Track & Field | April 11, 2017

Track & Field Top 10 Career Scorers and 2017 Season Point Totals

Skylar Hurst will have 5 events to add more points in next week’s Area Meet

Skylar Hurst continues her quest for taking first place as she has a clear vision of Bailey Drum and needing 23 more points to realize that goal.

Hurst will be entered in 5 events in next week’s Area Meet at the Hawk Nest and that would be a good time to come out and see this young lady as well as both the Boys and Girls that qualified after completing in the District 28-4A Meet at Fredericksburg last week.

There will be several Hawks that will be in the running for a trip to Kingsville for the Region Meet to be held the end of April.
Caimen McDonough has one of the best 300 meter hurdle times and Heath McDonough will have a chance of making another trip with his High Jump event.

The Girl’s 4×100 relay team will see if they can make it around the track as they too, have whittled down there time and will try to continue their trek.

Carley Dubois, Alysha Perez, Audrey Schulze, and Madison Churbe will attempt to break the 50 second barrier as these speedsters set their sights on Kingsville.

Freshman Alyssa Strickland had a time in the 100 meter hurdles that gives her a chance of going forward as well as Lainee Moses who will see if she can join her classmate to Kingsville in her event, 300 meter hurdles.

Big Country-Pizza says get your Pizza to Go Hawks!!

Churbe, who is mentioned above is another freshman that can up the ante with her 200 meter dash and the relay mentioned above.

Skylar Hurst has an excellent chance of advancing in several of her events as Hurst continues to lower her times and with two Field Events, the Triple Jump and High Jump, has a chance with multiple events in Kingsville.

Gerrit Wilkins has jumped for a chance of continuing his senior season as he took over 1st place for CL in the long jump last week. Wilkins took one of 5 first place trophies held by Jordan Anderson by upping that mark to 21’ 8”.

The ReSporter has the Top 10 Hawk Athletes in Career Scoring as well as a rundown of all the CL Students that scored points this season on the cinders.

Junior Varsity’s season has concluded but the Varsity athletes will have a chance of increasing their numbers below.

Canyon Lake will host the Area Meet between, District 28-4A and District 27-4A schools, on Wednesday, April 19th.

Go Hawks!!

        Lady Hawks                Career Scoring   Hawks

        Bailey Drum          320                   Jordan Anderson       462
        Skylar Hurst         298                   Heath McDonough       254
        Marisa Ellis         284                   Brandon Courtney      234
        Alysha Perez         171                   Lester Boehm          171
        Jessica Cunningham   168                   Doug Hubnik           160
        Mariah Ellis         160                   Eduardo Covarrubias   143
        Kaelin Simmons       124                   Caimen McDonough      141
        Emma Gray            115                   Christian Dittman     128
        Audrey Schulze       108                   Daniel Camarillo      121
        Brookelynn Helmke     91                   Zach Henshaw          116

                            2017 Track Season Points

        Varsity                       Ladies       Junior Varsity
        Skylar Hurst         172                   Elena Vargas          141
        Alysha Perez         107                   Alisia Niestemski     106
        Madison Churbe        85                   Ashlie Shipman         96
        Audrey Schulze        64                   Alyssa Strickland      77
        Lainee Moses          59                   Madison Blackburn      70
        Hannah Young          36                   Madison Churbe         69
        Carley Dubois         29                   Caroline Kullberg      55
        Amber Leach           20                   Jaydian Loftis         49
        Alyssa Strickland     18                   Mia Cruz               48
        Kaitlyn Yuill         18                   Jasmine Coble          45
        Adia Garcia           16                   Caitlin MacDonald      34
        Bethany Thibodeaux     8                   Lainee Moses           34
        Emily McDonald         7                   Georgia Bean           31
        Jade Lawless           5                   Amber Leach            18
        Dana Buhr              3                   Bailey Bartow          10
        Rachel Bennett         2                   Angelina Covarrubias    8
        Cassidy Martin         1                   Daisy Manriquez         8
                                                   Reagan Cowan            6
                                                   Jade Lawless            4
                                                   Josiah Hespen           2
                                                   Randi Green             2


         Varsity                                   Junior Varsity
         Caimen McDonough    129                   Cody Kline           106
         Heath McDonough     108                   Nic Rivera            91
         Lester Boehm        103                   Trenton Lorett        80
         Gerrit Wilkins       55                   Tristan Chacon        69
         Tanner Faris         55                   Seth Titzman          68
         Colton McDonald      41                   Greyson Lee           62
         Joseph Ruiz          40                   Jaren Marmolejo       56
         Chance Martelli      38                   Bradley Hight         54
         Conner Rose          37                   Jacob Ruff            52
         Joseph Crisp         22                   Robert Beam           34
         Landry Moore         19                   Landry Moore          33
         Charlie McIntosh     11                   Paul Martinez         31
         Jacob Foster         11                   Zach Covington        28
         Brandon Courtney      9                   Bryce Vincent         25
         Kenneth Jowers        8                   Josh Almond           21 
         Ross Snowden          6                   Matt Bell             20
         Nic Rivera            5                   Floris Georgi         19
         Brayden Hight         2                   Braden Duke           18
         Bennie Brownlee       2                   Conner Rose           16
         Austin Brennan        1                   Michael Harwell       13
                                                   Colton Eilers          8
                                                   Caden McLaughlin       6
                                                   Jacob Christiansen     4
                                                   Ty Martinez            4