Volleyball | August 5, 2017

Hawk Volleyball Alumni Win and Lose Game


A lot of excitement with Former Players showing off in front of this year’s Hawks (picture by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake’s Volleyball Alumni won their game on Thursday night as this game had the Alumni players making kills, digs, and sets all over the court.

It could be said that this year’s addition of Hawk Volleyball did not even show up as the Hawk Alumni was all business throughout this 2 game match.

Another note to take from this contest was having the Hawk Alumni teams in competition against each other as the official tally would have a win and a loss for these former players. 

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Coach Kim Paisley mentioned in her last Coaches Corner, on how many Seniors the last two years had sent across the graduation stage and that was seen by the huge crowd in attendance and enough Alumni to field two very good teams on this night.

Fun time of the year and a great look back to year’s gone by for a Hawk team that has compiled the best record wins and percentage wise since the school started 10 years ago.

Sam York, Daniella Bustamante, Zoe Edwards and Regan Mickey were all back from last year’s team. 

There were several other former players in attendance helping make this night a memorable one for those ladies to have a game on their old stomping grounds.

Kacee Vrana, Hannah Wunderlich, Bailey Drum, Alexis Robinson, Amber Ramsey, Haylee Melone, Mariah Ellis, Landry Hollums, Addison Farley, Dez Riccio, Marisa Ellis, Cassidy Riccio and Katie Williams were all out on the court. 

With some other former players that attended but not on court on this night.

Kaylie Duke, Reanne Wagliardo and Alyssa Drum also paid tribute to past teams that have made Volleyball a flag bearer for Hawks Sports with their appearance in the Hawk Nest.

The ReSporter did catch up with a couple of Hawks that will be starting their Senior Season with Hanna White and Alysha Perez ready to contribute for another successful CL Hawk campaign.

Hanna White and Alysha Perez are ready to start the season.

“I think we look good and we want to win district,” White said in tandem with Perez. “We also want to get past the 2nd round of the playoffs.”

Perez contributed quickly when she stated, “I am excited for the season and we definitely need more banners.”

CL has been right at the lip of the cup these past 2 years as the Hawks continue to have strong years as they just missed a chance to repeat as district champions when Fredericksburg ran the table last year.

“I think our pre-season is better than our district but we will still need to have the right attitude when that part of the season starts,” Perez commented.

Canyon Lake was on the road much of last season and that will give the Hawks plenty of chances to show-off as those same teams will now make their trek to the hill country for their return game.

This Monday, Canyon Lake, will start their season with two teams that will give the Hawks a good taste of where they stand early. 

Liberty Hill and Schertz Clemens will be at The Nest and both teams come into this season on a high note.

LH Panthers finished in the Final Four (36-15) last year and Schertz was not too shabby as they finished their year with a, 34-9 ledger.

                  Says Go Hawks

Add home games with Lockhart, Blanco, Navarro, Wimberley, Poth and Marion with some decent road games with a trip to La Vernia right before the start of district play.

Canyon Lake will be off and running with 3 tournaments starting in Wimberley at the Tex-Fest kick-off, then on to Sinton and San Marcos to round out those best out of 3 affairs.

“There is a different type of pressure when district games start,” Perez assessed. 

“We have really bonded as a team and have a good chemistry,” White said like she had been in school already. “We can hang in their with the big schools and the Sinton tournament will be another good bonding experience.

Canyon Lake had their two scrimmages in the books now and the curtain will be raised this Monday for a chance of seeing just what will be in store for this new year.

The ReSporter had a chance to catch up with Bailey Drum who had a Red-Shirt year at Angelo State University last season.

ASU Volleyball Player Bailey Drum

“I am ready to play,” Drum started. “We will be starting this month on the 14th.”

Drum had a year of learning and working on her game as she will look to help replace an All-American Senior for the 34-4 Ram squad.

“I am going to take everything I learned and use it,” Drum beat. “I worked on how to hit as their are different techniques and passing….I worked on breaking my habits.”

You could certainly see a confident player in the Alumni game as Drum did not have many misses on this night.

On what she learned from the Rams All-American, “She was a great player and teammate and I learned what to do and the mental part of the game.”

Canyon Lake has graduated some great ladies and now the season begins with goals that will have Banner Manufacturers busy when November comes calling.

Go Hawks!!