Game Article, Track & Field | April 21, 2017

Hawks Track Teams Graduated up from a Van to Bus for Area Meet

                                                       Canyon Lake will need a Bigger Bus for Region Meet

Canyon Lake upgraded their vehicle from a Van to a Bus this year for Track & Field as the Hawks qualified 19 athletes and will be on the road for their next round in Kingsville on April 28-29.

The Hawk Ladies keep climbing as they finished in 2nd Place for the Area Meet and now have two Meets in a row where they have had their best ever finish.

Alyssa Strickland on the top Podium at Area 

Canyon Lake finished ahead of Fredericksburg at this meet after being beat by 66 points during the 28-4A Meet two weeks ago.

That tidbit just magnifies how a school that has so much depth can finish first over what was a much more talented Hawk team at the higher levels of competition.

“I am very proud of the efforts the girls gave at the Area Meet,” Head Girls Coach John Barthels stated. “Fredericksburg was favored in the meet and I knew we would have to beat out Wimberley as well….these girls are setting the standard for the future.”

Skylar Hurst qualified for Region for 4 of the 5 events she participated in, with two 1st place (Triple Jump & 400 meter dash), a 2nd place finish in the 200 meter dash, and the 4×400 meter relay team will be going to Kingsville after being the 3rd team on the podium.

Freshman Madison Churbe will be entered in all three races she ran after finishing 3rd in the 200 meter dash, and having two 2nd place finishes in the 100 and 200 meter relays.

Sophomore Audrey Schulze will be another busy Hawk in next week’s Region Meet with a 2nd place finish in the 400 meter dash, and also qualifying in the two relays she was part of.

Ok, Alysha Perez is another Hawk that will have a full dance card after having a decent showing in the 100 meter dash with a 1st place finish a whopping 3 tenths of a second before the next runner that crossed the finish line.

Perez’s 12.48 time was .02 better than her previous best run at the Lockhart Lion Relays last month. The next fastest Hawk in this event is Churbe with a 13.08 best this year.

 Silver Sage says Way to go Hawks

Two Seniors will have another chance to continue their career as Carley Dubois and Hannah Young both helped their relay teams to advance. They both shared in the 200 meter relay.

These two young ladies were also dual athletes as Young was active in helping the Soccer team in the playoffs and Dubois also finds time to race from home plate to first base in getting hits routinely. Dubois will have an opportunity for more Softball as that Hawk team is bound for the playoffs next week.

The Freshman Ladies have dominated this year in all the sports and this group of girls in Track and Field continue to impress.

Alyssa Strickland will have another day of competition after a 1st place finish with a 15.83 race. She is still in 4th place all time as Emma Gray, who holds down the 3rd best time, had a 15.82 last year during the Area Meet.

When asked if she still felt like a Freshman, Strickland said, “I don’t think so…..not really.”

“At the very first meet this year, I did not think and just went out and competed,” Strickland said matter of factly. “Then I started getting

Schulze passing the baton to Moses at Area Meet

better times and coaches were saying, ‘Hey your good’, and then they moved me up for the last two meets….and I was so scared.”

Strickland, took 3 tenths of a second off her best time she ran in her district meet. In that first meet of the year, Strickland was running her times in the 17 second area.

“My whole goal was to beat my time by a 1/2 second….but with a lot of hard work and determination it has worked out well,” Strickland was strict. “I prayed soooo much before I ran the races and I will be working hard and on my mindset to ready for the Region Meet.”

Another freshman, Lainee Moses, garnered points in two events and will be part of the parade in Kingsville running in the 4×400 meter relay. Moses just finished out of contention in the 300 meter hurdle race, but still ran this event under 50 seconds.

Moses has been active during her freshman year as she was on the District Champion Freshman Volleyball club….and then dribbled over to the Basketball courts and was moved to varsity in that sport.

          Hit Man says Go Hawks!

Moses was on the run again for track season and was not on the JV squad long before being elevated to the Varsity Track team where she showed her worth by compiling, 64 points this season.

