Football, Player Profile, YouTube | November 11, 2017

Interviews With Varsity Hawks after Win over Taylor, 28-14

Senior Richard Rosas might be lighter on his feet after receiving a close shave after game in Taylor.

Go Hawks District Champions!!

Trenton Lorett punted and returned punts and did both well in victory against the Ducks!!

Don Chente says Way to District Champions Hawks!


Running Back Jacob Ruff made it rough on the Ducks to swim up stream in Hawk’s District Championship run.

Way to go District Champs Hawks!

Parker Reno had a good defensive game as the Hawks held the Ducks to 0 points in that first half of play.

Freedom Mail Center is all in for the District Champs!!

Micah St. John helped wear down the Ducks up the middle as the Hawks finished with 405 rushing yards.

North Shore Pharmacy says Way to Go Hawks!!

Defensive Coordinator Brian Hooper talks defense after the victory over a powerful offensive team in Taylor.

    Way to go District Champs!!

Offensive Lineman Jacob Foster takes care of business and talks bout game and last four seasons at The Lake!!

Italian Garden Says Congratulations Hawks!!