Game Article, Track & Field | April 2, 2017

CL Lady Hawks Lock in 3rd Place in Lockhart Relays

Junior Skylar Hurst after tough day on Cinders

CL Lady Hawks finished 3rd with the Junior Varsity and Varsity in Lockhart last Thursday as Canyon Lake and Gonzales were the only schools that were below 5A in size for the 7 team meet.

That will go a far way as the Hawks now start preparing for District 28-4A next Wednesday and Thursday.

Freshman Madison Churbe would finish high point for the Varsity while Elena Vargas would finish at the top for the JV crew.

This Meet had a different format than previous track & field get togethers….the Girls had their running events while the Boys were busy in their Field Event mantra.

That made those events involving running having a much smaller window of rest which would be detrimental for having personal bests.

However, there were several that still went to the front of the class as Alysha Perez lowered her 100 meter time (12.50) while Skylar Hurst did the same in the 400 dash (49.14).

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Being in a rush throughout the night can help when the District Meet comes around and having more time to prepare.

Alyssa Strickland made a jump from Junior Varsity to Varsity for this meet and a 2nd place finish in the 100 meter hurdles was a good prize to take home.

The ReSporter is amazed on how many athletes are doubling up their commitments as Softball and Soccer participants were all over the field as these athletes did their best on Thursday to be at it again with another sport on Friday.

There were some tougher schools in this meet which did squelch some opportunities for the Hawks to get their points like many of the past meets.

It was not that long ago when the Lady’s Track Team was not even in the conversation when District would come calling. With each passing year, the Hawks, keep plugging along and this year having a chance of being one of the best in district.

Elena Vargas is not eligible to run for the Varsity this season because she transferred into Canyon Lake last year. This young lady is a poster child for CL Students that might think they are not capable of competing in sports.

Junior Elena Vargas having fun in Track

Vargas is a Junior and this is her first time ever to compete as she was previously in a 6A school and did not think she had a chance of playing or even participating.

“I have never played when I was at East Central,” Vargas stated. “Now I want to beat my times and I got my split of 12.77 in the 4×100 relay in this meet.”

Now Vargas has embraced her first ever time to be on a team and is breaking records and stock piling points out the wazzooo….

Track was not high up in Vargas’ thinking, “I never liked to run….and now I want to take the 1st spot.”

You could see Elena’s eyes in how competition has now revved up a part of her that she might not have realized staying in a larger school.

“I grew up with Alysha (Perez),” Vargas said when asked who talked her into coming out for track this year. “My first meet, I got 2nd in the long jump and I just loved it from that point on, I can hardly wait till next year when I will have a chance to run for the Varsity.”

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Vargas had 23 points in Lockhart and for the year has accumulated, 111 points. Not bad for a student that had never been in a sporting event ever!!!

Madison Blackburn continues to have strong showings in her limited action this season and Jasmine Coble had her second good meet in a row.

Coble finished first in her JV 100 meter dash and Blackburn had a 1st place in the triple jump.

Lainee Moses for the Varsity broke the 50 second mark in the 300 meter hurdles which is a big hurdle (pardon the pun) to break. This JV crew would have challenged the big schools for first place it this contingent of freshman on the varsity would have been competing with their classmates.

Hurst has been running her marquee 400 meter dash under the 50 second threshold and is now threatening the 49 second barrier.

In a South Austin Track Meet the best 400 time was 59.99, you get the idea. Hurst would be worth some points for many of those larger schools this season.

“I was just trying to rest as much as I could,” Hurst said when asked how this meet had the events coming up much faster. “There was so much lost time and so I just prayed.”

Hurst has become the heart of this year’s Girls Track Team as this young lady has had her ‘A’ game from the opening race.

“I work hardest in practice and I have some good competition in practice,” Hurst admonished her teammates. “I’m getting better and I am breaking my times….when I beat the 60 second time, I just opened it up and I just wanted to be my best at it and give all the Glory to God.”

On what she would like see her time this year, “58 seconds….that would be crazy,” Hurst raced. “I like how tough it (400 meter) is and I just need to stay strong and I am always testing myself.”

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Another Hawk Lady, Audrey Schulze has quietly performed the last two years and is now in the top 10 for all time scorers tied for 9th with 91 points.

Schulze was brought up last season during her freshman year and has been competing against older athletes and has started to shine as she finishes her second year.

With 10 points in Lockhart, Schulze will be seen running in those relays and those events will only reward an athlete 1/4 of the point totals.

