Coaches Corner, Volleyball | October 26, 2017

Coaches Corner with Vollyeball’s Kim Paisley

The ReSporter: With the Regular Season ending in Bandera, give us your opinion on where this team is as the next rung on the ladder enters with playoffs?

        Head Coach Kim Paisley

Coach Paisley: “We are prepared for a fight! We know nothing is handed to us and we must give it our best every point! We have been battling it out in practices and pushing our game to the next level. This is what we have been working towards. Everyone on our team is a contributor and we all have a job to do!”

The ReSporter: You will be facing a foe for the third time when you match-up with Wimberley, is there any truth to the 3rd game being the toughest when one team has a 2-0 lead going into that third match?

Coach Paisley: “We have no doubt that Wimberley will be fired up and ready to play us the first round Bi-District match. We respect our opponents and knowing we have a 2-0 lead over them for this season, we will not take this match lightly and we will be prepared! The girls are fired up and ready to head into the postseason play!”

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The ReSporter: Tell us about your rotation as the Texan team approaches?

Coach Paisley: “I feel we have a solid starting rotation with key players that are constantly in play. We also have others ready to come off the bench and are willing to give it their best for their team! We are ready defensively and know that defense as well as passing are key to running an effective offense. We plan on utilizing all of our strengths at the net offensively by moving the ball around with quick attacks and serving tough to keep Wimberley out of system.”

The ReSporter: In seeing and talking with you since your first year, the word, ‘Consistency’ has been that one term you always harp on. How is that part of this team’s persona doing during this important stage of the season?

Coach Paisley: “Consistency is key! We need to be consistent from match to match and set to set. When we are consistent in play, we are on fire and tough to stop. We have been consistent with the 4 set matches this season, and I feel confident that we will finish because we are well conditioned and mentally tough and prepared to take on these types of game situations!”

               Way to go Hawks!

The ReSporter: Comment on your Seniors and your expectations for them when the first ball is served.

Coach Paisley: “Majority of our Seniors have experience with the playoffs and know what it takes to compete. They have learned a great deal of leadership throughout the season, and I have no doubt they will push our team through every point, set, and match!”

The ReSporter: You have a young team and with so many Sophomores playing, have they progressed to a point that will give you no qualms in putting them in during crucial times in the upcoming games?

Coach Paisley: “Our sophomores have been challenged and raised their level of play throughout the season. They are tough and great contributors by making their teammates better in practice, and in matches.”

The ReSporter: Give the fans the when, where, and how much you would like for a full house next week.

Coach Paisley:

  Go Hawks!

Bi-District Match vs. the Wimberley Texans
Date: Tuesday, October 31st
Location: Canyon HS
Time: 7pm

“Please come out and cheer on our Hawk Volleyball to another Gold Ball for the Bi-District Championship!!!”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and Good Luck!!