Coaches Corner, Football | September 5, 2017

Coaches Corner with Charlie Drum

       Head Coach Charlie Drum

The ReSporter: You always here that the best improvement for a team comes between the first and second week of games. What will you be working on this week to see if the team is getting better?

Coach Drum: “Team speed and athleticism stuck out for me. Using some offensive players on defense has definitely helped in those two areas.”

The ReSporter: What part of the Defense showed the most improvement from last year and why?

Coach Drum: “We need to take care of the ball again and reduce mental errors and penalties, young teams always struggle in those aspects of the game.”

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The ReSporter: Austin Reagan has a young and inexperienced squad, what are your hopes in keeping the Raiders from improving too much between week 1 and 2 so you leave the field with a win?

Coach Drum: “The younger kids always take time to start rolling. Although, both teams won last week, there are many things we can improve on. We just need to improve each and every week.”

The ReSporter: Give me your thoughts on the JV and Freshman teams after their first week and give the fans something that they can look for in the coming weeks.

Coach Drum: “Luckily, we had two Thursday night games last year and won both. Having so many returners back will certainly help with the unorthodox practice schedule.”

The ReSporter: A week with the game being on Thursday is many times will cause concerns because of having your regular schedule skewed. What do you do to prepare the team when it becomes a short week?

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Coach Drum: “It does give the kids an extra day of rest and also a chance for our coaching staff to hit the road and scout future opponents. It just so happens our next two opponents are playing in Wimberley on Friday night. (Giddings vs. Wimberley)

The ReSporter: What Grades would you give the following and why?

Special Teams? “B, Although we didn’t have any impact plays, we didn’t give up any. Solid effort.”

Offense? “B+, No turnovers, 400+ total yards, very efficient performance.”

Defense? “B+ , No points allowed, forced 3 turnovers, great effort by our DL, LBs, and Secondary.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach, tough grader but we understand you have a lot more papers to grade.