Game Article, Girls Basketball | November 22, 2017

CL Lady Basketball Take a Charge in Win over Boerne Champion, 41-38

Senior Alexa Ramos was instrumental in Hawk win.     (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake Lady Basketball had their best win of the year after a hold onto your chair win, 41-38.

The Champion Chargers have a 5-4 record now and this group of ladies have been in every game they have played and that will give a good barometer on where CL will need to capitalize as this season matures.

                 Go Hawks!!

CL Hawks will need 4 more wins in a row to beat the Hawk’s 2012 team is still the flag bearer for best start in the first 10 years of existence.

Canyon Lake used 5 players that scored with Reagan Heun leading the charge with a quiet 20 points.

There were great strides with all the Hawks that saw action as each did their job well…..

This Hawk team is built with defense as CL jumped out to a 5 point first quarter advantage as this season Champion had come into this battle averaging 54 points per game and were held 16 points under that average.

In CL’s first 12 games their opponents have been held to a 6 point average first quarter output. With a 12 point offensive average in that first 8 minutes has helped start each contest with an average 6 point lead.

For this game, Canyon Lake, used 7 steals in that first quarter which helped set a tone for what would turn out being a hard fought win.

CL took their first lead with 4:40 left in that first stanza and would keep the lead through most of the game, until the 2:57 mark of the last quarter.

         Way to go Lady Hawks!

This was a battle that the Hawks, with their largest lead reaching 6 points in the 3rd quarter after Caroline Kullberg sank 2 free throws for a 32-26 advantage and 2:35 left on the clock.

Another key moment was a 3 pointer by Alexa Ramos as the buzzer was sounding the end of the first half. That shot increased the Hawk lead, 25-21. That field goal was Ramos’ first 3pointer this year and came at an opportune time.

Boerne Champion was making another move as the 3rd quarter was coming to an end when Skylar Hurst had a strong post move at the basket that extended the lead to 3 points and then a Heun two pointer on a lay-up down the middle of the lane as time ran out and a, 36-31 Hawk lead.

Canyon Lake would start the last quarter by attempting to draining the clock, but that strategy helped the Chargers to charge and with 4 turnovers on successive possessions allowed BC to take their 2nd lead with 2:57 left to play, 38-37

          Go Hawks!!

The Hawks would not have a field goal in their last 8 minutes and scored all of their points from the charity stripe.

A Hawk Defense would rise again as the quickness and tenacity would take the Chargers out of their comfort zone as the visitors would not score a point after taking their lead and Canyon Lake would finish with their 10th win from the free throw line.

A big win for the Hawks and they will now take off for the Thanksgiving week and be back in action on Tuesday, November 28th when Eagle Pass Winn enters the Hawk Nest.

** See YouTube Interview with Reagan Heun below box score.


                    1  2  3  4  Final
 Boerne Champion    8 13 10  7  38
 CL Hawks          13 12 11  5  41

                             3pt           tot  rebounds
 name             fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta  pts  or-dr tot  a  s  b  to
 Skylar Hurst       2-3     0-0     0-0     4    4-3   7   1  2  0  1
 Lainee Moses       0-1     0-0     0-0     0    0-0   0   0  0  0  0
 Marley Carrizales  0-0     0-0     0-0     0    0-1   1   3  2  0  2
 Char Hutson        1-2     2-2     0-0     8    0-1   1   2  1  0  4
 Alexa Ramos        1-2     1-4     2-7     7    1-3   4   1  2  0  5
 Caroline Kullberg  0-2     0-0     2-2     2    4-1   5   0  0  0  1
 Reagan Heun        5-12    1-6     7-10   20    1-6   7   1  1  0  2
 Jessie Melendez    0-0     0-0     0-2     0    0-0   0   0  1  0  1
 totals             9-22    4-12   11-21   41   10-15 25   8  9  0 16
 percentages        41%     33%     52%

Reagan Heun scored 20 points in win over Boerne Champion.

Mima's says good game Freshman Hawks!!

      Way to beat the Chargers!!