Football, Game Article, YouTube | November 3, 2017

MV Hawks Dominate La Vernia Cubs with 4 District Championship Teams


                   This picture was as close as the LV Cubs could get to the dominating MV Hawks.

A Record Breaking year for Mountain Valley Middle School Football teams as the 7th and 8th Grade teams won 3 out of 4 games against La Vernia for their final district contests this year.

All four teams won their District title with a combined 26 wins, 2 losses and 4 ties giving an idea of just how dominant this group of young men were on the gridiron this season.

Combining the scores and stats from Thursday night’s games will give another way of understanding how the Hawks took care of business.

   4 games 7th A/B & 8th A/B   1   2   3   4   Final
   La Vernia Bears            12   0  14   6    32
   Mountain Valley Hawks      39  42  29   8   118

                       LV Bears     MV Hawks
 Total Yards           400          963
 First Downs           18           50
 Rush/Yardage          59/332       114/963
 Comp/Att/Int          12/24/3      0/1/0
 Passing Yards         68           0
 Punts/Average         6/24.2       0/0
 Fumbles/Lost          4/3          2/1
 Penalties-Yards       5-35         6-40

Mountain Valley’s next punt would have been their first, as there would not be any reason for letting the Bears come out of hibernation on this night.

For the season, the 7th A squad had just 34 points scored on them and the 7th B team surrendered 54 total points for the year.

Mountain Valley 7th B team started their contest with a 47 yard run from Zach Robuck for a quick 8 point lead. These Cubs did have an answer when a bruising runner would get to the sideline for a 70 yard answer. MV still held the lead after Landon McLaughlin scored on the 2-point conversion, 8-0 Hawks.

MV would drain the rest of the first half with two drives that took up the rest of the clock. La Vernia had just 5 offensive plays in that span.

The Cubs would serve notice to start the 2nd Half, with a 41 yard pass and run, which would have a LVMS first lead and what would be the final lead for any other game to be played this evening.

A Hawk fumble would have La Vernia with a chance to score again and a 12 point lead, 20-8.

Mountain Valley would not be finished when Ethan Shantell had an interception stopping the Cubs from getting a clinching score.

The Hawks then would unleash Zach Robuck in taking the rock for an 80 yard run and with a Chevy Standifer 2-point conversion Mountain Valley would be back in business trailing, 20-16. Robuck finished the game with 195 yards rushing.

A final chance for a victory dance was thwarted when a blitzing Cub defensive lineman stopped QB AJ Acosta from getting his 4th down pass off.

This game would be hindered by a running clock for the good guys, but last time The ReSporter checked, the Cubs had the same rules applying to them to even the game out.

Mountain Valley’s 7th B team did win District however as the LV team had two losses in district play for this season.


                1   2   3   4   Final
 La Vernia 7B   6   0  14   0   20
 MVMS 7B        8   0   8   0   16
 Scoring Summary:
 MV-Zach Robuck 47 yard run (Landon McLaughlin run), 6:00, 1st
 LV- 70 yard run (run failed), 4:50, 1st
 LV- 41 yard pass (pass good), 4:20, 3rd
 LV- 4 yard run (pass failed), 1:15, 3rd
 MV-Zach Robuck 80 yard run (Chevy Sandifer run), 0:00, 3rd

 Team Stats:       Bears    Hawks
 Total Yards       233      208
 First Downs       7        9
 Rush/Yards        11/207   33/208
 Comp/Att/Int      5/6/1    0/0/0
 Passing yards     26       0
 Punts/Average     0/0      0/0
 Fumbles/Lost      1/1      2/1
 Penalties-Yards   1-5      1-5

 Rushing              Att  Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Zach Robuck          14   195  13.9   80   2
 Chevy Sandifer        6    14   2.3    7   0
 Landon McLaughlin     4     7   1.8    5   0
 AJ Acosta             5    -3    —     4   0
 Zach Delinger         4    -5    —     4   0



MVMS 7A squad was the first team to finish their season without a defeat and their 38 point win over La Vernia was a dominant affair, 38-0.

The first drive had the Cubs in a punt formation but a muffed snap had a loose ball that Helijah Johnson would be scooping up like some Blue Bell Ice Cream on his romp to the end zone from 23 yards out. There was not going to be anyone close enough to see if that ice cream was vanilla or not.

Two more punts on the La Vernia’s next two possessions was business as usual, then the 4th Cub possession had their punt blocked.

