Game Article, Volleyball | August 23, 2017

Volleyball: CL Hawks Go the Distance in Win over Poth

Paige Bower readies for take-off with Eden Farley and Raegan Cowan prepare for next move. (picture by Karen Holmes)

CL Hawks went the distance in a win over the Poth Pirates on Tuesday night at the Hawk Nest.

After a 4-2 record in last week’s Sinton Tourney, Canyon Lake (11-5) found themselves in a battle with Poth as these Pirates did not want to walk the plank after prolonging the battle with a 5 game set.

“We got it done,” Head Coach Kim Paisley said exhaustively. “This game gave us an opportunity to fight and do some things that we needed as we stayed focused and were in good condition as this could have gone either way.”

Gordon the Plumber says Way to Go Hawks!!

The Hawks came out swinging with a 25-19 first game win, as CL worked their lead up to 8 points when Hanna White was serving with an 18-10 advantage.

Poth did not go away and worked back to a one point deficit, for a 20-19 Hawk lead.

Amber Voigt then took the ball for a 4 point rally for the first game win, 25-19. Anna Bettersworth and Faith Hasness both had kills during the White serve that sealed the deal.

Voigt had her best game this season as she finished with 26 digs in this marathon.

“We work as a team and as one when we are communicating,” Voigt started. “We are working on different line-ups and are still trying to find our way and staying in sync.”

The second game was nip and tuck for the first part of this bout with a tied game, 6-6 before a Pirate serve started and buried Canyon Lake as Poth went on a 8 point rally which would have the Hawks getting no closer than a 4 point deficit, 14-18 the rest of the way.

The Pirates would extend the lead to an 8 point win and a tied match, after the 17-25 loss.

                Hawks Fly High !!

For that 3rd game, Canyon Lake would take control to start the contest when they rushed out for a 9-3 lead.

Poth would catch CL and then took a 2 point lead, 11-13 and another step on the plank for the Hawks had Poth enjoying a 16-19 advantage.

The Hawks had all 6 players scoring a point or more to close out this game as Elena Vargas took center stage with two kills that sandwiched a Mariah Haight ace for another close win, 25-21.

Vargas had 5 kills in the match with 3 of those points coming at crucial situations.

If those Vargas kills had not happened then the Hawks would have been down 2-1 adding to the pressure and more angst.

“I had my focus,” Vargas stated when asked what she was thinking during that stretch that ended the 3rd game. “I was trying to find the holes so we could finish the game.”

Young Life says Lets to Go Hawks

Finish was the key word in that sentence, “We could have got down but this was one that we got and with our focus being on task….then game over.”

Pirates would not go away and were all over the Hawk’s ship in the 4th game as both teams did not have more than a 5 point lead which was a Hawk advantage near the end of this affair, 21-16.

Canyon Lake scored on all but 1 service during this close game but Poth scored in bunches as this game was tied 6 times with both teams playing with a, won’t give an inch, attitude.

Poth would send this match to a best out of 5 after winning, 25-27.

There was no surprise in the cards in the final game, with both teams taking a quick lead in the first to 15 game in this best of 5 set.

The game was tied at 10, 11, 12, and 13 point plateaus.

Eden Farley would have a huge block down the line breaking the first deadlock, then Riley Mickey with a kill was next up on the hitting in the clutch for this thriller game.

All Hawks were on deck as Bettersworth, Perez, and Bower were all present for a kill to break the ties as Canyon Lake would outlast the Pirates for a long awaited win, 15-13.

Canyon Lake will now be in San Marcos this Thursday for the Rattler Tournament before returning home on Friday for a battle with Blanco.

Go Hawks!!


CL beats Poth: 25-19, 17-25, 25-21, 25-27, and 15-13

 Hawk Leaders:
 Kills:   Alysha Perez       11
          Anna Bettersworth   9
          Paige Bower         8
          Faith Hasness       8
          Elena Vargas        4

Assists:  Faith Hasness      25

Digs:     Amber Voigt        26

Aces:     Faith Hasness       3

Blocks:   Paige Bower         2
          Anna Bettersworth   2