Lady Hawks Beat Hondo Again, 40-29 & Standings

          Canyon Lake prepares for Show Down Battle against the Billies this Friday!!


The Canyon Lake Hawks beat the Hondo Owls again as this match-up has been all CL’s defense keeping their opponent under 30 points, 40-29.

Way to Go Lady Hawks!!

“This was a big win for us,” Head Coach Zach Burleson said. “We had an excellent effort. Every player stepped up and had a role and I’m so pleased with that.”

Defense has been the order of business in each contests this season as the Hawks have faced Hondo twice in tournaments and in district play. These four battles has had Hondo scoring 10 points twice in 16 quarters, with the rest of those periods all being in single digits. That has resulted in the Owls being 15% of the Hawks wins this season as this group of ladies now go into their next battle on Friday with a 27-6 record.

“Hondo is a tough place to play and it was good to get that win,” Burleson assessed. “We did struggle with turnovers and fouls, but part of that can be attributed to the way they (Hondo) play.”

Canyon Lake has found a way to win this year and the mixture of Seniors and Sophomores has been just the right formula as this team rounds the corner for the best time of the year, Playoffs!!

North Shore Pharmacy says Way to Go Hawks Beat the Billies!!

Finding ways to win is always a good thing, “We did not shoot the 3 as well yesterday, but we were better at the free throw line,” Coach Burleson continued. “Late in the game, we took care of the ball and were able to run our spread.”

That next game is against Fredericksburg with the victor standing on solid ground in winning a District 28-4A crown. There are two games remaining and a loss by either team would mean that school would need some help from another district school to have a chance of tying for first. That tidbit would favor Canyon Lake, as their final contest would be against a winless (in district) Bandera, while the Billies would play Boerne.


                         District 28-4A Standings

        School          W  L    Pct   GB    Overall          W   L   Pct
        CL Hawks        5  1   .833   —     CL Hawks        27   6  .818
        Fredericksburg  5  1   .833   —     Hondo           21  11  .656
        Boerne          3  3   .500  2.0    Fredericksburg  19  10  .655
        Hondo           3  4   .429  2.5    Boerne          12  13  .480
        Bandera         0  7   .000  5.5    Bandera          4  19  .174

                            Friday’s Showdown:
                   Fredericksburg     @     Canyon Lake Hawks    6:30p
                   Hondo              @     Boerne

The standings above gives you what will be at stake this Friday when the Hawks and Billies help solve who the champion might be while Boerne and Hondo’s game will help in deciding the 3rd & 4th place seeding for this district.

This game with Hondo played out like the previous three with both teams struggling to score. Hondo’s defense has kept the Hawks in the lower echelons, scoring points, too.


        Game 1 Crockett Tournament   November 16       34-20 Hawks
        Game 2 Comfort Tournament    December 30       35-24 Hawks
        Game 3 First Game of District 28-4A            43-31 Hawks
        Game 4 Second Game of District 28-4A           40-29 Hawks
        Total Point total Average                Hawks 38-26 Owls

Hint, CL’s defense is better than Hondo’s defense and both schools will be happy, if their next contest, was being played with a playoff atmosphere.

No Comfort for Fredericksburg!!

Canyon Lake has had a different leading scorer in each conquest and Reagan Heun hit the double digit scoring sweepstakes with this win after finishing with 17 points and being perfect from the charity stripe. As a team, CL shot 72% from the line.

Jessie Melendez and Lainee Moses are upping their game as both players finished with 7 points and Chelsea Tschoepe contributed with the most rebounds after corralling 8 for this win.

The Hawks have a lot of interchangeable parts and there seems to be different players in each game that takes up the slack for a player that might not be on their game for that evening.

Keys to what Canyon Lake will need to do this Friday, Coach Burleson finished, “Fredericksburg will be tough.  They shoot the 3 well and when we played them the first time, they didn’t hit that shot. We know our keys and we have to secure our rebounds. Our goal is to have over 70% of those and that is vital for us. We have to limit our turnovers and we can’t turn it over like we did last night….finally,  we must contest all shots and not allow rolls to the rim. Offensively, limit turnovers and make the easy pass and we will be able to find a quality shot.”

Now the game of the year at the Hawk Nest this Friday!! Go Hawks!!


            1  2  3  4  Final
 CL Hawks   9  9 14  8  40
 Hondo      5  8  7  9  29

                    2pt     3pt           tot rebounds
                  fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts or-dr tot a  s  b  to
 Skylar Hurst       0-2     0-0     0-0    0   1-0   1  0  0  0  2
 Lainee Moses       2-3     0-2     3-4    7   2-0   2  2  1  0  4
 Marley Carrizales  0-0     0-1     0-0    0   1-2   3  0  2  0  1
 Chelsea Tschoepe   1-4     0-1     0-0    2   2-6   8  0  0  0  5
 Char Hutson        1-1     1-4     1-2    6   1-3   4  0  4  0  3
 Alexa Ramos        0-2     0-0     1-4    1   1-1   2  1  1  0  5
 Caroline Kullberg  0-2     0-0     0-0    0   1-1   2  0  0  1  0
 Reagan Heun        5-9     0-5     7-7   17   3-0   3  2  1  0  5
 Jessie Melendez    3-4     0-0     1-1    7   2-5   7  1  1  1  3
 totals            12-27    1-13   13-18  40  14-18 32  6 10  2 28
 percentage         44%      8%     72%