Canyon Lake’s New District Alignment for 2018-19 is Now in the Books!

CL Hawks are ready for a new district for next 2 years.                    (photo by Karen Holmes)


February 1st is upon us and this is the date set for announcing what district a school will be a part of for their next two seasons.

                         Go Hawks!!

There are two different districts since 4A has divided their football season to for higher and lower enrollment for schools. This is done to allow an even playing surface. Hence, Wimberley has a smaller enrollment and was put in a 4A Division II district these past two campaigns.

The UIL has made new districts for the ‘other’ sports too and CL will have some new routes to enjoy for the next two years.

For the Football team, the Hawks, will be playing some schools that have been in our same district in the past.

                            District 14-4A Division !
                            Canyon Lake
                            Liberty Hill


Canyon Lake will keep Fredericksburg and Taylor for the next two years and Boerne and Austin Memorial will have other teams to get to know.

The Hawks have their schedule set and Cuero will be one of the scrimmage games with another school not yet announced.


                             Week      2018 Football non-district schedule
                             One       Marble Falls
                             Two       Pflugerville Weiss
                             Three     Wimberley
                             Four      Smithville
                             Five      Blanco


Week Six through Ten, have not been completed but those teams above will fit into those weeks.

“We added Blanco late in the scheduling,” Head Coach Charlie Drum stated. “But we have played all our district teams before.”

Don Chente says keep going strong Hawks!!

Differences being with more teams than the past two schedules which will have two teams left out of the dance and taking four teams into the playoffs has not changed.

Fredericksburg, Blanco, and Wimberley are the three schools that CL has played each season as the Hawks will enter into their 2nd Decade of existence.

“We will have a tough district,” Coach Drum said. “I was surprised because I thought we might be moved to where Boerne went. I did not think they (UIL) would separate Fredericksburg and Boerne.”

Canyon Lake will keep the Wimberley and Blanco rivalry going and Lampasas has been on the schedule these past 4 years. That series with the Badgers is all tied up and not knowing what to expect from the likes of a Weiss High School that is where Canyon Lake was not too long ago in age.

The Hawk’s home for all the other sports will be District 28-4A and those schools will be familiar and have the same 6 team district footprint.

                            Canyon Lake

Llano and Wimberley will be the newbies for the next two seasons and Hondo went south and is now closer to schools in their area code for this alignment.

Llano was in our first district for the Hawks back at the beginning during that 2008-09 schedule.

    Fredericksburg     Liberty Hill     Wimberley 
    Burnet             Ingram           Llano

Having a 5 school district these past 2 campaigns has made it easier for schools to make a playoff but now, being in a 6 team district, there will be a little more competition for teams in that middle part of the fray.

                  Let’s Go Hawks!!

“I am excited for the change in district alignment,” Girls Sports Director Kim Paisley commented. “I am fired up to have Wimberley back in our district! We all know that when the Hawks and Texans play each other, this match-up is a highly emotional, competitive, and a fun game for all to watch.”

Now this district will go from Bandera to Llano, leaving your Hawks in the middle which should help on those Tuesday night battles having CL arriving back home in an earlier time slot.

Canyon Lake will be ready for action in a few months but there are still a lot of unfinished business left in this Spring Sports line-up.

Go Hawks!!