Track & Field | April 23, 2017

CL Hawks Boys Region IV Track Meet Get Ready, Get Set, Go

Lester Boehm will be at it again this Week-End in Kingsville                                  (photo by Karen Holmes)

Track Regional Meet for the Guys

Canyon Lake will be taking 11 Hawksters to Region !V track meet to be held in Kingsville on April 28-29 for a chance for competing in State.

Competition will be tough for the Boys as there are several teams and athletes that have put up some good times and distances.

Mima’s says bring home Medals!!

The times below may not be the best times for those events as the athletes might have had a better finish in earlier meets this season.

Those field events usually have a better chance of not panning out as the marks below show. A foul or having a bad day can show up very quickly in those events.

In the High Jump event you will see several boys that are in the 6 foot plateau and the key when so many are at the same level is getting to that mark with the least amount of fouls.

So, even those first jumps will need to be going well as the log jam could have several finishing at the 6 foot level and if you go out then having your 3 misses there would serve you well in ranking the highest when compared to the other athletes.

Upping your trade will be those individual personal bests that all athletes reach for and that was evident during the Area Meet for the Hawks last week.

Several of the times for the Relays and individual events were realized during that competition.

               Hawks Fly High!!

When you are in a group of the best in the State for your performance, then having a personal best can usually be accomplished during meets of this magnitude.

The information below has the top 6 in each of the events and if a Hawk is not in that group then you will see where that student stands among the 16 participants in each one.

Canyon Lake had several good performances this year as Caimen McDonough repeated what he did last year when he finished at the top point person on the Junior Varsity.

Freedom Mail Center – Go Hawk’s

This year, Caimen beat out his brother, Heath and both will have another chance to add to the totals below before this track season comes to a close.

The group below will have all the boys that have a chance of getting more points highlighted in Hawk Green.

Good luck this week and Go Fast, Throw Far and Jump High Hawks!!

This year’s point totals are below for the Hawk Fans to throw a ‘way to go’ to these tracksters.


                                 2017 Season Point Standings

                              1. Caimen McDonough          149
                              2. Heath McDonough           125
                              3. Lester Boehm              114
                              4. Gerrit Wilkins             61
                              5. Tanner Faris               59
                              6. Colton McDonald            48
                              7. Conner Rose                41
                              8. Chance Martelli            41
                              9. Joseph Ruiz                40
                             10. Joseph Crisp               22
                             11. Landry Moore               19
                             12. Jacob Foster               15
                             13. Nic Rivera                 11
                             14. Charlie McIntosh           11
                             15. Ross Snowden               10
                             16. Brandon Courtney            9
                             17. Kenneth Jowers              8
                             18. Brayden Hight               2
                             19. Bennie Brownlee             2
                             20. Austin Brennan              1


                     Boys Region IV Track Meet Standings in Hawk Events

                    4x200 relay times                   4x400 relay times
                    Freeport             1:28.12        La Feria              3:24.67
                    Devine               1:29.38        Stafford              3:25.60
                    Sealy                1:29.86        Beeville              3:25.72
                    Bay City             1:29.89        Wimberley             3:27.25
                    Bandera              1:30.68        Bellville             3:28.30
                    CL Hawks             1:30.70        Navarro               3:28.94
                                                        Cuero                 3:29.12
                                                        CL Hawks              3:29.48

                   110 meter hurdles         school           time/distance
                   Cameron Kotek             Wimberley           15.21
                   Jacoby West               Needville           15.30
                   Zachary Gastauer          La Vernia           15.42
                   Caimen McDonough          CL Hawks            15.57
                   Marcus Dormady            Boerne              15.60
                   Trent Laughlin            Devine              15.69

                   300 meter hurdles
                   Kenneth Bodwin            Stafford            39.05
                   Cameron Kotek             Wimberley           40.15
                   Jared Love                Cuero               40.56
                   David Garza               Kingsville King     40.57
                   Jacob Rivera              Crystal City        40.71
                   Joshua Mata               Needville           41.03
                   Caimen McDonough          CL Hawks            41.29    Best Time 41.25
                   Nic Rivera                CL Hawks            41.49

                   200 meter dash
                   Dillon Ricord             Devine              21.48
                   Waydale Jones             Beeville            21.91
                   Tre Miles                 Cuero               22.12
                   Fabian Peoples            Freeport            22.31
                   Ashton Calihan            Sweeny              22.45
                   Jordan Whittington        Cuero               22.51
                   Lester Boehm              CL Hawks            23.05    Best Time 22.78

                   400 meter dash
                   Cole Boyd                 Boerne              50.59
                   Reyes Rodriguez           La Feria            50.83
                   Sean Majors               Fredericksburg      50.90
                   Adrian Anzua              Pearsall            50.99
                   Kesey Okolie              Stafford            51.07
                   Ross Jaroszweski          Navarro             51.93
                   Colton McDonald           CL Hawks            52.09

                   Sydney Mock               Port Isabel     166-08.00
                   Caeveon Patton            Cuero           158-07.00
                   Garrett Dieter            Navarro         157-04.50
                   Jack Zimmerie             Devine          148-03.00
                   Tyler Howard              Navarro         148-00.00
                   Keon Hodge                West Oso        146-00.00
                   Jacob Foster              CL Hawks        144-11.00

                   Shot Put
                   Caeveon Patton            Cuero            50-08.00
                   Jack Zimmerie             Devine           49-11.00
                   Tyler Howard              Navarro          49-07.50
                   Joseph Ian Torres         Port Isabel      49-05.00
                   Jaylon Haynes             Wharton          48-08.00
                   Garrett Dieter            Navarro          48-05.50
                   Ross Snowden              CL Hawks         43-10.00

                   High Jump
                   Kenneth Bodwin            Stafford             6-06
                   Henry Brown               Sealy                6-04
                   Heath McDonough           CL Hawks             6-02
                   Demon Anderson            Beeville Jones       6-02
                   Justin Eckhardt           Sealy                6-02
                   Caimen McDonough          CL Hawks             6-00
                   Cody Cherrignton          Wimberley            6-00
                   Chris Johnson             La Vernia            6-00
                   Amir King                 Freeport             6-00
                   Dalton Hobbs              Pleasanton           6-00
                   Jacob Rivera              Crystal City         6-00
                   Luis Mercado              Crystal City         6-00

                   Long Jump
                   Sean Majors               Fredericksburg   22-08.00
                   Kenneth Bodwin            Stafford         22-07.50
                   Antoine Greer             El Campo         22-05.00
                   Dean Wallace              Navarro          22-01.50
                   Justin Eckhardt           Sealy            22-01.00
                   Julian Trevino            La Feria         21.08.75
                   Gerrit Wilkins            CL Hawks         21-05.25   Best Jump 21-08.00