Game Article, Softball | April 30, 2017

Softball: Hawks Lose, Season Top 4, Senior Quotes, & Box Score

Senior Portrait after last game played. (from l to r) Kat Weber, Cassidy Martin, Haley Lucero, and Carley Dubois (photo by Karen Holmes)

The Bears beat the Hawks, 13-3 and wins their best of 3 series on Saturday afternoon in San Antonio, to advance.

“I am proud of how far they (CL) have come and how hard they worked.” Head Coach John Gallagher said. “They never….ever, quit.”

“I think we were pressing on offense and did not get quality hits,” Coach Gallagher said when responding to the number of players left on base.

Bailey Bryan taking her cut against La Vernia

La Vernia is ranked for a purpose and this Bear team might be younger than Canyon Lake as they fielded just one senior and had a galore of Juniors and Freshman decorating their lineup.

This Bear team certainly was not in hibernation as they jumped out to a quick 10 run lead in the first 3 innings as Canyon Lake was just coming out of their slumber.

CL left the bases loaded in the 2nd inning and then had two Hawks left on 2nd and 3rd base when the third inning came to a close without any damage done.

That same motif continued during the next frame when Canyon Lake would leave the bases full again with no positive results.

Meanwhile, La Vernia was pouring it on while scoring runs with two-outs starting off the contest.

Repeat and rinse in their next inning as LV had a similar result while scoring 2 runs with two outs once again.

And then again in the next inning with the same result, except this time, the Bears scored 5 runs with 2 outs, after having been rung up by Canyon Lake and another onslaught of tallies.

  Brookshire’s is proud of Hawks

This was not a fun game for your home team as that same scenario was on displayed once again in the final inning after scoring all 3 runs with 2 outs. Repeat and Rinse….

Canyon Lake was able to match that final inning of Bear runs when Bailey Bryan opened the bottom of that 5th inning with a single to center field.

Maddy Puente, who had 2 of the Hawk’s 5 hits followed Bryan with a single. Puente finished her freshman year on a 14 game hitting streak and reached base safely in her final 16 games.

Lauren Mentzer would get a free pass to load the bases without any outs being recorded.

CL’s 3 runs were scored by an error, wild pitch, and a fielder’s choice out, as the Hawks would inch closer to extending the game with one more run. The final out was on a wild pitch that did not have Cassidy Martin getting to home base in time before the tag at home plate.

Carley Dubois finished career being top with hits

During Martin’s at bat. she had reached base safely after being hit by a pitch, but after a 10 minute conversation by the umps, the call was reversed when it was ruled that she offered on the pitch and a strike was recorded.

Martin would reach base anyway, but this time it was on a fielder’s choice as Puente was ruled out at the plate after the infield hit was fielded.

Yes, Canyon Lake was late to the party, but that out did stop a Hawk rally that could have extended play as the top of the Hawk batting order was poised for a chance of exacting more damage.

The Hawks did accomplish a good season with their first taste of playing longer than the last game on their schedule.

Canyon Lake, will be chalked full of Seniors and Sophomores next year, with another chance of advancing their skills for a deeper run in the playoffs.

Having those 5 error games will need to be addressed as the Hawk defense continued to struggle throughout the season.

Congratulation CL Hawks!!

Marley Carrizales was able to pass Dubois with the best seasonal batting average after a sparkling .531 finish. Dubois had her record for a one year period and was the first Hawk that finish with a percentage over .500 when she crossed home plate with a .526 average during last year.

“We had some great freshman and Bailey (Bryan),” Coach Gallagher started with what the team will have for next season. “Mentzer, Maggie (Banks), and Puente did a great job in the circle but they (La Vernia) were good.”

Yes, they were good and Good luck to the Bears and maybe we will have a chance to see them next year.


Senior Players Quotes:

The ReSporter: Give us your thoughts on the season and game:

Cassidy Martin: “We didn’t advance but there was no other team I would have wanted to play with. The chemistry made this a joyous time….and with this being my last year just added to my senior year.”

Haley Lucero: “I was really glad they weren’t going to throw me out.” Lucero said as her last at bat had her reaching base before a throw could be made as there were 2 outs on this at bat.”

“It (the year) was good and I am glad…. as I love all the girls on the team….we were close this year, more than any other year.”

Weber’s final game behind the plate. (photo’s by Karen Holmes)

On what is next after graduation? “I will be going to Abilene Christian and will be majoring in Biology and I am studying to become a dentist.”

Kat Weber: “Everybody played their heart out and in the past years we had struggled to make things happen….we did not quit and this team had the most heart this year.”

