Football, Game Article | September 22, 2017

Mountain Valley 8A and 8B Sweep Wimberley

MV Hawks 8B Avenge Last Year’s Loss to Texan’s, 24-8

Justin Hickman and Hawks Avenge last year’s loss to Wimberley. 24-8

Mountain Valley 8B squad were all over the Texans as the Hawks finished with a run-a-way, 24-8 win.

Ezekiel Martinez would be the final straw that put the game away after taking the ball through the line and then down the sideline for a 54 yard touchdown run.

Martinez accumulated 62 yards in that second half in the route.

Mountain Valley’s defense had a good effort after holding Wimberley scoreless in that first half allowing a 16 point lead that would prove to be all that was needed in this victory.

The Hawk’s Justin Hickman was one player that had some good penetration that disrupted Wimberley’s offense for much of the game.

“We played well overall,” Defensive End Hickman started. “I was just trying to keep the outside under control.”

MV lost just one game last year and that team was Wimberley, so this contest had a little more riding on the outcome than just being a rival for the Hawks.

“Yeah, that is what we had been talking about….we wanted to avenge last year’s game,” Hickman said. “We wanted to be the Avengers and that is the main reason we did well.”

The Texan’s scored on their first possession in the second half when they drove 43 yards on just 4 plays.

Two of those plays covered more than 17 yards as running back Mark Western go the Texan’s on the board with 4 minutes still remaining in the 3rd quarter.

It did not take Mountain Valley long to respond as their next possession was also profitable with a 65 yard drive when Ezekiel took the rock on the 4th play of the drive for the deflating touchdown for Wimberley.

A Texan fumble on their next time with the ball allowing Mountain Valley to take precious time off the clock as the Hawks would cause another Texan fumble and eventual win as the Avengers took the game and will continue their season with an unblemished record.

Stats for 2nd Half 
             1  2  3  4  Final
Texan’s 8B   0  0  8  0   8
MVMS    8B   8  8  8  0  24

Scoring Summary:
TEX-Mark Western 17 yard run (Western run), 3:43, 3rd
MV8-Ezekiel Martinez 54 yard run (Bade Holland run), 1:52, 3rd

2nd Half Team Stats    Texans    Hawks
Total Yardage           110      108
First Downs             5        3
Rushes/Yards            11/80    16/108
Comp/Att/Int            2/3/0    0/0/0
Passing Yardage         30       0
Punts/Average           0/0      0/0
Fumbles/Lost            2/2      0/0
Penalties-Yards         1-10     2-15

Rushing            Att  Yds  Ave   Lg   TD
Ezekiel Martinez   3    62   20.7  54   1
Blayne Carnes      2    32   16.0  24   0
Bade Holland       2    10    5.0   6   0
Sam Zinn           3    10    3.3   5   0
Chandler Nelms     4     5    1.2   3   0
Kaiden Scheppler   1     2    2.0   2   0
Daren McClain      1    -3     —    —   —


A Hawk Block Party in Wimberley Win,     14-13

Hawks taking in Win against Texans

Mountain Valley’s 8A team blocked kick preserved a, 14-13 win over Wimberley on Thursday night at the Hawk Nest.

MV started the game scoring the first they had the ball after traveling 50 yards on a  Jeremy Greene 21 yard dash to the goal line capped off the drive.

There was not much going on after that drive as both teams would buckle down with some solid defensive play.

Mountain Valley’s defense was pretty impressive during most of this contest.


                    Wimberley’s Drives:
      Start                 # of Plays     Yardage        Result
      Texan’s 45 yd line        4           44            Punt
      Texan’s 41 yd line        4           40            Punt
      Texan’s 40 yd line        4           13            Int by Rylie Terry
      Texan’s 40 yd line        4           30            Int by Jeremy Greene
      Texan’s 48 yd line        3           69            Turnover on Downs

Pretty impressive part of the game, but after Wimberley’s last time with the ball there would be a fireworks show.

With the ball deep on their side of the field, the Texan’s, would unleash Moses Wray for an impressive catch and run for 89 yards to put this game in favor of Wimberley after the pat was good, 6-7.

Once again, the Hawks would respond with a nifty 95 yard drive on just 6 plays as running back James Bates would pick up the majority of yards on a 59 yard run down the sideline.

“I was told to bounce to the outside,” Bates said in recalling his 59 yard tote. “I just kept on running but I was gassed when I reached the 50 yard line….but I have to give the offensive line all the credit because I could not have done it without them.”

Needing only 17 yards, Mountain Valley, would take 3 more plays to reclaim the lead on a Bates one yard run and a Rylie Terry 2pt conversion, 14-7 Hawks. That 2 point conversion would be the game winner as it would turn out.

There would still be 3:25 left on the clock when Wimberley would start a drive for a tie or win at their 49 yard line.

Mountain Valley looked like they might hold when penalties had the Texans’ with a 3rd down and goal from the 21 yard line.

Wimbeley’s Braylon Grant would run for 14 yards to set up a 4th down from the 7 yard line and less than a minute on the game clock.

Enter Wray for a bulldozing run for a score and chance to tie this game.

The Hawk’s would be ready as a host of players in Green would escort Greene for a block and win over Wimberley, 14-13.

“I usually don’t play at linebacker,” Greene stated. “So I just ran and their was a big dude in front of me.”

On Greene’s first touchdown run, “That was all because of the lineman….Possum (Duain Alexander) and the rest of the line were definitely on their game today.”

That was evident as that Wimberley extra point did not have a chance with a host of Hawks ready to keep that ball from clearing the goal posts.

A Mountain Valley Sweep of Wimberley would be a nice night of work

Way to Go MV Hawks!!


                  1  2  3  4   Final
Wimberley 8A      0  0  0 13   13   
MVMS      8A      6  0  0  8   14
Scoring Summary:
MV8-Jeremy Greene 21 yard run (run failed), 2:13, 1st
WH8-Moses Wray 89 yard pass from Josh Prado (Bruner kick), 6:54, 4th
MV8-James Bates 1 yard run (Rylie Terry run), 3:25, 4th
WH8-Moses Wray 7 yard run (kick blocked), 0:41, 4th

Team Stats          Texans       Hawks
Total Yardage       154          224
First Downs          5           11
Rushes/Yards        19/43        38/224
Comp/Att/Int        3/9/2        0/2/0
Passing Yards       111          0
Punts/Average       1/26.0       1/12.0
Fumbles/Lost        1/0          2/0
Penalties-Yards     4-35         3-20

Rushing        Att Yds  Ave   Lg   TD
James Bates    7   82  11.7   59   1
Jeremy Greene  7   58   8.3   21   1
Ethan Maxson   9   31   3.4    8   0
Rylie Terry    2   24  12.0   14   0
Aaron Hoffman  9   24   2.7    8   0
Braden Maxson  2    7   3.5    4   0
Tanner Davis   1   -2   —      —  -