Coaches Corner, Volleyball | August 6, 2017

Coaches Corner with Volleyball’s Kim Paisley

The ReSporter: What are your thoughts as this new campaign begins on Monday?

        Head Coach Kim Paisley

Coach Paisley: “We are excited to get out there and compete! It is always great to start your season off with some highly competitive opponents. It will be a great way to assess where we are as a team mentally and physically and build from there as the season begins.”

The ReSporter: Are there any similarities with any previous teams or years?

Coach Paisley: “I can say the last three seasons, we have had that competitive drive and thirst to be the best! Our program builds with each year and we have to keep raising the bar. Each team that ends the season, has set a tone for the next year’s team to follow! It has been awesome to see and be a part of!”

The ReSporter: We heard you will have 4 Sophomores on your Varsity, how will you work these girls into the Varsity atmosphere as district will loom in a couple of months?

Gordon the Plumber says Way to Go Hawks!!

Coach Paisley: “Our sophomore group is an exceptionally talented group with so much opportunity. I saw a chance to take a strong core of this class and start preparing them for the higher level. They will get their opportunities in preseason, along with newcomers, and returners, and get the experience to be ready for district and postseason play!”

The ReSporter: Give your assessment on the Sub-Varsity teams and how this year stacks up with your previous year’s at Hawkville.

Coach Paisley: “Sub-Varsity is stacked this year! We definitely have the numbers at both levels, JV and Freshman! I see some great opportunities for some of our JV players to step up and be leaders! They have will be very competitive and fighting for the district title!”

Our freshman team has some good athletes and leaders! They are doing a great job pulling together and we are excited for our freshman to compete this season and defend a district title!”

The ReSporter: How many athletes will be vying for the QB Setter position?

Coach Paisley: “We have 2 varsity athletes competing for the second setter position!”

Young Life says Lets Go Hawks

The ReSporter: Give us your thoughts on your Front Line?

Coach Paisley: “We have many options offensively! We have some strong hitters fighting playing time and we will see who comes out on top!”

The ReSporter: We know you would like to win all 3 of your tournaments, but give us your thoughts of how you feel this team might perform in those three tourneys?

Coach Paisley: “Tournament Hardware is always an expectation, but this year we are trying to get the hardware Tournament Champions! We are always looking to compete and get the most experience from our tournaments! This is our way, we ensure that we are better prepared rolling into district!”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and good luck this season.