She has been running the open 400 this year and had her a personal best with a 62.41 time in Lockhart. Schulze now has the 3rd best time in district behind her teammate, Hurst.

When you can have 2 or 3 Hawks in the top 6 on events then those points will start to add up quickly. That 400 time has Audrey with the 4th fastest time in Hawk History.


                   Hawk                   400 meter time            when
                1. Skylar Hurst               59.14                 Lockhart Relays
                2. Hannah Graves              61.86                 2013
                3. Brookelynn Helmke          62.30                 2012
                4. Audrey Schulze             62.41                 Lockhart Relays

“I feel like my times have improved this year and I am really glad for it,” Schulze said. “I have been training hard and the mental part of running has helped me make my goals.”

On what her goals are as she finishes this season. “I would like qualify for Area.”

On how she thinks through her 400 race, “I do better when I am not thinking and just change my sprint out when I get near the end of my race.”

Schulze was commenting on how she runs the 400 and what she will need to work on, “I would like to break the 62 second mark next.”

Something to think about, Hurst best time in the 400 meter dash as a freshman was 67.65 and Schulze as a Freshman had a best of 64.81.

Each year can become a faster time with the right training and this time next year, CL might have 2 runners under the 60 second barrier.

Go Hawks!!


            Junior Varsity                   Varsity
            Canyon           143             Canyon           139
            Killeen          130             Killeen          122
            CL Hawks          98             CL Hawks         103
            Bastrop           77             Gonzales          89
            Gonzales          76             Lehman            61
            Lockhart          46             Bastrop           53
            Lehman            39             Lockhart          52

                              Girls Individual Scorers
            Junior Varsity                    Varsity
            Elena Vargas          23          Madison Churbe      22
            Madison Blackburn     22          Skylar Hurst        20
            Jasmine Coble         12          Alysha Perez        11
            Caroline Kullberg      8          Lainee Moses        11
            Ashlie Shipman         7          Audrey Schulze      10
            Mia Cruz               5          Alyssa Strickland    8
            Alisia Niestemski      4          Amber Leach          8
            Caitlin MacDonald      4          Hannah Young         6
            Jaydian Loftis         3          Carley Dubois        5
            Raegan Cowan           2          Adia Garcia          4
            Josiah Hespen          2          Emily McDonald       1

     100 meter dash       time    place       100 meter dash       time    place
     Jasmine Coble        13.38   1st         Alysha Perez         12.50   3rd

     200 meter dash                           200 meter dash
     Elena Vargas         28.49   2nd         Madison Churbe       26.65   1st
     Ashlie Shipman       28.94   5th         Skylar Hurst         26.82   2nd

     400 meter dash                           400 meter dash
     Josiah Hespen        69.46   5th         Skylar Hurst         59.24   1st
                                              Audrey Schulze       62.41   2nd
     100 meter hurdles
     Madison Blackburn    17.77   2nd         100 meter hurdles
     Alisia Niestemski    18.34   5th         Alyssa Strickland    16.55   2nd
                                              Lainee Moses         17.70   6th
     300 meter hurdles
     Madison Blackburn    54.15   4th         300 meter hurdles
                                              Lainee Moses         49.84   2nd
                                              Hannah Young         51.96   5th
     triple jump
     Madison Blackurn  30-11.50   1st         discus
     Alisia Niestemski 30-06.50   3rd         Adia Garcia          94-09   4th

     high jump                                triple jump
     Elena Vargas          4-06   1st         Emily McDonald    31-11.50   6th
     Caroline Kullberg     4-06   2nd
                                              high jump
     4x100 meter relay    53.59   2nd         Madison Churbe        4-04   6th
     Elena Vargas         Ashlie Shipman
     Caitlin MacDonald    Mia Cruz            pole vault
                                              Amber Leach           8-06   2nd
     4x200 meter relay  2:02.55   5th
     Elena Vargas         Ashlie Shipman      4x200 meter relay  1:49.10   4th
     Jaydian Loftis       Mia Cruz            Hannah Young         Alysha Perez
                                              Carley Dubois        Madison Churbe
     4x400 meter relay  4:40.58   4th
     Alisia Niestemski    Jaydian Loftis      4x400 meter relay  4:15.94   4th
     Raegan Cowan         Jasmine Coble       Hannah Young         Audrey Schulze
                                              Lainee Moses         Skylar Hurst