Jade Lawless did not finish with any points but she still improved upon her best throw with the discus for the second time in the last two meets. She will start next year with a mid 90 foot mark for better results in her arsenal in the coming years.

Amber Leach finished 6th in the Pole Vault and will have aspirations of better things when the Track Meets start back up next year.

But the season still has some more steam as they will load a Bus for Kingsville since the number of CL Hawks from the boy and girl teams will need 19 seats for the trip this time.



Heath McDonough is intense during 200 meter relay


Canyon Lake’s Boys Track Team finished in 5th place just 2 points from passing Boerne after scoring 86 points and qualifying 11 Hawks for Kingsville.

There were some surprises in the Field Events for this meet as Ross Snowden and Jacob Foster both unloaded their best throws of the year.

This was reminiscent of Robert Woods last year when he kept improving during his last few meets.

Snowden is now holding down 3rd place in All-Time Hawksters throwing the Shot Put.


                        Robert Woods      47-03.50     2016
                        Jaaz McNair       45-09.00     2012
                        Ross Snowden      43-10.00     2017
                        Weston Dicks      43-02.00     2012
                        Haden Lee         41-09.00     2016

Then Junior Jacob Foster went further than any Hawk ever with his Discus throw after heaving the saucer for 144-11 that was over 3 feet better than the previous best of 141-07 for Taylor Hocutt back in 2012.

Staying with the field events, Gerrit Wilkins, continued his over 21 feet leaps in the High Jump event. Wilkins was just off a few inches from his best at the district meet.

           Go Hawk Track & Field

That is a good sign as that is showing consistency and it could help after his 3rd place finish. A 4th place finish in district and then adding another 4 athletes will tell you how impressive this day was for Wilkins.

Canyon Lake finished with 30 points in those field events after Heath McDonough finished first in winning the high jump with Caimen McDonough having a 3rd place finish.

The McDonough brothers had a combined 37 points which was just one point off from tying Bandera, while finishing ahead of Hondo, Gonzales, and Eastside Memorial.

They were just 4 points from tying La Vernia too….impressive output from these two athletes.

Caimen will add two hurdle races to his Area Resume while Heath will have two more times to compete in the 200 and 400 meter relay teams.

One of the most exciting Relay races happened during the 4×200 meter event when Lester Boehm passed and held his place for a 2nd place finish. Tanner Faris, Conner Rose, Heath McDonough, and Boehm were the race in that order making their trek around the cinders.

Lester Boehm trying to do all he can for better time

There is a freshman boy also making his mark, as Nic Rivera was promoted up at the end of the season and scored points and reserved a seat to Kingsville in the 300 meter hurdles finishing right behind Caimen McDonough.

“I was expecting a better time,” Rivera commented. “A need to have a cleaner run as I lost about a half second because I used the wrong foot to jump on 3 or 4 of the hurdles.”

Rivera who also played basketball was injured before the football season started and you can see some great potential as his track season will continue for another week.

“Sitting out that long, had me working out and trying to improve….I was given the go ahead about a week or two before basketball season started,” the antsy Rivera said. “It was really exciting and it was more impressive than I thought it would be.” (Rivera was commenting on how the competition had changed from his middle school years)

On what he thought when he was moved up, “I was told that the Coaches did not like to move up freshman and then before the Lions Meet in Lockhart, I looked on the JV board for my name and did not see it….then I looked over on the Varsity board and I could not believe it, but I saw my name.”

Rebecca Creek Golf, says Go Hawks!

“I was more nervous and then I got excited and the adrenaline kicked in and I got my best time at that meet,” Rivera remembered.

On how he will go into the Region week, Rivera strategized, “During the last couple of practices, I had been working hard and Coach Moses mentioned on how he noticed that I had worked harder in the past two weeks than during the year.”

That was apparent as that work ethic helped improve Rivera with 41.49 time, “I will try to get my stride longer so I can have the same foot going over all of the hurdles.”

Senior Colton McDonald had a personal best in his 400 meter dash and qualified for Kingsville for that event and in the 400 relay team.

Chance Martelli had one of his best splits for the 4×400 relay group as their finish was their best for this season and they will need to continue that improvement for scoring points when the Region Meet commences next week.

