Girls Basketball, Player Profile | January 26, 2018

Hawk’s Seniors Basketball Players Climbing to the Top

Coach Zach Burleson talking strategy in what is a record breaking season for the Lady Hawks


Senior Girls Basketball Team climbing to the top!

Canyon Lake welcomed a group of Freshman 4 years ago that would end up putting the Hawks in a position of finishing 1st in District 28-4A by the time they would be finished.

Don Chente says keep going strong Hawks!!

That year, the Hawks would start one of those Freshman on the Varsity squad as Reagan Heun would take the hardwood by storm and finishing her inarguable campaign tied with Katie Williams for 4th place in points scored with 326 that year.

During that same season, another young lady came on the scene and set the court on fire with her ability to get steals. Alexa Ramos started her first year later than the other players, as she needed to overcome an injury, before she would be able to show off her skills.

Now these two are in their final season and have continued to climb up the record books for CL’s Girls Basketball stats.

For instance: Heun is presently in every top 10 stat for Canyon Lake.


                  Points:                 1st      1231
                  Season Points:          2nd       463 Presently
                  Field Goals:            1st       363
                  Free Throws:            1st       381
                  Blocks:                 7th        37
                  Steals:                 3rd       157
                  Assists:                2nd       139
                  3 Point Shots:          1st       124
                  Rebounds:               4th       510

Not to far away, Ramos also made her mark and is mentioned in the Top 10 in all but blocking shots for the Hawks.


                   Points:                3rd        719
                   Season Points:        10th        221 last year.
                   Field Goals:           3rd        270
                   Free Throws:           2nd        177
                   Steals:                1st        297
                   Assists:               1st        149
                   3 Point Shots:         8th         23
                   Rebounds:             10th        257

Now, granted, many of these records can be attributed for having a long life on the courts as these two ladies have played in countless contests.

Ramos did miss some games during that first year and Heun missed her Sophomore season as she had a leg injury. Ramos has accumulated 102 battles and Heun has amassed 89 as both players have at least 5 more chances of adding to their numbers mentioned above.

      Way to Go All-Time Hawks!!

Heun has put some distance between her point total and Katie Williams. At this point there has been 476 more points scored and Ramos has done the same with her steals as she now has 297 while Amber Ramsey resides with 201 thefts during her playing tenure.

Heun has doubled Sarah Russell in made shots beyond the arc and trails Ramos by 10 assists as both of these player’s marks passed Tiffany Arredondo this year. Arredondo’s record was 36 more than anyone else after her 2011 season.

Free throws, which many times are not really ‘Free’, has Heun making shots with a number that might not be reached for a while. Heun has made 381 and is over 200 more than what Ramos has made. Ashley Pfaff stands in 3rd place but all of her records were recorded after playing just one year for Canyon Lake.

Skylar Hurst and Char Hutson will be finishing up their time on the court and they have made their presence known in many facets of the game and have been as much a part of this year as the two we have been mentioning.

Hutson has raised her game this year to the Nth degree as she has had improvements in several categories. Hutson’s Free Throw and 3 Point shooting has improved greatly.


          Char Huston             Pre Senior Year         Senior Year
          2point shots                 28%                    32%
          3point shots                 23%                    29%
          free throw shooting          46%                    75%

Having more playing time has increased Hutson’s assists and steals and that has helped raise her in the Top 11 for those two categories.

                        Go Hawks!!

Hutson trails Lainee Moses at this writing by 3 steals and Huston is rated 8th All-Time with Assists (60) going into her final 5 contests.

Hutson presently is ranked 6th in made 3 pointers and this year’s CL squad has 4 places in the top 10 and Moses is on the cusp of entering into this Sorority with her next made shot.

Skylar Hurst has a chance of making the rebound list and is 10 away from that mark. Hurst does so many of those little things needed for a successful season. She has brought her consistent play all season long.

Not having those lofty numbers, the other Seniors have should not be taken lightly, as this Athlete does not have many negatives. Hurst has 17 turnovers in 25 games this season and that gives you a player that will set screens and play consistently across the board.

             Go Hawks All the Way!!

There is only one ball on the court during play and Hurst will score 2-8 points a game but doing those other parts of the game of round-ball tells you how valuable this Senior has been this year and throughout her years at Canyon Lake.

Records are made to be broken and this group of ladies has raised the bar for many other players that have their sights on how to reach those same goals. It might not be that long, as those Sophomores, are right around the corner and many of those players started adding up numbers during their freshman year.

Which is a main ingredient on getting to the top!!

Go Hawks!!