Suffice to say the carnage had started early and the faucet was left on, in helping wash the remains off the field. Mountain Valley would have a two play drive when Alex Mejia went 32 yards for a score then a one play drive after the blocked punt by Shayne Moss, on a 17 yard romp to the end zone.

By now the Hawk lead was 22-0 and there would be nothing the Cubs could do to slow down the Hawks.

MV would force a fumble next and a Ethan Schedlbauer 43 yard opening play would have River Hand finishing off the half from 2 yards out and a 30 point lead.

With a running clock, Mountain Valley would almost drain the 3rd quarter when Peyton McCormick scored from 8 yards out for the final score.

LV did have their best drive to start the final quarter but the 21 yard drive was over quickly with a 6 yard loss and no time left for the Cubs as this team would be going into hibernation for the remainder of their year.

Mountain Valley held the Cubs to 28 total yards while MV accumulated 212 yards of real estate for this win.

An undefeated season and another District Championship where the Coaches will be busy ordering the fabric for all the banners to be hung on their wall.


                 1   2   3   4   Final
 La Vernia 7A    0   0   0   0   00
 MVMS 7A        16  14   8   0   38
 Scoring Summary:
 MV-Helijah Johnson 23 yard fumble return (Shayne Moss run), 4:50, 1st
 MV-Alex Mejia 32 yard run (Shayne Moss run), 1:45, 1st
 MV-Shayne Moss 17 yard run (pass failed), 5:22, 2nd
 MV-River Hand 3 yard run (Moss pass from Hunter Anderson), 0:34, 2nd
 MV-Peyton McCormick 8 yard run (Alex Mejia run), 2:20, 3rd

 Team Stats          Bears     Hawks
 Total Yards         28        212
 First Downs         4         11
 Rush/Yards          19/14     20/212
 Comp/Att/Int        2/7/0     0/0/0
 Passing Yards       14        0
 Punts/Average       2/17.0    0/0
 Fumbles/Lost        3/2       0/0
 Penalties-Yards     1-5       1-5

 Rushing             Att  Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Ethan Schedlbauer   9    95   10.6   43   0
 Alex Mejia          2    38   19.0   32   1
 Shayne Moss         3    29    9.7   17   1
 Tyler Balderas      3    31   10.3   18   0
 Peyton McCormick    2    17    8.5    9   1
 River Hand          1     3    3.0    3   1



Mountain Valley’s 8th Grade was just as brutal against La Vernia as the Hawk’s B team would lead the whole game after a 69 yard drive and score from 6 yards out by Chandler Nelms. Nelms started the drive with a 64 yard run and would add up 73 yards on this drive that was more yards based on penalties during this possession leaving MV more yardage to make up.

MV would not get too high in the saddle after La Vernia responded on a one-play drive when #22 ran 55 yards fluidly through the Hawks defense, but a missed pass still had the Hawks leading, 8-6.

The Hawks would drain all of the 2nd quarter with a 14 play drive covering 65 yards giving MV a 16-6 halftime lead.

Mason Pfantz finished off this time consuming drive with a 10 yard run for that 10 point lead.

The game would be over quickly, when the Hawks had first dibs to start the 2nd Half. A 56 yard drive that was finished off when Ezekiel Martinez found space in the middle of the field for his 27 yard run would be just how the Coaches and Fans had this game scripted.

La Vernia would score again but running out the clock has become a bench mark for Mountain Valley as the Cubs just could not get any traction in getting a final score for their side.

Another Hawk team and another District Championship, as this slew of games would still have one last game to end on what would be a Championship night.


                1  2  3  4  Final
 La Vernia 8B   6  0  0  6  12
 MVMS 8B        8  8  0  8  24
 Scoring Summary:
 MV-Chandler Nelms 6 yard run (Gabriel Martinez run), 0:30, 1st
 LV- #22 55 yard run (pass failed), 0:07, 1st
 MV-Mason Pfantz 10 yard run (Chandler Nelms run), 0:00, 2nd
 MV-Ezekiel Martinez 27 yard run (Chandler Nelms run), 3:40, 3rd
 LV- #8 9 yard run (pass failed), 6:19, 4th

 Team Stats        Bears     Hawks
 Total Yards       118       229
 First Downs       6         12
 Rush/Yards        14/91     30/229
 Comp/Att/Int      3/4/0     0/1/0
 Passing Yards     27        0
 Punts/Average     0/0       0/0
 Fumbles/Lost      0/0       0/0
 Penalties         1-15      3/25

 Rushing           Att  Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Chandler Nelms    10   104  10.4   64   1
 Mason Pfantz       8    60   7.5   11   1
 Ezekiel Martinez   5    36   7.2   27   1
 Gabriel Martinez   3    15   5.0    8   0
 Sam Zinn           2     7   3.5    7   0
 Kaden Sheire       1     4   4.0    4   0
 Bade Holland       1     3   3.0    3   0



For the Mountain Valley 8th Grade class this night would be their last time playing for MV and this time next year having some bigger fish to fry.