Canyon Lake continues to improve as a group and that is noted by needing a larger vehicle that what has been used in the past for the trek to Kingsville.

Enjoy the Bus ride and Run Hawks Run!!!


                                       Team Totals
                 Girls                                      Boys
                 Wimberley         124                      Fredericksburg      112
                 CL Hawks          109                      Wimberley           111
                 Fredericksburg    106                      Navarro             100
                 La Vernia          67                      Boerne               88
                 Gonzales           59                      CL Hawks             86
                 Bandera            58                      La Vernis            41
                 Boerne             48                      Bandera              38
                 Navarro            32                      Hondo                30
                 Hondo              17                      Gonzales              9
                 Eastside Memorial  00                      Eastside Memorial     6

                                        Hawk Scorers
                 Girls                                      Boys
                 Skylar Hurst       31                      Caimen McDonough     20
                 Alysha Perez       18                      Heath McDonough      17
                 Audrey Schulze     15                      Lester Boehm         11
                 Madison Churbe     14                      Colton McDonald       7
                 Alyssa Strickland  10                      Gerrit Wilkins        6
                 Carley Dubois       8                      Nic Rivera            6
                 Hannah Young        7                      Jacob Foster          4
                 Lainee Moses        5                      Ross Snowden          4
                 Amber Leach         1                      Tanner Faris          4
                                                            Conner Rose           4
                                                            Chance Martelli       3

                                       Hawk Results
                 Girls                                      Boys
                 4x100 meter relay     50.58     2nd        4x100 meter relay    44.16   7th
                 Carley Dubois       Alysha Perez           Joseph Ruiz       Landry Moore
                 Audrey Schulze      Madison Churbe         Tanner Faris      Conner Rose
            Alt. Dana Buhr           Alyssa Strickland  Alt Colton McDonald   Chance Martelli

                 100 meter hurdles                          110 meter hurdles
                 Alyssa Strickland     15.83     1st        Caimen McDonough     15.57   3rd 
                                                            Gerrit Wilkins       16.12   7th
                 100 meter dash
                 Alysha Perez          12.48     1st        4x200 meter relay  1:30.70   2nd
                                                            Tanner Faris      Conner Rose
                 4x200 meter relay   1:47.49     2nd        Heath McDonough   Lester Boehm
                 Carley Dubois        Alysha Perez     Alt. Joseph Ruiz       Chance Martelli
                 Hannah Young         Madison Cherub
            Alt. Dana Buhr           Bethany Thibodeaux     400 meter dash
                                                            Colton McDonald      52.09   4th
                 400 meter dash
                 Skylar Hurst          58.28     1st        300 meter hurdles
                 Audrey Schulze        61.30     2nd        Caimen McDonough     41.29   2nd 
                                                            Nic Rivera           41.49   3rd
                 300 meter hurdles
                 Lainee Moses          49.02     5th        200 meter dash
                                                            Lester Boehm         23.05   4th
                 200 meter dash
                 Skylar Hurst          26.94     2nd        4x400 meter relay  3:29.48   3rd
                 Madison Churbe        27.42     3rd        Colton McDonald   Chance Martelli
                                                            Heath McDonough   Lester Boehm
                 4x400 meter relay   4:12.64     3rd   Alt. Caimen McDonough  Brandon Courtney
                 Audrey Schulze       Lainee Moses
                 Hannah Young         Skylar Hurst          Discus
            Alt. Dana Buhr            Bethany Thibodeaux    Jacob Foster        144-11   4th

                 Discus                                     High Jump
                 Jade Lawless       95-09.50     7th        Heath McDonough       6-02   1st 
                                                            Caimen McDonough      6-00   3rd
                 High Jump
                 Skylar Hurst           4-08     7th        Long Jump
                                                            Gerrit Wilkins    21-05.25   3rd
                 Pole Vault
                 Amber Leach            7-06     6th        Shot Put
                                                            Ross Snowden      43-10.00   4th
                 Triple Jump
                 Skylar Hurst       35-04.75     1st