Coaches Corner, Girls Basketball | December 13, 2017

Coaches Corner With the Girl’s Team Zach Burleson

Head Girl’s Basketball Coach Zach Burleson

The ReSporter: Give us your overall feel bout this year’s team at this time of the season.

Coach Burleson: “I feel like we are better than we were last year.  But we still have to get better.”

The ReSporter: What are your thoughts on being ranked in the TABC and TGCA Polls.

Coach Burleson:  “It shows that others are taking notice of us and that we are a team to be taken seriously.  There will be no sneaking up on anybody this year.”

The ReSporter: How do you see the district and region schools and how your team stacks up with those teams?

Coach Burleson: “I don’t think there is much difference in this district 1-5.  Every game will depend on if we bring our ‘A’ game.  Could win any game and could lose any game and most everybody in our district is in the same boat. It’ll be a dogfight.”

The ReSporter: Which part of your defense is at it’s best?  Before the opponent gets in their half court offense or during that time of play?

Coach Burleson: “When we are playing good, our rebounding % is over 70%.  That is vital for us.  We really want to contest shots and grab boards.”

The ReSporter: What challenges do you have when you have a team that is half sophomores and half seniors?

Coach Burleson: “We are still trying to gel more.  We have a seasoned group and a group that is gaining valuable experience.  Sometimes we aren’t on the same page, sometimes we are.”

The ReSporter: How do you feel your level of play will improve as you get closer to your district starting?

Coach Burleson: “We are going to continue to try and get better, knowing that our district is still tough and we have to be on our ‘A’ game to win.”

The ReSporter: You have gone 20 games now, as you approach district play. What are you wanting to see from this crew before that part of the season comes calling?

Coach Burleson: “We must continue to be more intense on loose balls and rebounds.  We have to improve in that area.”

The ReSporter: If you had one wish, which game would you like to play again and why?

Coach Burleson: “St. Michaels, cause we didn’t play that game.  We were just in the gym.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach we hope to see you and the team this Friday in the Hawk Nest when Austin Travis comes to town this Friday.