Coaches Corner, Track & Field | February 5, 2018

Boy’s Track & Field Coaches Corner with Troy Moses

Track and Field Coach Troy Moses

The ReSporter: What do you feel will be your strengths this year?

Coach Moses: “Our throwers could wind up being the strength of this team. They are seniors (Jacob Foster, Joseph Crisp, Ross Snowden, Brayden and Bradley Hight)who love to compete and love to see themselves improve. Lester Boehm will be the leader of our sprinters and Caimen McDonough will lead the jumps and hurdles.”

The ReSporter: Depth is a key, who will be some of those JV Athletes do you feel will be fun to watch starting in a couple of weeks?

Coach Moses: “There are several that have to potential to make some noise this year. We will just have to wait and see who rises to the top. It seems like every year someone surprises us, and does something that we weren’t expecting.”

          Go Trackster Hawks!!

The ReSporter: What are your thoughts on how you pick your Relay Team versus having those runners being able to run more individual races?

Coach Moses: “It really comes down to what gives our Team the best opportunity to WIN the district meet.”

The ReSporter: What, if anything, can you give us how the rest of this district might do based on graduation damage?

Coach Moses: “I think the district will be very similar to last year. Fredericksburg will probably be the favorite, with Boerne having a strong team.”

The ReSporter: What running event has the potential in being your best?

Coach Moses: “As always, we will be strong in the hurdle races. We are the defending Area Champs in the 4x200m, so I think we will have another good year in that relay.”

Mima's says good game Freshman Hawks!!

                       Go Hawks!!

The ReSporter: What Field event has that same potential?

Coach Moses: “As said before, I think our throwers have a lot of potential. I’m also expecting big thing for Caimen McDonough in the High Jump this year.”

The ReSporter: What is the main thing you look for in the early season meets that helps you carve out your best chances when the district meets get ready to commence?

Coach Moses: “Just get the kids to the meet and have them compete. I just want to see them compete early in the year so we as coaches can start making plans to put them in events and spots that will give us the best chance at the District Meet.

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and we will look forward to the opening of Track Season when Canyon Lake hosts the first Meet next week.