On where she is off to next? “I will either be going to the University of Dallas or Trinity.”

The ReSporter: Those are two smart schools, are you smart?

Weber: “Yes, I got the smarts!”

Carley Dubois: “This was an exciting 4 years and I enjoyed bonding with all the girls…especially this year…it was sad that we did not get to advance but I wish the best for the girls next year.”

On what one thing she enjoyed for this year? “Having this team make the playoffs again and having a cool send-off for the playoffs at school.”

On how much time you will be off before you go back to work on your game? “I got about a week.”

Always sad to see the seniors play their last game but this group of seniors were a pleasure to watch play and the Hawk Nation wish the best for these ladies.


                 Records that were attained this past 3 months and 4 years:

                      Old Record                      New Record
On Base Percentage   .589  Kirsten Jones     ’16     .605  Marley Carrizales    ’17

Batting Average      .526  Carley Dubois     ’16     .531  Marley Carrizales    ’17

Most Hits Career      135  Alexis Robinson ’12-’16    149  Carley Dubois      ’13-’17

Batting Ave. Career  .376  McKenna Beseda  ’12-’15   .448  Carley Dubois      ’13-’17

Stolen Bases Career    45  Kirsten Jones   ’12-’16    101  Carley Dubois      ’13-’17

Runs Scored           117  Alexis Robinson ’12-’16    124  Carley Dubois      ’13-’17

strike-out %         .079  Brianna Young   ’13-’15   .054  Marley Carrizales  ’17-’20
 per at bat


               1  2  3  4  5   R  H  E
 La Vernia     3  2  5  0  3  13 11  3
 CL Hawks      0  0  0  0  3   3  5  5

                     ab  r  h bi bb so  misc
 Carley Dubois        2  0  1  0  1  0
 Marley Carrizales    2  0  0  0  1  0
 Bailey Bryan         3  1  1  0  0  2
 Maddy Puente         3  0  2  0  0  0 
 Lauren Mentzer       2  1  1  0  1  0
 Adriana Peaslee      0  0  0  0  1  0
 ph Cassidy Martin    2  0  0  0  0  0  fc
 Kat Weber            2  1  0  0  1  0  fc
 Maggie Banks         2  0  0  0  1  0
 Jessie Melendez      2  0  0  0  0  0  roe
 ph Haley Lucero      1  0  0  0  0  0  roe
 totals              21  3  5  0  6  2

 pitching            ip  h  r er bb so   W  L  misc
 Maggie Banks       2.2  9 10  7  3  1   2  1  hb 2, wp
 Maddy Puente       2.1  2  3  0  0  2   0  0  wp

pitches/strikes: Maggie Banks   70/40   57%
                 Maddy Puente   28/21   75%


                                Final Season Top 4

 at bats                     runs                        hits
 Maddy Puente       75       Carley Dubois       36      Marley Carrizales   34
 Bailey Bryan       71       Bailey Bryan        30      Maddy Puente        34
 Marley Carrizales  64       Marley Carrizales   30      Bailey Bryan        29
 Adriana Peaslee    62       Maddy Puente        23      Carley Dubois       28
 Lauren Mentzer     62

 rbi                         2b                          3b
 Maddy Puente       31       Maddy Puente         7      Bailey Bryan         1
 Bailey Bryan       26       Kat Weber            6      Kat Weber            1
 Lauren Mentzer     15       Adriana Peaslee      5      Jessie Melendez      1
 Kat Weber          14       Lauren Mentzer       5
 Adriana Peaslee    14

 home run                    base on ball                stolen base
 Maddy Puente        4       Carley Dubois       15      Carley Dubois       23
 Bailey Bryan        1       Bailey Bryan        14      Marley Carrizales   17
 Lauren Mentzer      1       Kat Weber           13      Bailey Bryan         9
                             Marley Carrizales   12      Maggie Banks         3
                                                         Grace Hinze          3

 batting average             on base percentage          slugging percentage
 Marley Carrizales .531      Marley Carrizales .605      Maddy Puente      .707
 Carley Dubois     .467      Carley Dubois     .584      Marley Carrizales .547
 Maddy Puente      .453      Bailey Bryan      .506      Bailey Bryan      .535
 Bailey Bryan      .408      Maddy Puente      .488      Carley Dubois     .533

 wins                        strikeouts                  earned run average
 Lauren Mentzer      10      Lauren Mentzer     118      Maddy Puente      2.41
 Maddy Puente         5      Maddy Puente        22      Lauren Mentzer    3.37
 Maggie Banks         2      Maggie Banks        19      Maggie Banks      3.62