Track & Field | May 14, 2017

Top-Ten Countdown: 8th Track & Field

Carley Dubois passing the Baton to Alysha Perez at Area Meet.    (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake’s Track & Field Team will be next on the Best Of Countdown. There are some liberties taken in doing a series of articles of this magnitude.

First, there will be those who felt other games should have been on the list and another subject is where on the list those events rank.

Second, it is hard to put track athletes as a team when so many of the components are based on individuals coming together for amassing points.

Third, is a simple idea that you only know what you saw and many of the sports do not have the whole Hawk Nation in tune with games that were not on anyones radar.

All this is to say that this Track & Field article is a combined Boys-Girls and many meets lumped for a season.

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The ReSporter will take some advantages of the fact this count down was conceived by this entity and is so doing will make the 8th Place Slot for the Countdown for both the Boys and Girls Track Team.

For the Lady Hawks, the track history is not as storied as the boys side of the cinders, but during this season, CL had a superb season. The ladies brought home more medals than any other year and by not losing a ton of seniors will be poised for a good showing in coming campaigns.

A 2nd Place finish at the Area Meet was a high water mark as this group of athletes were performing at a high rate with this finish based on 8 schools competing with their best ladies.

Here are the All-Time Best marks and how this year compared with previous teams. You will see the number of Hawks that have a residence in this club for this season.

The ReSporter also wanted the casual fan to see who has the top ranking and the mark that they achieved so future Hawks can aspire in reaching these goals.


                                 Hawks This Year                     Top Hawk

             Event 2017                                          1st Alysha Perez          12.46
             100 meter dash            Four
                                       Madison Churbe     2nd
                                       Carley Dubois      3rd
                                       Jasmine Coble      7th

             200 meter dash            Four                      1st Skylar Hurst          26.41
                                       Madison Churbe     2nd
                                       Alysha Perez       3rd
                                       Hannah Young       7th

             400 meter dash            Three                     1st Skylar Hurst          58.28
                                       Audrey Schulze     2nd
                                       Hannah Young       7th

             800 meter run             One                       1st Hannah Graves       2:27.78
                                       Kaitlyn Yuill      6th

             1600 meter run            One                       1st Kaitlyn Yuill       5:51.57

             3200 meter run            One                       1st Mariah Ellis       12:45.43
                                       Kaitlyn Yuill      2nd

             100 meter hurdles         Four                      1st Jessica Cunningham    15.48
                                       Alyssa Strickland  4th 
                                       Lainee Moses       7th
                                       Alisia Niestemski  8th
                                       Madison Blackburn  9th

             300 meter hurdles         Five                      1st Jessica Cunningham    46.90
                                       Lainee Moses       3rd
                                       Hannah Young       6th
                                       Madison Blackburn  8th
                                       Alyssa Strickland  9th
                                       Alisia Niestemski 10th

             long jump                 Four                      1st Bailey Drum        16-03.75
                                       Madison Churbe     5th
                                       Elena Vargas       7th
                                       Ashlie Shipman     8th
                                       Alisia Niestemski  9th

             triple jump               Four                      1st Marisa Ellis       37-04.50
                                       Skylar Hurst       3rd
                                       Madison Blackburn  7th
                                       Emily McDonald     8th
                                       Alisia Niestemski  9th

             discus                    Six                       1st Kaelin Simmons    111-00.00
                                       Jade Lawless       2nd
                                       Adia Garcia        3rd
                                       Bailey Bartow      6th
                                       Alysha Perez       7th
                                       Daisy Manriquez    8th
                                       Georgia Bean      10th

             shot put                  Five                      1st Kaelin Simmons     34-00.00
                                       Alysha Perez       3rd    1st Ali Dicks          34-00.00
                                       Georgia Bean       4th
                                       Maddy Puente       7th
                                       Bailey Bartow      8th
                                       Madison Harwell   10th

             high jump                 Three                     1st Marisa Ellis        5-06.00  
                                       Madison Churbe     4th        State Champion
                                       Skylar Hurst       5th
                                       Elena Vargas       8th

             pole vault                One                       1st Jessica Cunningham 11-01.00
                                       Amber Leach        2nd

             4x100 relay                                         1st                       50.45
                                                                      Carley Dubois    Alysha Perez
                                                                      Madison Churbe   Audrey Schulze

             4x200 relay          2nd            1:47.49         1st  2016                1:46.66
                                  Carley Dubois  Hannah Young         Carley Dubois    Emma Gray
                                  Alysha Perez   Madison Churbe       Skylar Hurst     Alysha Perez

             4x400 relay          2nd place      4:08.84         1st  2016                4:07.39
                                  Hannah Young   Audrey Schulze       Sophia Thorpe    Bailey Drum
                                  Lainee Moses   Skylar Hurst         Emma Gray        Skylar Hurst

That is an impressive number of Hawks that have made their nest in the all-time top 10 as some of those events had up to 6 of the places that were run or thrown this year.

There are several of those top-ten marks that were accomplished by the Junior Varsity this year and that should give the Hawk Nation a good

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idea of what might be in store for this group.

