Boys Soccer, Game Article | April 9, 2017

CL Hawks Just Miss Chance for Another Game in Loss to Progresso, 2-1

James Anderson just missed a corner kick for a goal.         (photo by Lynne Carpenter)

Canyon Lake’s Soccer quest came to an end after a hard fought loss to Progresso, 2-1 at Veteran Memorial Stadium in McAllen.

“This was a fast team and we knew that coming into the game,” Head Coach Warren Graham assessed. “We did a good job of staying in front of them and I am happy with the way we played and we have nothing to be ashamed of.”

The Hawks held on in that first half as the Red Ants had the wind and several shots on goal, but some great saves by Brayden Damico had CL going into the 2nd half on even ground.

Silver Sage says Way to go Hawks

“We did a lot better than people thought we would do,” Damico said. “We dealt with what we got….they moved the ball a lot more and I tried my hardest to keep them from scoring.”

Damico held his ground in the loss as a penalty kick was the difference, as the Red Ants had to go back to their ant hole several times without any food to store.

On how this game went compared to the Salado contest, Damico stated, “I wanted a win in that first round game and I put my heart into it.”

Damico and the Hawk team kept this game within reach for any chance that might have been presented.

A hand infraction allowed Progresso with a point blank penalty kick that just caught the inside of the goal for the first score of the contest.

Canyon Lake had the wind in that second half which gave their offense more chances and a missed kick by an Ant allowed Grayson Rohrbacher to go one on one with the goal keeper.

The kick was good and the Hawks had some momentum with the score tied with 30:01 left in the final half.

Grayson Rohrbacher taking charge

Progresso would get their winning goal a few minutes later with a kick that backed into the goal for what would be the winning kick.

Canyon Lake far exceeded expectations and now have etched themselves into a place in Hawk History by going further than any other team wearing the Green and Gold since the school began.

Coach Graham often stated his desires for this season and that was realized after the shocking win over a strong Salado squad in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

Canyon Lake was not shut out for the year and with the last 7 games from last year’s first Bandera contest, will now take a 32 game scoring streak into next season.


         Times this season these Teams below finished a Game with no Goals.
           Boerne      Billies       Bandera       Salado         Gonzales
             6            4             6            1               2

This group did not suffer two consecutive defeats for the season which would be a first by a milestone.

Alternative Pest Control, we can help with those Red Ants next time.

A lot of buckets were filled by this group of players with several notable benchmarks that might be taken advantage of for future Hawk teams.

Canyon Lake held their own against Progresso as this team took care of Bandera in the Elite 8 game by a score of, 5-0.

The Hawks were right there with this Red Ant team and did themselves proud for the game and year.

The Hawks played 21 more days after the regular campaign ended to the chagrin of the Track & Field Clubs as many of the Soccer players were active with that sport too.

Several Hawk’s were in Fredericksburg the night before and then would catch with the Soccer crew the next day.

Lester Boehm was qualifying for the Track Area Meet and working to keep the Soccer season going in full bloom.

This Senior class has certainly raised the bar of the future of CL’s Soccer contingent and will working on replacing several key students.


                      Last 4 Years with this Senior Class notes
           Regular       W   L   T          District         W   L   T
           Freshman      2  10   1                           0   8   0    6 total goals score
                                                                            for the year
           Sophomores    4  13   1                           1  10   1   21 goals scored

           Juniors       8  10   2                           1   5   2      first playoff year
                                                                         34 goals scored
           Seniors      16   7   2                           3   3   2      Sweet 16
           totals       30  40   6                           5  26   5   72 goals scored

                                     goals   assists
           Grayson Rohrbacher          1        0       freshman
                                       2        3       sophomore
                                       5        1       junior
                                      33        8       senior

           James Alexander             0        1       freshman
                                       3        2       sophomore
                                       2        2       junior
                                       4        6       senior

           Jordan Sczech               2        4       sophomore
                                       0        1       junior
                                       9       14       senior

           Julian DeLaPaz              1        0       sophomore
                                       1        0       junior
                                       2        0       senior

           Mason Blackburn             0        1       sophomore
                                       0        5       junior
                                       5        7       senior

           Ty Daily                    0        1       junior
                                       0        2       senior

           Jackson Neel                1        0       senior

“This was the first group that I started with,” Coach Graham recounted. “I will miss them (the Seniors), this program will not be where it was as this group help build that….but I am proud of this team, not just this game but the whole season and I am proud of them All.”

Now with the ground work being laid these past two years, the Hawks, will see if they might be able to make this a common occurrence.

Way to Go Hawks!!