Coaches Corner, Girls Basketball | January 4, 2018

Coaches Corner with Girls Basketball’s Zach Burleson

     Head Coach Zach Burleson 

The ReSporter: The Hawks go into their next contest for keeps with a road game in Boerne. Tell us how the District looks as you prepare your Hawks for the ultimate prize of District champs?

Coach Burleson: “District will be real tough again. There will be no nights where you can’t play well. Each team poses different challenges for us. We are ready, but we know it’s going to be a battle every game.”

The ReSporter: This week, Canyon Lake moved up to 12th in the TGCA Basketball Poll, how do you see your team in what they will need to do to keep that same edge going into District 28 play?

Coach Burleson: “We better have an edge or we are in trouble. We must be intense going for loose balls and rebounds. It is something we emphasize. If we don’t have that intensity then we will struggle to do much.”

                Way to go Hawks

The ReSporter: With your last 5 games being played short-handed….How does that help in preparation for your last 8 games in regulation contests?

Coach Burleson: “It has allowed for other players to step up. I’m pleased with their progress(Caroline,Jesse,Marley and Lainee)”

The ReSporter: You very rarely have a chance to play this many games before district starts. How has this group of ladies responded going into next week’s games?

Coach Burleson: “We scheduled it that way in hopes of our sophomore gaining some seasoning. I feel like it will pay off for us.”

The ReSporter: Defense has been consistent this year, what has been the main item seen when these girls go into battle each week?

Coach Burleson: “We have emphasized it. But to be successful in district we must improve our rebounding and off ball coverage.”

                  Go Lady Hawks!!

The ReSporter: Last week you had a chance to finish some contests with your all-Sophomore team. Have they improved enough to see better results as district contests get started? And in what ways?

Coach Burleson: “They have definitely improved. There is no doubt. The district will pose challenges for us, but we are ahead of where we were and that class is a big reason why.”

The ReSporter: You have played Hondo Owls twice with wins already, what do you tell your girls when they meet this same team two more times?

Coach Burleson: “Its real hard to beat somebody 3 times in a row. They haven’t shot well against us and hopefully that continues. But our girls know that Hondo makes life difficult and never lets you comfortable. They are tough and we will have to play good.”

North Shore Pharmacy says Way to Go Hawks!!

The ReSporter: With your rankings this year, you know it is easier to go into games as the hunter and not the hunted. How do you feel this group will handle being the team with the ‘bulls-eye’ on their jersey instead of the other way around?

Coach Burleson: “In a way it’s good because it means we have been more successful. The downside is that everyone is gunning for you. Better lace em up and get after it to win.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach Burleson and good luck as this time of the season unfolds….