Boys Basketball | November 2, 2017

CL Hawks Boy’s Basketball Looms Start with Alumni Game this Saturday


     Zach Talliaferro looks to start fast when the Hawks start Basketball this week.

Boys What CL Lost & What they have Coming Back
Basketball:    Points Lost:  1,310     Coming Back points: 278
Key Losses: Rory Preiss, Heath McDonough, Gerrit Wilkins, Ryner Martin, Tyler Williams, Jacob Ramirez
Key Returners: Joseph Boyd, Jarred Rollins, Parker Mott

How the JV Team performed: Had a successful season will have several players that will have a chance of absorbing a lot of minutes lost with the talented Senior Class.

Who to look for:

Young Life says Lets to Go Hawks

Parker Mott: Consistency will be needed as Coaches will see how Mott will fill that roll and be helping with having a small returning group of players. With some meaningful minutes on the court last year, Mott will lead a good crew of Junior Varsity players and having a chance of playing a key roll in solidifying the newcomers.

Jarred Rollins: Started last season on the JV team but ended the string of games suiting up for the Hawk Varsity. A big body that can move up and down the court will allow Coach Chapman to use in several ways for any given game. High energy player that has been waiting a long time for this chance of putting his foot print on the team. Rebounds and hopefully averaging in the 8-12 points a game would be an excellent add on for this season.

Joseph Boyd will be an add-on after the season starts as he is still healing from an injury. If Boyd can get back soon then he will certainly help in getting this team going sooner rather than later.

Caimen McDonough: Last heard that McDonough might not be suiting up this season. So, The ReSporter will hold off on what might or can happen with his tall frame which is something a Coach can’t teach, height.

Zach Taliaferro: Could be the player to help fill Gerrit Wilkins shoes. Good floor presence with a good idea of where players are on court for assists. A much taller guard that will have ability in having better sight lines to Hawk scorers.

Sam Schimank: Great outside shot which will remind Hawk fans of Ryner Martin. A player that can

        Flying High Go Hawks!

get hot and if that happens, then Coach Chapman will not be substituting and will let the points add up.

Tae Gray: Another guard that can get up and down the court and will also be able to finish. Adding a good mid-range jumper would make this player a hard player to put on the bench.

Michael Harwell; Undersized post player but makes up for it with a ton of energy when on the court. Hustle will be his greatest asset in points around the basket and getting rebounds.

Hank Jordan: Started the year on Varsity but when the football reinforcements started after their season ended had Jordan being moved back to Junior Varsity. Another strong post player that will have a chance picking up rebounds and points around the basket.

This Junior Varsity team finished the season with some solid wins for a team that was a team more than one or two players carrying the load.

You Get’em this time. Go Hawks!!

This will give the Hawks a chance of reaching the same stratosphere as this year’s team finished, but it may not happen as quickly after losing such a strong contingent of players that contributed to a remarkable amount of points.

Seeing how Coach Chapman will construct this year’s team will have some good times at the Hawk Nest as they prepare for an Alumni game this Saturday and a season that is looming in the near future.

Canyon Lake should be in a good position to continue their playoff streak after everything is said and done.

Go Hawks!!