Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Standings | February 23, 2018

CL Boys & Girls Soccer Playing for Keeps, 27-4A Standings

                        Senior Day for the Lady Hawk Soccer Team. Responded by beating Bandera, 5-1.


                                District 27-4A Boys Soccer Standings

             Regular Season    W   L   T   Pct     District        W  L  T   Pct.
             CL Hawks          9   1   3  .808     Fredericksburg  2  0  1  .833
             Boerne           12   3   3  .750     CL Hawks        2  1  0  .667
             Fredericksburg   10   4   2  .688     Boerne          1  1  1  .500
             Wimberley         6  10   0  .375     Wimberley       1  1  0  .500
             Bandera           1  12   0  .083     Bandera         0  3  0  .000

                                       This Week’s Games
             Tuesday Feb. 20    CL Hawks   2   Bandera         1
                                Boerne     1   Fredericksburg  1
                                Wimberley  6   Burnet          1

             Friday Feb. 23     Fredericksburg   @   CL Hawks
                                Bandera          @   Wimberley
                                Boerne               Bye

                            District 27-4A Girls Soccer Standings

             Regular Season    W   L   T   Pct     District        W  L  T    Pct
             Wimberley        12   2   0  .857     Boerne          3  0  0  1.000
             Boerne           12   3   2  .765     Wimberley       2  1  0   .667
             CL Hawks          4   3   6  .538     CL Hawks        1  2  0   .333
             Fredericksburg    5   6   4  .467     Fredericksburg  1  2  0   .333
             Bandera           1   5   1  .214     Bandera         0  3  0   .000

             Tuesday Feb 20     CL Hawks   5    Bandera         1
                                Boerne     3    Fredericksburg  0
                                Wimberley       Bye

             Friday Feb 23      CL Hawks   @    Fredericksburg
                                Wimberley  @    Bandera
                                Boerne          Bye 


Canyon Lake’s Soccer teams will be playing their final school of the 1st Round of District 27-4A action.

Both teams look primed for making the playoffs as this season continues to shine in all the team sports for the Hawks.

The Girls team had a must win contest last Tuesday over Bandera as Kalani Thorpe led the team with 2 goals in the run-a-way win.

“We had a lot of confidence going in against Bandera,” Head Coach Amy Thorpe surmised. “They were a team we have beaten many times over the years and that confidence is helpful, but it can sometimes come back and bite you.”

Coach Thorpe warned that many times an over-confident team will not be as prepared when a game gets going and before you know it….you have an upset.

Canyon Lake had a 2-1 lead going into halftime and then would unleash a 3-0 blitz to close this battle.

“While we were winning at halftime, we could have been ahead by a much larger margin,” Coach Thorpe said. “We weren’t playing with the intensity we had in other games and the girls did a good job of stepping up their intensity and level of play in the second half.”

This was a good time to inject some much needed confidence as the Lady Hawks prepare for a Fredericksburg team, that a win,  will improve their seeding when that final round of district games come to an end.

“It feels great to have a win under our belt and now we can take that momentum that we have been building in each game and carry it forward into our match-up against Fredericksburg,” Coach Thorpe closed. “This game is ours for the taking and we believe in our girls and their ability to continue to play hard….work as a team and put into game play, the skills we had been perfecting in practices.”

It was Senior night for a Hawk team with 9 Seniors that will want to end this year with more games after district play is over.


                                2018 Seniors
         Rachel Bennett         Mere Ellery           Lis Ellery
         Kateri Rios            Ashley Fouse          Kennedy Nichols
         Ashlynn Vazquez        Brandi Schimonsky     Emily Edge


The Hawk Boy’s team has been having a successful season after a lackluster win over Bandera this past Tuesday, winning 2-1.

            Coach Ryan Tierney

That same overconfidence talked about for the ladies was evident in this contest when the Bulldogs went into halftime sporting a, 1-0 advantage. “Let’s just say we had a very calm talk during halftime,” Head Coach Ryan Tierney said with a sly look. “We had a poor 1st half mentally and were not prepared….we are still inconsistent this season and we have to find consistency.”

This Hawk Sport has become a group of players that would be happy with a 1 goal deficit in past season, to now knowing that a score in that vain, is not acceptable. Those building blocks continue to be crafted with each new season and a group of vagabonds in years past has now become a group of players that keep surprising with their quest for a better finish in district play.

Beating an always tough Fredericksburg team would be a start in that direction as this road game will be pitting the 1st & 2nd place schools in District 27-4A play.

The key to the rise of CL Hawks Boys Soccer comes from watching a JV team that sports a 3-3 record at this time which, there were seasons, that this sport would only have a varsity team and not enough players to field a JV squad.

“We have had players brought up to play on the Varsity this year when we needed someone due to injury or sickness,” Coach Tierney said. “This speaks a lot about Coach Graham and how he got more students involved.”

Freedom Mail Center says Way to Go Hawks!

Coach Graham was the varsity Coach for last season when that team made the Sweet 16 and still is the only Hawk team to go that far during post-season play.

“They are excited,” Head JV Coach Christopher San Miguel stated. “They (JV Team) are fighting for a chance to move up and that keeps the competition for a chance to being moved up for varsity.”

Other sports will have a Freshman/JV teams that will be the pipeline for future teams and having a JV team for Soccer will only enhance this group for future success.

Look at these records for the last 5 seasons and you will see the turn around with the success that has been taken to a new level…..hence, a team that was playing down to their competition in that Bandera contest last Tuesday, compared to a few years ago being pleased that you were only down by one goal at halftime.


   CL Hawks Boys Soccer Year       W   L   T     Pct.
                        2018       9   1   3    .808   (????)
                        2017      16   7   2    .680   (Sweet 16)
                        2016       8  10   2    .450   (1st Playoff Ever)
                        2015       4  13   1    .250
                        2014       2  10   1    .192
                        2013       0  12   3    .100
                        2010-12   11  47   3    .205

A win tonight will continue that momentum and in those previous seasons, when playing a powerhouse like Fredericksburg, the common thought would rest of hoping the team stayed within a final score not more than a 5 goal loss.

“We had 26 players to begin the season and we needed to knock that down to 18 for our varsity,” Coach Tierney closed. “Now we have players that are playing and not sitting on the bench because there were not enough players to have a JV….this and having a good Summer in the weight room will go a long way.”

Good times and Go Hawks!!!