Girls Basketball | December 19, 2017

Measuring Stick Game for Lady Hawk’s Basketball

Caroline Kullberg and Chelsea Tschoepe are two Sophomores that continue to improve for the Hawks!


Canyon Lake Girl’s Basketball will be checking their measuring stick this week as their last game before Christmas will be against a Navarro team, who will be an opponent that can score more than 5 points per quarter and has shown they are no slouch.

  Way to go Hawks & beat Navarro

This Hawk team has a surprising record (18-3) going into this contest which has raised some eyebrows and has the attention of some pollsters. Hence, CL has two rankings, being as high as 17th in one poll and the Hawks moved up to 20th in a poll conducted by Basketball Coaches.

Canyon Lake had a winning record this time last season (12-10)  and were victors in games against Navarro and La Vernia. Both of those schools are ranked this season and those two wins last year might give an indication that this Hawks team might be the real deal.

Last year’s team did not have as much experience as Coach Burleson had several Freshman players sitting on the Varsity bench as well as getting significant playing time. The Hawks would not end the season well as CL was winless through  district play.  Those games might have been losses but now those hard knocks have turned into a team that is knocking out several opponents this year.

                      Go Hawks!!

You can learn a lot after suffering through set-backs and that seems to be the case this season.

This year’s team has four Seniors with two of those players that have moved up the Record Charts as they continue their final season in a Hawk uniform.

Reagan Heun and Alexa Ramos are in the top 5 of all but two of those Record Categories as this season continues to have these two players moving up to the top.


             Steals                  TOP FIVE     Assists
             Alexa Ramos        268               Alexa Ramos         128
             Amber Ramsey       201               Tiffany Arredondo   125
             Mia Riali          148               Reagan Heun         108
             Katie Williams     139               Ashley Pfaff         89
             Regan Heun         133               Megan Browning       83

             Points                               Field Goal
             Reagan Heun       1091               Reagan Heun         323
             Katie Williams     755               Katie Williams      315
             Alexa Ramos        634               Alexa Ramos         228
             Tiffany Tschoepe   515               Amber Ramsey        190
             Ashley Pfaff       493               Tiffany Tschoepe    188

             Made Free Throws                     Rebounds
             Reagan Heun        331               Tiffany Tschoepe    579
             Alexa Ramos        157               Katie Williams      559
             Ashley Pfaff       152               Amber Ramsey        558
             Tiffany Tschoepe   139               Reagan Heun         437
             Megan Browning     133               Kyndall Drum        377

Ramos and Heun have a firm hold on the categories above and you can see how this year’s team is being led.

Freedom Mail Center says Way to go Hawks!

There are two more Seniors that have upped their game with Char Hutson and Skylar Hurst.  These players have added an extra bit of knowledge along with improving their skills that has helped in getting this Hawk team to a place where they will be able to pass some team records.

Hutson has helped this season by shooting at a high percentage from beyond the arc as well as shooting from the free throw line. You can add some good defense to that resume and you have a player that Coach Burleson can use under any type of game situation.

Skylar Hurst brings something you can’t coach and that is height. Hurst will give the team 2 to 6 points a game and if she can keep that up with her defense then that would bring some different looks as Caroline Kullberg and Jessie Melendez can give the Hawks three ‘bigs’ in the lane for help and rebounds.

Now you can see how Canyon Lake has improved on their record this season as this is one of the largest senior classes CL has had in a while and with that leadership having 5 sophomores in the lineup at different times then those minutes and games keep adding up.

That formula will allow your Hawks to make some noise when district starts as this team will not go winless this time around during district games like last season.

  Go Hawks!

Canyon Lake will have a measuring stick out for Tuesday night’s game and seeing how this group plays against a tougher opponent will help the coaching staff to strategize for later during this campaign.

One constant the Hawks will bring to any game and that should be their defense. Offensive teams can go on droughts for minutes/quarters/and games but a defense can always be a mainstay and that can be the measuring stick for this upstart team.

Go Hawks and Beat Navarro!!