Sport News | August 28, 2017

Canyon Lake Broadcasting will be ‘On The Air’ This Friday night

                                                            Canyon Lake Sports is on the Air!!


The ReSporter: What are some of the things the Hawk Nation can expect for the Sophomore Season with Canyon Lake Broadcasting (CLB) this year?

Cory Martelli: “CLB will be expanding this year for the Hawk season and we join forces with you Don- the Hilltop newspaper. We will have interviews both live and prerecorded with the coaching staff this year as well as faculty and student athletes. We will also have live videos posted on the hill top newspaper. There will also be live interviews with many of the sponsors. Furthermore, we will be interviewing opposing coaches on the road and here at home in the CL crib.”

The ReSporter: Give us an idea of how last year ranked with similar schools on their maiden year roll-out?

Cory Martelli: “CLB in it’s 1st season on the air with KMAC Sports set records in the amounts of people listening to football as we captured 2200 people per weekend on those JV and Varsity broadcasts. These numbers grew into Volleyball and football playoffs and maintained a listening audience through basketball season.”

The ReSporter: What will game day look like and your start times?

Wake up & smell the Coffee Hawks!!

Cory Martelli: “This season we will cover Volleyball as well as football and the pre-games for volleyball will start 30 minutes before serve and football pregame will always start at 6:15. The pregame show will also interview opposing coaches from the other schools and a player or two.”

The ReSporter: We know we can expect Football coverage but what needs to happen for the other sports so they can also get more coverage from the broadcasts?

Cory Martelli: “As you know broadcasting takes a lot of time, talent and money. We need all three to bring you coverage the student athletes deserve. Right now, we are going to be bringing in some more equipment and talent to get volley ball started. Once Football and Volleyball are over with then it’s basketball season. So, for you Hawk fans out there step up to the plate and come on board as a sponsor! As you know CLB runs off local small business sponsors and talent.”

The ReSporter: How long have you been an announcer and what is your history for this type of endeavor?

Cory Martelli:  “Before I had the privilege to become the Voice of the Hawks, I had been broadcasting sporting events for 24 years. It started in college then into the Airforce where I did all kinds of sports- mostly little league games as well as Airforce Base announcements, and its local base games in Sembach, Germany where I was stationed. I did cover USAFE Football playoff and regular season games when I was not playing for the Sembach Tigers for 3 seasons. I also covered Sembach baseball team as well. In the football off season I put on the Tiger Mascot outfit and r I announced the same boxing event “FITE NITE” for 25 years in San Marcos as a fundraising event. I also did some work in Friendswood (my home town) and covered many social events for many different organizations over the years.”

               CLB is Hawk Proud

The ReSporter: What are your thoughts for this upcoming year of sports as far as Canyon Lake Sports is concerned?

Cory Martelli: “The first thing I would say is that Canyon Lake parents need to wake up and realize that CLHS and MVMS are on the rise and that we are competitors at the regional and state levels in may sports. Our students are academically on top in the districts we compete in and our teachers and coaches are the reason. The Hawks student athlete is just that- a student first and foremost, I believe that we need to remember this from the start. Secondly, CLHS is going to knock some schools on their heads this year in sports. These young women and men have got the giddy up, grit and perseverance of a Pony Express Rider, I know many of these student athletes, many since they were five years old and they have been waiting their entire lives for this are to begin. The Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are packed with talent and it will show this year at CLHS. This year CLHS will be the ones to look out for in almost every sport, these kids are not only the top competitors, but the ones schools dread playing, records will be set!”

The ReSporter: As you think for upcoming years, what would be your vision for the future of CBL in making this a go-to for our community?

Cory Martelli: “CLB is locally operated with the community. I would like to have the students involved in making this a place where people can get the inside scoop from the local people right here in Canyon Lake. I do see a district wide CISD network in the developmental stages from the district which I believe needs to form as we take on two new high schools in the next three years. However at the organic granular level, the best coverage for the students, staff and parents comes from our crews at CLB and I hope we can continue on as a team and provide the best coverage for the Hawks.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Cory and The ReSporter will look forward to bringing you so many stats that you might have to increase the broadcast time longer by 10 or 15 more minutes….