Top Ten Countdown #10: CL Hawks 51 Wimberley 49

                                           Sub-Varsity is Ready to take the reins.  (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake had some landmark wins this past school year and The ReSporter will be having a top ten for games played this past school year.

The ReSporter will showcase a count down from the 10th contest to #1 game.

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This was a year that had some sports make great strides as the Football team was one game away from having a district championship, which had never happened.

A Boys Basketball team that finished with a winning record and was a 3rd seed team when the playoff match-ups were put together.

Soccer was blowing and going with both Boys and Girls teams, while the Volleyball team did what has become a norm for them, with another good season record wise and a chance of improving this next school year.

Freshman were the talk of most of these sports as there were freshman that moved up to varsity in giving a better chance for wins.

Track & Field as a team won several track meets with the ladies having an awesome showing along with this year’s edition for the Softball crew.

So the countdown will have it’s first curtain call today as we break down the 10th game in this series of articles.

               Canyon Lake 51     Wimberley 49

The Girls Basketball team had a rough season as this crew did not have a lot of seniors and you could actually take the ’s’ off that word as this Hawk team finished their year with just one Senior on their roster.

In CL’s history, a game being played in Wimberley’s gym would equate to a loss and this contest would change that trend as this Hawk team won a nail-biter, 51-49.

A see-saw affair between in a rival game, as this was CL’s first win in Wimberley in basketball. Canyon Lake stopped a 10 game losing streak and will now hope to have the pendulum streaking to the other side where this young team can start to dominate to help even this series.

It was the older players that were the back-bone in this Devil’s Backbone contest after scoring 36

Head Coach Zach Burleson

combined points from the players that were juniors and seniors.

Reagan Heun and Alexa Ramos both finished in double figure scoring in helping boost this battle to the win column.

This next year will have several teams seeing how far this group of fresh(wo)men can come of age for helping the Hawks rise and be more competitive across the board.

Canyon Lake had a decent 43% shooting percentage in willing this win over their rival as each school would have a lead as this Hawk club won this game as the Texan’s raced down the court for one more chance to tie or win the game as the clock diminished to the sound of the final horn.

CL had two sub-varsity teams that were dominated by freshman as well as the Varsity that ended the season with 5 first year students contributing.

A fun and exciting win for what will hopefully be more plentiful as Head Coach Zach Burleson starts his 2nd year at the Hawk Nest.

In two days, The ReSporter, will unveil the #9 game of the year as the countdown will continue.

Go Hawks!!


              1  2  3  4 Final
 CL Hawks    15 16 12  8  51
 Wimberley   17 13 11  8  49

                            3pt           tot  rebounds
 name             fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts  or-dr tot a  s  b  to
 Skylar Hurst       1-2     0-0     1-2    3    0-4   4  0  0  0  2
 Mia Riali          3-6     0-1     0-0    6    1-4   5  0  4  0  3
 Chelsea Tschoepe   0-0     0-0     0-0    0    0-0   0  0  0  0  1
 Emily McDonald     0-6     0-1     1-2    1    1-4   5  2  1  0  2
 Char Hutson        0-1     0-0     0-0    0    0-0   0  0  0  0  1
 Alexa Ramos        5-9     0-1     1-2   11    1-1   2  2  5  0  6
 Sarah Russell      3-9     1-3     0-1    7    1-1   2  1  0  0  6
 Reagan Heun        5-10    0-2     7-8   17    0-8   8  2  4  0  5
 Jessie Melendez    3-4     0-0     0-0    6    1-2   3  0  1  0  1
 totals            20-47    1-8    10-15  51    5-24 29  7 15  0 27
 percentage         43%     13%     67%