Girls Basketball | January 22, 2018

Lady Hawk Basketball Prepare for an Important 2 Weeks!

Canyon Lake will be going to places not seen since their 2nd year of existence when that Girl’s Basketball crew blossomed with a 19-10 record setting season.

The Hawks have entered their district schedule with a winning record in all but two of those years.


                                     GAME RECORDS

                Year    Season     District     Before District Started
                2010    19-10        6-4                13-6
                2011    11-18        2-10                9-8
                2012    13-12        5-7                 8-5
                2013    16-13        2-8                14-5
                2014     9-18        0-10                9-8
                2015     8-24        5-7                 3-17
                2016     9-19        5-7                 4-12
                2017    12-18        0-8                12-10

                2018    25-06        3-1                22-05

Lainee Moses scores after a steal in game with Bandera. (mjrphotog.com)

Now you can have an idea on how harsh our district opponents have been to this Hawk program. Before this year, it had been pretty bleak for CL and this year’s edition decided to have such a good pre-district record that having a 5 team district would guarantee a winning record at the end of play, even if this season had losses for each District 28-4A game.

With the win against Bandera, the Hawks, now are perched in first place with Fredericksburg and ready to go into their second round of district battles in a total different position than the last several years or ever.

The Hawks actually started competing with other 4A schools (they were actually 3A schools back during that time period) into their 2009 season, but Girls Basketball much like every other CL team sport decided not to record those seasons with a win or loss.

CL’s Football team would be the only exception as they recorded their season with wins and losses (1-9) but stats for that year are very hard to find if at all.

The 2010 Canyon Lake team had 2 Seniors and the rest of that line-up consisted of mostly Juniors and a few Sophomores.

Ashley Pfaff and Jessica MacMurray were the seniors that season and their presence helped glue that special season as that CL team along with the following Hawk teams: Girls Soccer-Volleyball-Baseball-Football made the playoffs in their second year of competing.

         Go Hawks All the Way!!

Lady Basketball has been to the playoffs two times going into this last lap of district play. The 2016 season had CL making the playoffs along with that 2010 group of ladies. Two years and each of those campaigns had a Bi-District loss.

So, having a winning district record would be a huge step forward for this program as they continue to build their sport much like Volleyball has achieved these past 4 seasons.

Canyon Lake will now be off this coming Tuesday and then will welcome their only first round loss in district play with Boerne coming to the Hawk Nest.

This year’s team has 6 losses and just one of those set-backs was a game that had Canyon Lake in a place where winning would have been daunting.


                            SIX LOSSES for 2018

           November 16   Hawks  40   Austin St. Michael’s     57 
           November 18   Hawks  28   Austin Crockett          33
           November 30   Hawks  49   Stony Point Round Rock   53 OT
           December 19   Hawks  31   Navarro                  38
           December 30   Hawks  48   Comfort                  56
           January   9   Hawks  48   Boerne                   58

                   Go Hawks!!

All but the Austin St. Michael’s game was a winnable contest as Canyon Lake had the lead or was within 5 points in the 4th quarter. Some of those losses featured a Hawk team that was short handed which would also lead to some of those games being on the short end.

Now it becomes obvious for the task before Canyon Lake, as they continue to focus on the next two weeks of play, and having Boerne and Fredericksburg at home can help as this next round of District 28-4A games get started.

Hondo will be a tough match since this next battle of a 4 game series will be played in the hinterland (away from home) and the Owls have some impressive skins on the wall and it would not be a good time for a Hawk team to be lax as they prepare for that contest.

Fun time of the year and a chance to go where no other Hawk Lady Basketball team has gone before. Focus….Focus….Focus and GO HAWKS!!