The Hawks, 8A Team, would not blink an eye as this would be another convincing victory. This would be a 40 point whitewash over La Vernia.

How bout allowing just one first down and garnering just 21 yards of offense that would have the LV Cubs grasping for air as the Hill Country altitude left them breathless, 40-0.

Mountain Valley was stopped on two drives on this night and both came as a the clock sounded to end the half and game.

Every time MV had the ball a score would be the result.
1st Drive: 8 plays 68 yards Aaron Hoffman with an 8 yard run.
2nd Drive: 5 plays 65 yards James Bates with a 1 yard run.
3rd Drive: 1 play 24 yards Rylie Terry 19 yard run.
4th Drive: 2 plays 18 yards Half-time Clock sounded.
5th Drive: 8 plays 64 yards Carter Eilers 3 yard run.
6th Drive: 3 plays 55 yards Ethan Maxson 21 yard run.

There would be a touchdown for the Hawks in the 2nd quarter, as the defense would respond, on a Rylie Terry 31 yard interception return for a pick-six score.

La Vernia had more yardage accumulated with their punts than they could muster by running or passing for this evening.

The Cubs got to the Hawk’s 43 yard line as their deepest penetration and that drive was stopped on downs in the 3rd quarter.

Dominating wins for a group of players that will next be seen as Freshman with a chance of continuing their winning ways.

Congrats and Go Hawks!!


                 1   2   3   4   Final
 La Vernia 8A    0   0   0   0   00
 MVMS 8A         7  20  13   0   40
 Scoring Summary:
 MV-Aaron Hoffman 9 yard run (Dalton Stanley kick), 3:00, 1st
 MV-James Bates 1 yard run (Bates pass from Dalton Stanley), 7:15, 2nd
 MV-Rylie Terry 19 yard run (kick failed), 6:21, 2nd
 MV-Rylie Terry 31 yard interception return (kick failed), 4:25, 2nd
 MV-Carter Eilers 3 yard run (kick failed), 3:12, 3rd
 MV-Ethan Maxson 31 yard run (Dalton Stanley kick), 0:00, 3rd

  Team Stats             Bears     Hawks
  Total Yards            21        314
  First Downs            1         18
  Rush/Yards             15/20     31/314
  Comp/Att/Int           2/7/2     0/0/0
  Passing Yards          1         0
  Punts/Average          4/25.3    0/0
  Fumbles/Lost           0/0       0/0
  Penalties-Yards        2-10      1-5

  Rushing             Att  Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
  Ethan Maxson         7   96   13.7   31   1
  Jeremy Greene        4   64   16.0   29   0
  James Bates          6   53    8.8   17   1
  Rylie Terry          4   36    9.0   19   1
  Aaron Hoffman        4   31    7.8   11   1
  Tanner Davis         3   20    6.7   13   0
  Dominick Vaillant    1    6    6.0    6   0
  Dalton Stanley       1    4    4.0    4   0
  Carter Eilers        1    3    3.0    3   1


Chandler Nelms finished with 104 yards for the District Champs 7th B Team.

        Go Mountain Valley Hawks!!


Ezekiel Martinez scored and played a solid defensive game in win over La Vernia

North Shore Pharmacy says Go Mountain Valley Hawks!!

Ethan Schledlbauer was 5 yards away from hitting the century mark in MV Hawks Win over La Vernia.

Y4 Custom Homes says way to go Mountain Valley Hawks!

Defensive Lineman Wayatt Bates had a huge tackle on a La Vernia running back that kept game close.

     Go Mountain Valley Hawks!!

Rylie Terry had two touchdowns in a row, one by rushing and the second with a pick-six in run-a-way win over La Vernia!

            Way to go MV Hawks!

Helijah Johnson was a man among boys after securing the trenches in win over the LV Cubs.

Way to Go Defense & Go MVMS!!