Game Article, Track & Field | April 9, 2017

Hawk’s Boys Varsity Finish 3rd in District Track Meet the JV had a 2nd Place Trophy

Lester Boehm down to 1 sport after loss in Soccer

Canyon Lake finished district in 3rd place and will be taking 16 athletes to their home track field for the Area Meet on April 19th.

“The district meet went about how we had expected,” Head Coach Troy Moses said. “We have a lot of kids advancing to Area and with a great chance at advancing to regionals…..we have a week to get a little better.”

Caimen McDonough racked up 24 points and Heath McDonough followed with 21 points as these multi-event athletes will be competing in multiple areas for a chance of making Region Meet the last part of April.

Caimen will represent CL in both hurdle runs and will be joining his brother (Heath) in the high jump.

A first place in a personal best in the 300 meter hurdles will have Caimen primed for a spot in Kingsville and Heath had a first place in the High Jump while qualifying in 2 relays.

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Gerrit Wilkins is now the all-time best long jumper after he leaped for 21-08 and passed Jordan Anderson for the longest in Hawk history.

Anderson had 4 individual events where he was in first place and now that distinction has been reduced to 3 after the Wilkins’ leap.

The top 4 long jumpers were only had 3.5 cm of separation so it will not take much for any one of those athletes to qualify for another chance of competing in Kingsville.

Lester Boehm was just .01 of a second from finishing first in the 200 dash and he has inched closer to the all-time mark in that event.

There is some good news and bad news for Boehm….the bad news is a loss in the sweet 16 for the Soccer team….the good news is now being able to concentrate on one sport with a chance of better showings in his immediate future.

The 4×200 meter relay team finished first and Boehm and McDonough will join up with Tanner Faris and Conner Rose for a chance of furthering their chances in doing well in Area and Region Meet.

Ross Snowden made his entrance at the right time with his shot-put and will have some more throws with a 4th place finish.

In those throwing events, Jacob Foster, made a good enough toss in the discus with a 2nd place finish and a ticket for an Area

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The Junior Varsity had a strong 2nd place finish with 7 First Place showings. Two in the relays while Cody Kline finished this JV track season shining with a 26 point effort in district.

Two first place finishes in the hurdle events helped in garnering those points. Another Hawk, Bryce Vincent, finished with a flurry in those two same events as this student came on strong in these last few meets.

Seth Titzman will be on the doorstep trying to knock his way into contention on the Varsity next year for the 400 meter dash. Titzman has been scoring well and the 400 dash can be a crowded group trying to get the attention from the coaches.

Bradley Hight had another 1st place with the Discus while Josh Almond finished 1st in the Shot-Put category.

The same 4 athletes got first place medals in the 4×100 & 4×200 meter relay as Jacob Ruff, Tristan Chacon, Greyson Lee, and Paul Martinez finishing in style.

Lee and Chacon had 20 and 18 points respectfully, in the meet, to help secure a 2nd place team trophy.


                                   Team District 28-4A Results
                     Varsity Boys                       JV Boys 
                     Fredericksburg     188             Fredericksburg     225 
                     Boerne             158             CL Hawks           150 
                     CL Hawks           130             Bandera            106 
                     Hondo               77             Boerne              93 
                     Bandera             63             Hondo               49 

                                          High Point Hawks
                     Caimen McDonough    24             Cody Kline          26 
                     Heath McDonough     21             Greyson Lee         20 
                     Lester Boehm        17             Tristan Chacon      18 
                     Colton McDonald     10             Seth Titzman        14 
                     Jacob Foster         9             Paul Martinez       14 
                     Conner Rose          8             Bryce Vincent       12 
                     Gerrit Wilkins       8             Jaren Marmolejo     10 
                     Tanner Faris         7             Bradley Hight       10 
                     Ross Snowden         6             Josh Almond         10 
                     Chance Martelli      6             Jacob Ruff          10 
                     Joseph Ruiz          4             Zach Covington       8 
                     Nic Rivera           4             Colton Eilers        6
                     Bennie Brownlee      2             Floris Georgi        6
                     Joseph Crisp         2             Michael Harwell      4
                     Landry Moore         2             Caleb Almond         4
                                                        Braden Duke          4
                     VARSITY                              JUNIOR VARSITY
                     100 meter dash                       100 meter dash
                     Joseph Ruiz         11.60   5th      Greyson Lee       11.69    2nd
                     Conner Rose         11.75   6th      Paul Martinez     12.11    4th

                     200 meter dash                       200 meter dash
                     Lester Boehm        22.78   2nd      Caleb Almond      24.84    5th

                     400 meter dash                       400 meter dash
                     Colton McDonald     53.10   3rd      Seth Titzman       54.20   1st
                     Chance Martelli     54.01   6th      Floris Georgi      56.03   3rd

                     1600 meter run                       1600 meter run
                     Bennie Brownlee   5:01.68   5th      Jaren Marmolejo  5:05.94   4th

                     110 meter hurdles                    3200 meter run
                     Caimen McDonough    15.57   2nd      Jaren Marmolejo 11:04.16   2nd
                     Gerrit Wilkins      16.02   4th
                                                          110 meter hurdles
                     300 meter hurdles                    Cody Kline         18.00   1st
                     Caimen McDonough    40.82   1st      Bryce Vincent      19.25   4th
                     Nic Rivera          41.93   4th
                                                          300 meter hurdles
                     shot put                             Cody Kline         44.23   1st
                     Ross Snowden     39-09.25   4th      Bryce Vincent      45.16   2nd
                     Jacob Foster     39.02.50   6th
                                                          shot put
                     discus                               Josh Almond     39-01.00   1st
                     Jacob Foster    137-01.00   2nd      Zach Covington  37.05.00   2nd
                     Joseph Crisp    121-09.00   5th
                     high jump                            Bradley Hight     121-04   1st
                     Heath McDonough   6-01.00   1st
                     Caimen McDonough  5-10.00   3rd      high jump
                                                          Greyson Lee      5-02.00   5th
                     long jump
                     Gerrit Wilkins   21-08.00   4th      pole vault
                                                          Braden Duke      9-06.00   5th
                     triple jump
                     Heath McDonough  40-03.00   5th      long jump
                                                          Tristan Chacon  19-05.50   4th
                     4x100 meter relay   44.59   4th      Cody Kline      19-01.25   5th
                     Joseph Ruiz      Landry Moore
                     Tanner Faris     Conner Rose         triple jump
                                                          Colton Eilers   36-11.50   3rd
                     4x200 meter relay 1:31.58   1st      Caleb Almond    36-02.50   5th
                     Tanner Faris     Conner Rose
                     Lester Boehm     Heath McDonough     4x100 meter relay 45.92    1st
                                                          Jacob Ruff        Greyson Lee
                     4x400 meter relay 3:30.47   2nd      Tristan Chacon    Paul Martinez
                     Colton McDonald Chance Martelli
                     Heath McDonough Lester Boehm         4x200 meter relay 1:36.02   1st
                                                          Jacob Ruff        Greyson Lee
                                                          Tristan Chacon    Paul Martinez

                                                          4x400 meter relay 3:41.95 2nd
                                                          Michael Harwell   Cody Kline
                                                          Seth Titzman      Paul Martinez