Football, Game Article | October 22, 2017

MVMS 8B Team Had Breakfast after Boerne Win, 30-0

Bade Holland and Sam Zinn take in the next game after taking Boerne to the woodshed

Mountain Valley’s 8th Grade B squad took the Greyhounds to a Horse Track as there was no way this Boerne team would leave the field with any kudos in a, 30-0 conquest.

“Our ‘B’ team played their best game of the season,” Coach Brandon Pawelek said. “With scoring 4 touchdowns and shutting out Boerne, we were able to rotate in a lot of our kids on the offense and we still moved the ball and controlled the clock.”

Yes, several players had a chance to run with the ball as 12 different Hawks gained yardage against the Greyhounds.

MV would allow just 18 total yards for Boerne while racking up 236 yards in a quick fashion.

With 8 minute quarters, getting over 200 yards is not an easy quest for most schools. Mountain Valley had Boerne with 18 yards at halftime and the visitors left the field with the same amount of yards as this game would have MVMS churning out the same energy as when the first ball was snapped.

     Way to Go Mountain Valley!

On what would be the winning drive in that first quarter, the Hawks had 8 plays to cover 40 yards while draining the first quarter leaving 2 minutes on the clock.

Chandler Nelms scored from 6 yards out and the Hawks would be flying high for the remainder of this contest.

Boerne would carve out one of their 2 total first downs on their next drive, but this advancement would end quickly with MV starting their next drive on the 18 yard line.

How bout 15 plays leaving less than a minute before half, as Ezekiel Martinez busted the line with a 24 yard run for the, 16-0 score at half.

Mountain Valley would control the whole 3rd quarter and then with two scores, Boerne would have their first chance with the ball with 5 minutes left in the game.

Raymond Starkey scored on the first and 2nd drive upping the Hawk lead, 30 points and no looking back.

That Hawk defense backed the Greypups back 20 yards on the final 3 plays in the game as there would be no smiling dogs after this whipping.

Ezekiel Martinez was a beast on the defensive side of the line as this young man new the type of gum , Boerne’s QB was chewing as he would be chasing down any Greyhound in the backfield.

Plenty of players had good games as Sam Zinn was quoted on how this team would go into their next contest, “We will use the same mind-set and score often.”

Running Back Bade Holland, who ran for a tough 23 yards, commented on how the running game was so successful, “They were hard to run inside, but the outside was easy.”

Over easy would be a better term as this Hawk squad was sopping up the yoke as this game came to a close in an easy fashion.

Way to Go Hawks!!


                        1  2  3  4  Final
 Boerne Middle School   0  0  0  0  00
 Mountain Valley 8th B  8  8  6  8  30
 Scoring Summary:
 MVMS-Chandler Nelms 6 yard run (Nelms run), 1:40, 1st
 MVMS-Ezekiel Martinez 24 yard run (Nelms run), 0:50, 2nd
 MVMS-Raymond Starkey 1 yard run (run failed), 0:27, 3rd
 MVMS-Raymond Starkey 10 yard run (Scheppler run), 5:11, 4th

 Team Stats          Hounds      Hawks
 Total Yards         18          236
 First Downs         2           14
 Rush/Yardage        15/22       43/211
 Comp/Att/Int        1/3/0       2/2/0
 Passing Yards       -4          25
 Punts/Average       1/27.0      0/0
 Fumbles/Lost        0/0         2/0
 Penalties-Yards     0-0         2-20

 Passing             Comp  Att    Pct   Yards  Int  TD
 Kaiden Scheppler    2     2    1.000   25     0    0

 Rushing             Att  Yds  Ave   Lg   TD
 Chandler Nelms       9   63   7.0   15   1
 Ezekiel Martinez    10   48   4.8   24   1
 Bade Holland         6   23   4.0    8   0
 Chance Dunbar        3   19   6.3    7   0
 Raymond Starkey      3   16   5.3   10   2
 Kaiden Scheppler     2   11   5.5    8   0
 Memphis DeJohn       3   10   3.3    8   0
 Mason Pfantz         1    9   9.0    9   0
 Gabriel Martinez     4    8   2.0    6   0
 Daren McClain        1    4   4.0    4   0
 Blayne Carnes        1    0   0.0    0   0

 Receiving           No   Yds  Ave   Lg   TD
 Justin Hickman       1   20  20.0   20   0
 Mason Pfantz         1    5   5.0    5   0