIntosh     5-08   4th
                                               Caimen McDonough     5-08   6th
            4x100 meter relay     45.44 2nd
            Jacob Ruff        Trenton Lorett   4x100 meter relay   44.18   3rd
            Greyson Lee       Tristan Chacon   Joseph Ruiz       Conner Rose
                                               Landry Moore      Tanner Faris
            4x200 meter relay   1:36.09 3rd
            Jacob Ruff        Trenton Lorett   4x200 meter relay 1:33.10   4th
            Greyson Lee       Tristan Chacon   Conner Rose       Heath McDonough
                                               Tanner Faris      Lester Boehm
            4x400 meter relay   3:41.87 2nd
            Seth Titzman      Cody Kline       4x400 meter relay 3:33.18   3rd
            Michael Harwell   Tristan Chacon   Heath McDonough   Colton McDonald
                                               Chance Martelli   Lester Boehm