Having a plethora of athletes that will be back can give Coach Barthels a foundation to get more meet wins. What will be fun to watch is not having to run your best students in all three or two relays. As the depth of good returning Ladies will allow the Coaches to spread those athletes to more events.

An example would be the 200 meter dash that had the top 3 in District wearing the Hawk Green uniform. If CL was able to have all three girls in that dash, then a possible 24 points would give CL a solid point total as well as diminishing the competition chances in scoring double figure points for that race.

If another school had all 3 of their athletes place in that same race, then the most points they would accumulate would be 7 points. Having an opportunity to realize this quest would be the best scenario for Canyon Lake in garnering some important points.

The Hawk Boys had the same type of success as this track team also featured a solid Junior Varsity and should have an opportunity to add some depth too.

That is the key for a track team as Fredericksburg has displayed for so many years. The Hawks have finished 2nd in district a few times and this season had CL placing high in each of their meets.

Here are the Boys and how they rank in the Top-Ten after this year’s competition.


                                          ALL-TIME TOP TEN
             Event                     # of Hawks this Year           All-Time Mark
             100 meter dash            Three                      1st Jordan Anderson          10.81
                                       Joseph Ruiz        3rd
                                       Kenneth Jowers     4th
                                       Conner Rose        6th

             200 meter dash            Three                      1st Jordan Anderson          22.47
                                       Lester Boehm       3rd
                                       Tanner Faris       6th
                                       Greyson Lee       10th

              400 meter dash           Two                        1st Jordan Anderson          48.92
                                       Colton McDonald    3rd
                                       Chance Martelli    6th

              800 meter run            Two                        1st Austin Camacho         2:02.25
                                       Bennie Brownlee    3rd
                                       Matt Bell          5th

              1600 meter run           Three                      1st Mike Russell           4:55.73
                                       Bennie Brownlee    4th
                                       Matt Bell          5th
                                       Jaren Marmolejo    9th

              3200 meter run           Two                        1st Chris Nieland         10:51.63
                                       Jaren Marmolejo    4th
                                       Caden McLaughlin   9th

              110 meter hurdles        Three                      1st Brandon Courtney         15.10
                                       Caimen McDonough   2nd
                                       Gerrit Wilkins     4th
                                       Nic Rivera         5th

              300 meter hurdles        Three                      1st Brandon Courtney         38.79
                                       Caimen McDonough   2nd
                                       Nic Rivera         3rd
                                       Cody Kline         9th

              high jump                Two                        1st Jordan Anderson          6-06
                                       Caimen McDonough   5th         Albert Edington          6-06 
                                       Charlie McIntosh   6th

              long jump                Five                       1st Gerrit Wilkins       21-08.00
                                       Caimen McDonough   5th
                                       Tanner Faris       6th
                                       Heath McDonough    8th
                                       Tristan Chacon     9th

               triple jump             Two                        1st Branson Belcher      42-00.75
                                       Caimen McDonough   3rd
                                       Heath McDonough    5th

               shot put                One                        1st Robert Woods         47-03.50
                                       Ross Snowden       3rd

               discus                  Three                      1st Jacob Foster        144-11.00
                                       Joseph Crisp       5th
                                       Bradley Hight      8th

               pole vault              Three                      1st Christian Dittman       14-06
                                       Robert Beam        5th
                                       Braden Duke        7th
                                       Ty Martinez        8th

               4x100 relay          44.16 Sixth place                 1st 2012 relay          43.73
                                    Joseph Ruiz     Conner Rose           Zach Henshaw      Doug Hubnik
                                    Tanner Faris    Landry Moore          Daniel Camarillo  Eduardo Covarrubias

               4x200 relay          Tanner Faris    Heath McDonough   1st 2017 relay        1:30.70
                                    Conner Rose     Lester Boehm

               4x400 relay          3:28.78 Fourth Place              1st 2016 relay        3:25.75
                                    Lester Boehm    Brandon Courtney      Austin Camacho    Lester Boehm
                                    Chance Martelli Heath McDonough       Heath McDonough   Brandon Courtney

A Track Team requires a lot of individuals to perform at their best as the main group event commences with the Relays.

CL has had a history of winning one or two track meets per season and this year had the Hawks performing at their best in Bandera.

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Medina Valley was the school to give the Hawks a challenge but both the Varsity and Junior Varsity came together for a sweep. There were also two District 28-4A schools in attendance as a given being Bandera and Hondo being in present.

Canyon Lake will have much of the same advantage when next season commences as the Junior Varsity was tops for several meets and adding that depth to the Boys Track team will only enhance their chances of better overall point totals.

The ReSporter would like to have a shout out to Senior Colton McDonald who was instrumental in getting the 4×400 relay team to the Area and Region meets.

Brandon Courtney, who had been injured through the whole season was able to compete for the first time and McDonald was part of that relay team that excelled.

These were not games, but for this Countdown had the Track Teams having good outcomes to make it into the 2017 Top Ten Countdown.

Go Hawks!!