Game Article, Girls Basketball | January 20, 2018

CL Hawks JV 1 Wake in Time for 15 point Win Over Bandera JV, 35-20

Madison Harwell contributing to a JV Hawk win over Bandera, 35-20 (mjrphotog.com)


Canyon Lake JV 1 took a business nap in win over Bandera JV, 35-20 on Friday night.

      Way to Go JV Lady Hawks!!

The Hawks jumped out with a lot of energy after scoring 15 points to start their game and eventual 8 point lead heading into those two middle quarters.

After a Bandera JV score to tie the game, 2-2, Canyon Lake JV scored the next 10 points as Sophia Barber scored 6 points in a one minute span to help with the jump start and a field goal from Alisia Niestemski and Madison Harwell finished off the scoring and a lead that would not be threatened for the remainder of this contest.

CLJV started their slumber in those two middle quarters, as they could only muster, 2 field goals during the next 16 minutes of play. Four of those points came from Barber and Niestemski had the other score.

The good news was having a Bulldog that wanted to sleep too and those Hawk 6 points was still enough for a 5 point lead going into that final stanza.

              Coffee to Go Hawks!!

Coach Helmey must have asked the front desk for a wake-up call and CLJV would finish with a 14 point last quarter, which outscored Bandera, 10 points and the victory. Barber scored 8 of her 18 points in that final period, while Emily Boylan scored from beyond the arc to start the wake-up for the team.

“We had been on a losing streak,” Harwell helped with an explanation on those two middle periods. “We came out excited about being back home but in the middle of the game we got tired.”

On what Coach Megan Helmey said going into the last quarter, “She said, ‘Guys, we are not up by much and you have got to figure this out.’ “

Figure it out the Hawks did as they had an extra jump in their get-a-long and the offense looked alive and well for a repeat of that first quarter and a 15 point win to break that losing spell.

Freedom Mail Center says Way to Go Hawks!

Emily Geist was cold with her shooting but the rest of her game was spot on as she missed a double-double by one steal. Geist has 12 rebounds and 9 steal to go along with a team high 4 assists.

Every Hawk scored, except for Madison Churbe, but this speedster got a block and handled the ball with care as the game was in hand for a win which just might put this team on track for a better second round of District 28-4A play.

CLJV will have a week to get their legs back and hopefully a complete game of scoring when they welcome Boerne JV to town next Friday!!

Go Hawks!!


                 1  2  3  4  Final
 Bandera JV      7  7  2  4  20
 CL Hawks JV 1  15  4  2 14  35

                     2pt    3pt           tot rebounds
                  fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts  or-dr tot  a  s  b  to
 Alisia Niestemski  2-2     0-0     0-0    4    0-1   1   0  0  0  1
 Sophia Barber      5-12    2-2     2-8   18    4-1   5   2  3  0  8
 Emily Geist        1-9     0-1     1-4    3    2-10 12   4  9  0  5
 Josiah Hespen      0-4     1-2     0-2    3    0-1   1   0  1  0  2
 Madison Churbe     0-0     0-0     0-0    0    0-1   1   2  0  1  2
 Emily Boylan       0-4     1-4     0-0    3    1-6   7   1  3  1  3
 Madison Harwell    2-7     0-0     0-0    4    1-1   2   2  3  1  4
 totals            10-38    4-9     3-14  35    8-21 29  11 19  3 25
 percentages        26%     44%     21%