Stats, Volleyball | November 16, 2017

CL Hawks Volleyball: All-District & Stats for Season and All-Time Top 10

(from left to right) Elena Vargas, Raegan Cowan, Riley Mickey, Caroline Kullberg, Eden Farley, Anna Bettersworth, Cassidy Felps, Paige Bower, (bottom row), Alysha Perez, Hanna White, Faith Hasness, Amber Voigt, Lainee Moses, Mariah Haight, Savanna Cox                                                                                                   (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake’s Volleyball team announced the All-District teams as there were 3 Hawks that had First Team accolades.

The Hit Man says Congrats Volleyball

Canyon Lake enjoyed their season placing 2nd in District 28-4A for the second year in a row. The Volleyball Program has the best overall record than any Hawk Sport as Canyon Lake finished this campaign with 205 victories with a .575 winning percentage.

In the past 4 years, Canyon Lake has a 33-7 district record while in those four years, the Hawks have won over half of their 205 victories with 113 battles won.

Those four cycles has CL with a respectable, 113-46 record, winning at a .711 clip.

This is a sport that starts a month before school gets going, so these ladies sacrifice and give their all as the weather goes from the high 90 degree weather to finishing with long sleeve apparel. (if we are lucky)

Congrats to Head Coach Kim Paisley and the ladies below that are mentioned.


        First Team                                    Second Team
        Faith Hasness     Setter      Senior          Paige Bower    M Blocker         Junior 
        Anna Bettersworth M Blocker   Senior          Paige Bower    M Blocker         Junior
        Amber Voigt       Libero      Senior          Mickey Riley   Outside Hitter    Junior

                                        Honorable Mention
                          Mariah Haight   Defensive Specialist   Sophomore
                          Hanna White     Defensive Specialist   Senior


            Canyon Lake’s Academic All-District with a 90 or better for the 1st 9 Weeks.

                      Anna Bettersworth             Paige Bower
                      Raegan Cowan                  Savanna Cox
                      Cassidy Felps                 Faith Hasness
                      Riley Mickey                  Lainee Moses
                      Alysha Perez                  Elena Vargas
                      Amber Voigt                   Hanna White


                                     Season’s Final Stats

                      Digs                          Aces
                      Amber Voigt         284       Faith Hasness        51
                      Faith Hasness       253       Hanna White          38
                      Hanna White         142       Amber Voigt          28
                      Mariah Haight       132       Anna Bettersworth    27
                      Alysha Perez        122       Alysha Perez         19
                      Riley Mickey         84       Eden Farley          16
                      Eden Farley          82       Cassidy Felps        10
                      Lainee Moses         66       Mariah Haight        10
                      Savanna Cox          60       Lainee Moses          7
                      Cassidy Felps        54       Savanna Cox           5
                      Anna Bettersworth    48       Paige Bower           4
                      Elena Vargas         37       Elena Vargas          4
                      Paige Bower          24       Raegan Cowan          3
                      Raegan Cowen         22       Riley Mickey          3
                      Caroline Kullberg    21

                      Kills                         Sets
                      Anna Bettersworth   252       Faith Hasness       505
                      Alysha Perez        167       Cassidy Felps       136
                      Paige Bower         139       Raegan Cowan         70
                      Faith Hasness       132       Amber Voigt          46
                      Riley Mickey        122       Mariah Haight        10
                      Elena Vargas         46       Alysha Perez          4
                      Eden Farley          35       Eden Farley           4
                      Raegan Cowen          7       Anna Bettersworth     3
                      Cassidy Felps         2       Riley Mickey          3
                      Hanna White           2       Savanna Cox           3
                      Amber Voigt           1       Elena Vargas          2
                      Mariah Haight         1       Hanna White           2
                      Savanna Cox           1       Caroline Kullberg     1

                     Anna Bettersworth     78
                     Paige Bower           33
                     Caroline Kullberg      9
                     Alysha Perez           8
                     Faith Hasness          8
                     Elena Vargas           5
                     Riley Mickey           5
                     Eden Farley            2


                               Top 10 All-Time Volleyball Stats

                     Kills                           Aces
                     Bailey Drum         1199        Faith Hasness      131
                     Addison Farley       808        Hannah Wunderlich  110
                     Amber Ramsey         629        Regam Mickey       107
                     Faith Hasness        492        Hanna White         91
                     Anna Bettersworth    470        Hayley Melone       90
                     Alysha Perez         285        Mariah Ellis        83
                     Paige Bower          262        Sam York            64
                     Mariah Ellis         259        Anna Bettersworth   59
                     Tara Clark           223        Ashley Biering      44
                     Alyssa Drum          222        Lillie Sander       39

                     Assists                         Digs
                     Regan Mickey        3153        Hayley Melone     1205
                     Faith Hasness       1252        Faith Hasness     1000
                     Miki Roberts         780        Sam York           861
                     Mariah Ellis         389        Bailey Drum        837
                     Hannah Wunderlich    291        Regan Mickey       647
                     Cassidy Felps        265        Mariah Ellis       610
                     Sam York             261        Amber Voigt        458
                     Mariah Ellis         114        Addison Farley     357
                                                     Hanna White        334
                                                     Hannah Wunderlich  237        

                     Anna Bettersworth    197
                     Paige Bower          114
                     Bailey Drum           82
                     Alexis Robinson       77
                     Regan Mickey          68
                     Emma Gray             67
                     Lillie Sander         57
                     Amber Ramsey          57
                     Tira Clark            50
                     Faith Hasness         30