Football, Pre/Game | November 7, 2017

Pre/Game: Canyon Lake @ Taylor

Hawk Defense will need some turnovers in game with Ducks this Friday.                        (photo by Karen Holmes)

          Pre/Game:        Canyon Lake    @     Taylor       Friday 7:30pm
                           Hawks (7-2)          Ducks (6-3)

                           Taylor leads this series 3-0.

                           Game History:
                           2014  Hawks  31  Ducks  33
                           2015  Hawks  28  Ducks  31
                           2016  Hawks  44  Ducks  50

                           Season Results
                  Hawks  38  Blanco    00      Ducks  28  Robinson   27
                  Hawks  48  Reagan    06      Ducks  14  Rockdale   21
                  Hawks  23  Giddings  28      Ducks  14  Yoakum     46
                  Hawks  13  Wimberley 20      Ducks  24  Caldwell   20
                  Hawks  35  Lampasas  21      Ducks  34  La Grange  14
                  Hawks  56  Akins     28      Ducks  13  Bellville  26
                  Hawks  56  Eastside  00      Ducks  55  Eastside   00
                  Hawks  31  Boerne    21      Ducks  42  Boerne     21
                  Hawks  53  Billies   35      Ducks  35  Billies    12


Sonora Insurance is all in for the Hawks!

Canyon Lake will be facing a foe that has voodoo Hawk dolls that have had many needles punched into them over the past 3 years.

The Hawks are averaging 34 points per game against Taylor but have still not been able to leave the field of battle with a smile on their face. All three of those contests had CL leading in the game just to see those advantages leaving on the Taylor Bus going home.

This game is one if not the main reason for this year’s mantra of, ‘Finish’. Back three years ago, Canyon Lake was facing a foe that had not registered a win and after blowing a 17-6 second quarter lead the Ducks would use that win to make the playoffs.

Two years ago, the Hawks, went into their halftime talk with a 28-9 lead and came out for the 2nd Half and lost five fumbles. Canyon Lake could not score in the second stanza and lost by 3 points.

Last year, the Ducks, were down 16 points to CL and rallied with 22 unanswered points in the 3rd quarter that helped win the game and District Championship, 50-44.

Now, the same scenario as last season, except the contest is being played in Duck country.

Taylor has been on a roll since district games have started and some of those same players will be back with a chance of putting another district banner on their wall.

                        Go Hawks!!

QB Ryan Gardner will be taking snaps and has completed less than 50% of his passes but when there is a completion the Ducks will make you pay. Andre Jones had a good game last year and this season leads the team with 619 receiving yards with 10 touchdowns.

Jones will be the main weapon, but the Ducks don’t fly alone and those passing lanes will be flanked by Brock Wells (324 yards) and Travis Gardner (200 yards).

In Taylor’s backfield, Delane Hornsby is knocking on the 1000 yard plateau with 934 going into the battle.
An average tote of 8 yards will give you an idea of how well this player has performed thus far. Hornsby can hurt you by the pass too, as will going into this game with 158 receiving yards.

Add those two offensive variables and you have a player that is 36% of your yardage. How this young man goes, will let you know how well the Hawks are playing defense.

Mima's says good game Freshman Hawks!!Good News? Canyon Lake has not lost a fumble since the 3rd quarter of the Giddings game, about 2 months ago.

Taylor’s receivers will also double as their defensive backs and they can keep you grounded if you try to go by air much in a game.

So, that too is a good news story, as the Hawks will pass about as often as seeing a lake in West Texas.

CL’s defense has been playing better this year and that will certainly be a key for having a smiling team at the end of this contest that is wearing Hawk Green.

Three losses by a combined 11 points will let you know that Canyon Lake will need to play a good defensive game that is helped by that ground offensive machine the Hawks run to drain the clock.

Two Schools to compare are Boerne and Fredericksburg as Taylor used their defense to force turnovers and run away with two wins.

Hold onto the ball and play good defense and the dentists will be cleaning teeth next week to show off Canyon Lake’s smiles!!!

Go Hawks!!