Boys Basketball, Cross Country | November 1, 2017

Coaches Corner with Boys Basketball’s Lucas Chapman

Coach Chapman planning strategy in Hawk Victory

The ReSporter: How many new guys are around that were not here last year that will help fill out your roster?

Coach Chapman: “This one’s easy…zero. Well at least at the varsity level. We do have three sophomore move-ins that will help the JV out tremendously though.”

The ReSporter: With the type of team you are looking at, how will that dictate your offense and defense for this year?

Coach Chapman: “We are going to be even bigger than we were last year, and we will use that to our advantage.”
“Everything we have worked on has revolved around protecting the paint on defense and attacking the paint with the dribble or pass on offense. We will try to be simple yet physical and tough on both sides of the floor.”

   Italian Garden Says Go Hawks!

The ReSporter: Are you wanting a up tempo game or will you be hoping your defense will allow you to speed up the game based on how well they can force turnovers?

Coach Chapman: “As of right now we want to play a ball-control, pound the ball inside style of play. On defense we will pressure some, but are more concerned about protecting the paint than forcing turnovers. A lot will be determined by what group we have on the floor and who we are playing, but our default mode is methodical and physical.”

The ReSporter: You have a remnant that had Varsity experience from last season. What or how long do you expect this group to be playing at a varsity level?

Coach Chapman: “I think we will adjust really early. We are inexperienced, but have a lot of guys who have played a bunch in the off-season and will be ready. Physically we are certainly ready. The biggest adjustment will be the speed of the game and the extra emotions and nerves. I think we will adjust to that quickly though.”

  Go Hawks!

The ReSporter: How many Basketball players are on the football team?

Coach Chapman: “Three varsity players that I am 100% sure of. There may be one or two more though. We will also have 10-12 guys.”

The ReSporter: What can you tell us about the Freshman group and how they might perform this upcoming season.

Coach Chapman: “We have a lot of freshmen right now and more coming from football, so the amount of numbers and interest is really good. The freshmen are coming along. We have a solid core that has some skill and athleticism. I think they have a chance to be pretty good if we can just consistently compete and play with emotion and energy.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and hope this year is as successful as last year’s team and Go Hawks!!